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IRC Funnies
from #Wyverns_Library & #Lothlorien

From #Wyverns_Library

Ciri> I'm moving, so I need to cancel my cable modem because it's already set up at the new place. But I want to keep my email >.>
MTKnight> This is why I use provider-independent mail. :)
Ciri> I do have my domain email but I'm quite stupid and can't figure out where the hell the settings are so I can check it XD
MTKnight> Perhaps I can help?
Hermes> Maybe Jeff could help you out.
Eienye> you should have jeff help you out, he wants you
Hermes> You know what I was thinking? I was thinking that maybe Jeff might be willing to help you.
MTKnight> See? Full of smart people in here.
* Ciri giggles

MrCynical> I'LL [something somthing] YOU
MrCynical> oops, my bad
MrCynical> I'LL [something ...] YOU [something ...]
MrCynical> for the geeks... at least i hope SOMEONE gets that, if i did it right
* Impresario looks at Jeff.
MrCynical> i think he is gamerizing
Impresario> Well.. were he here, I'm sure he'd laugh.
MTKnight> Yeah, I get it.
MTKnight> The first something is required, while the other two are optional.
MrCynical> yay!
MTKnight> Proof I read the PHP manual too often: I actually -remember- the standard conventions.
MrCynical> alas, while you understood the joke, it wasn't funny... :(
MTKnight> Not at all, sorry.

* Dawn-Earth Quit (Quit: I went to Rabid Termites Anonymous the other day and they asked me to proofread the meeting's minutes from last week... .)

* SisTabby gives Kass a sexy fried turkey.
KassFireborn> I am playing funeral quest on three servers no--.... is it wearing a lace teddy?
SisTabby> That's between you and the dead bird.
KassFireborn> ....
KassFireborn> well then what makes it sexy?

* Impresario has joined #Wyverns_Library
MTKnight> Lucas!
Impresario> AH!
Eienye> LUCY
* MTKnight sniggers.
Impresario> Jeff.. I love you, dude. I just thought you should know that.
* MTKnight feels special.
MTKnight> Bear my children, Lucy! :)
Impresario> Sure thing, Jeffica.
MTKnight> Holy crap! Jeffica! That's awesome!
KassFireborn> O.O
* Eienye snickers
* KassFireborn leans over to Sis and whispers, "You picturing them in drag?"
SisTabby> What, you mean you don't usually?

Impresario> but.. but it has naked in the title!
MTKnight> It DOES? Sweet!
Impresario> Naked Empire.
KassFireborn> .....
Eienye> rofl
KassFireborn> if The Emperor's New Clothes had only ended differently...
SisTabby> "The emperor has chosen to endorse a more liberating clothing-optional lifestyle!"
KassFireborn> "The Emperor's New Clothes; or, How Early Attempts at Nudist Colonys Failed; or, Why Naked Monarchy Doesn't Work"
Impresario> "The king and his naughty bits."
SisTabby> "The men and women of the empire looked upon their ruler's bold fashion statement, and unanimously voted to assassinate the Emperor and let his younger, sexier aide take over."

KassFireborn> it's just what I've always needed! a giant penis cake pan!
SisTabby> See? That's what I love about this place. Debauchery with class.
SisTabby> Remedial class, granted, but...

Julsey> So should I hold on to my yang? o.O or do we know of anyone that needs some?
Ciri> ...
Ciri> Neil needs some yang.
Julsey> okie
* Ciri giggles to herself
Canthlian> I do?
* Canthlian checks his luck meter
Ciri> Oh Yang. not Wang.
Ciri> nevermind, then.
Canthlian> *Snerk*
* Julsey facepalms, snickering.
Canthlian> I could use both.
Canthlian> >.>
Canthlian> <.<

rosaleendhu> brb. switching 'puters
* rosaleendhu Quit (Quit: )
* rosaleendhu has joined #wyverns_library
rosaleendhu> much better
Solenna> aah, wb
rosaleendhu> so much faster!
rosaleendhu> and better lighting. and a keyborad i'm used to...
Ciri> are you sure?

* Ciri washes out #wl
* Eienye laughs and laughs and laughs
rosaleendhu> ooh, now its mud instead of dirt. good job!
rosaleendhu> who wants to mud wrestle?

rosaleendhu> Erasmus: what/where is your area?
Erasmus> Wales: Where the men are men, and the sheep are bloody terrified
rosaleendhu> excellent!
Erasmus> Hmmm?
rosaleendhu> wait... I thought that was Scotland
Julsey> o.O;
Erasmus> Scotland: Where the men wear kilts, its very windy, and -everyone's- bloody terrified.
rosaleendhu> oh, right. what about austrailia?
Erasmus> Never been to Australia, wouldn't dream of insulting it
Erasmus> Although I hear there are many sheep there
rosaleendhu> mkay. canth? would you insult austrailia?

From #Lothlorien

* PriateRainie dances a little jig
Dark_Wolf> no no dancing! it rains enough as it is! >.<
PriateRainie> *dancedancedance* :D
Dark_Wolf> dance dance rainvolution >.<
* Miliardo stomps into the room.
PriateRainie> :D
Miliardo> Where be me maties? ARRR!
PriateRainie> XD
Dark_Wolf> stomp stomp molestation! hmm bad one.

* LegatoBluesummers is now known as Wolfwood
Dark_Wolf> You know, I bet if I used the name Wolfwood it would look dirty.

Ciri> Damn, how long is Becca's birthday?
* Retrieving #lothlorien info...
* Pennyroyal changes topic to '~*~ Official chat for Elfwood ...
* Raindance changes topic to '~*~ Official chat for Elfwood ...
RedWaltz> *L*
Raindance> o.O
Pennyroyal> <.<
* Ciri giggles
* Raindance shakes a fist at Penny
* Pennyroyal shakes a fist at Rainy
RansomArceihn> o.o
Raindance> o.o
RedWaltz> *ROFL*
Raindance> now that's scary
Dark_Wolf> ...
Raindance> XD
Dark_Wolf> o.o;

Dark_Wolf> rainy is in really really uninnocent mood tonight o.o
Raindance> x.x
Raindance> no... Rainy is cpmpletly out of it tonight
Raindance> compltly
Raindance> ...
Raindance> completly
Raindance> hell...
Pennyroyal> Completely :D
Dark_Wolf> XD
Raindance> thankyou, Penny
* Pennyroyal hugs Rainy XD

* Elijah_Wood bear hugs Raindance
* Raindance hugs back and suck
Raindance> ...
Raindance> such!!!
Raindance> >.<
GunTotingElf> :O
Pennyroyal> :o
* Raindance crawls under the sofa
Raindance> omg! nooooo!
Raindance> how could I have typed that ;-;
* Valandar thinks Rainy's mind has passed Freudian Slip, it's entered Freuderick's of Hollywood...

Elijah_Wood> (how many mentally-sound people do you know who live underneath rocks for prolonged periods of time O_o)
Raindance> >.>
Raindance> <.<
Pennyroyal> ...
* Raindance coughs
* Raindance sobs on Penny's shoulder
Pennyroyal> Weeping for humanity, Rainy?
Pennyroyal> Don't bother. They suck.
Pennyroyal> :D
Raindance> I'm not mentally sound! ;-;
Pennyroyal> You sound pretty mental to me.

NinjAcolyte> Pleeeeeaasepleeeeasepleeeeeeaaase
GunTotingElf> No.
* Raindance pleases Penny
NinjAcolyte> o/` Pleeeeease pleeeease meeee o/`
NinjAcolyte> >.>
* NinjAcolyte falls over XD
* NinjAcolyte fears XD
Raindance> that was good timing on my part >.>
Raindance> or maybe it wasn't <.<
Raindance> oooh... brainwave nomnomnom

* Dark_Wolf puts on a loincloth and dances with rainy
* Ryoshi lensflares Rainy
* Raindance wanders in singing a John Rzeznik song
* Raindance steals DW's loincloth and blinds Ryo
Raindance> hello everyone :D
Ryoshi> @_@
Raindance> er...
Raindance> umm... I didn't mean that I blinded Ryo by stealing DW's loincloth... *cough*
Tyto_Alba> XD
Raindance> oops...
Raindance> <.<
Dark_Wolf> XD
Tyto_Alba> Note to self; a loincloth is a dangerous thing...
Dark_Wolf> :D

* Tyto_Alba writes Hermes into an Olympian slash novel of epic proportions... Well, everyone has epic proportions in it but Hermes...
Hermes> If that weren't so funny I'd be very angry with you! ;

* dalcor is now known as Death
* Sutoraaberii eyes Death
* Death i shall take all ur souls for i am death
* Sutoraaberii has flashbacks to The Lord of Dorkness again
Dark_Wolf> XD
Kurayami> Yup.
Dark_Wolf> hahaha This inn is on fire!
Sutoraaberii> XD
* Death Quit (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
Dark_Wolf> XD
Dark_Wolf> Booyah!
Valandar> ROFLMAO!
* Ryoshi snickers
* Sutoraaberii falls over laughing hysterically

* Dark_Wolf is trying to learn to cut uber fast like in those restaurants ;D
Gothboi> Just watch your dingers, DW.
Dark_Wolf> XD
Gothgrrl> That was a nice type, BW
Dark_Wolf> I only cut myself once *snickers*
* Gothgrrl stays far away from DW's dingers
Dark_Wolf> and thats cause my hand was elsewhere, filled with hatred and fires of vengeances and cookies >.>
Gothboi> Gah.
Dark_Wolf> ..
Dark_Wolf> hand=mind
Dark_Wolf> I do not cut food with my hand elsewhere >.>
* Gothboi leans against a passing-by tapestly, interestingly pale and unhealthy-looking, and contemplates the cruelty of being mocked because of making the slightest of mistakes.
* Gothgrrl falls over laughing XD
* Gothgrrl is never eating at DW's house.
Gothgrrl> Especially not when he offers "finger foods"

* Rainy fidgits in her chair
* Ryoshi spins the chair
[Rainy quit all together mumbling something about Read error: Connection reset by peer]
Ryoshi> o.o

Raindance> I miss Penny ;-;
Dark_Wolf> myes
Dark_Wolf> We all miss her ;_;
* Raindance sniffles and dresses DW in an ow3l costume "I guess you'll have to do for now"
* Dark_Wolf is now known as Tyto_AIba
* Tyto_AIba impersonates ;_;
Storyteller> Hey Penny
Raindance> XD
Storyteller> ((Play allong now))
* Tyto_AIba hmm goes around flapping her ... owl wings >.>
ResidentCynic> o_0"""
Tyto_AIba> :D
* Raindance dies XD
* Tyto_AIba drags rainy behind the couch :D
Raindance> woo! XD
Keffy> ... XD
Keffy> I almost screamed "PENENENEEH!"
Keffy> THen I noticed the nick-change. ...
Tyto_AIba> XD
Raindance> XD
Tyto_AIba> o.o;

Collected by Megan Larson and Megan Starks

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