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Elfwood Competitions
by Gretchen Sveda

Each month, we will be announcing a new Elfwood competition, open to both our artists and our writers.

Winners will be chosen by our readers via a poll, and the winner each month will have their choice of a donation made to Elfwood in their name, or a gift certificate for Ellen Million Graphics merchandise.

In future competitions we may also be offering a choice of signed original artwork donated by members (if you are interested in donating prizes, please contact us)

All entries will be displayed in our Competition Gallery and the winning entry each month will be featured in this column and in the Elfwood Hall of Champions.

Good luck and have fun!

Current Theme

Just Like Looking in a Mirror

Periodically we ask for competition theme ideas from our members over at the Elfwood Livejournal, and on various IRC channels. One idea that comes up in various forms, is a request for a theme involving self portraits.

This month, we'd like you to go wild and depict or write about yourself any way you like within the bounds of the Elfwood theme - you must be shown with sci fi or fantasy elements, and for the first time since beginning the contest, we're going to allow fanart/fanfiction entries.

Here are some of the suggestions from our members:
- Turn yourself into a merperson
- Portray yourself as your favourite themed character
- Portray yourself interracting with your muse
- Fantastical self portraits
- Portray yourself as a fantasy/sci-fi being.
- Take a picture of your face and splice it with some car parts to make yourself an android.
- Sketch out yourself as king/queen of your own kingdom (you know you've fantasized!)
- If you could be any fantasy/sci-fi being, what would you be? Show us!

Please note: we are particularly strict about fanart here at Elfwood, copied or stolen art will not be permitted. Also, if you are one of our writers and choose to submit a fanfic featuring yourself as a character, please be aware that your piece will be welcome here in the contest, but will not be suitable for Wyverns.

If you are brave enough, please feel free to include a picture of what you really look like, for comparison. We will put them in the same entry :)

Send your entries to

Rules & Conditions
1. Your work must be original. For collaborative effort, the work must be done and planned equally on both parts (or multiple parts).
2. Your work should follow the contest theme.
3. If your entry is in picture form, it must be no larger than 700x700 pixels maximum, and the file size should be no larger than 150kb. You can submit the picture, or a url for the online location.
4. You may submit only one entry per person (in collaborative efforts, though, you may be a part of multiple groups).
5. Your entry must conform to the Elfwood rules - this is an all ages site so excessive porn, violence, or use of foul language will not be accepted.
6. Your entry can be written or visual, or a combination. If it is in written form, the following file types are accepted: .html .txt .doc
7. Send your entries to
If you are putting an entry in please tell us your name and add a link to your gallery/library so we know who you are.
8. Please tell us the title of your piece, and a brief (one or two sentences) description to tell us about it.
9. At the end of the contest time, a public poll for will be created and everyone will view and vote on their favorites for each contest.
If you have any questions, please send them to
ENTRIES: entry closes January 5th 2004. The poll for voting will be announced in our February issue, and the winner will be announced in the March issue.

Voting is now open in last months competition!
Hiding in Plain Sight

We humans tend to rush around in life, and rarely notice what's happening right under our noses. What if fantasy creatures really exist, and are still living among us, in disguise?
Even now there might be gargoyles in trench coats, pixies in pixie cups, a pegasus under a turn-out blanket...
This month, we'd like you to draw every day scenes from the past, present or future, and include fantasy or sci fi creatures mingling with oblivious humans.
We've had some great entries, and voting is now open!

Visit our Entry Gallery to view this months entries, and cast your vote for your favourite picture and written entry in the voting poll.

Announcing the Winners of our September Competition:
Things That Go BUMP in the Nigh

Children have extremely active imaginations, and can find adventure and inspiration in any given part of their environment. One thing that children of all kinds are especially well known for, is having monsters in their bedroom.
Commonly known as the Bogeyman - that faceless monster who resides beneath their bed, in the tree outside their window, or in the closet peeking out between their clothes.
With this theme, we asked you to give a face to your own personal bogeyman, tell us what fearsome creature lurked in the shadows of your childhood imagination.

Our winning artist entry was Ruth Garcia with Boogeyman

Our winning written entry was Nicole McAndrew with No One Comes to Visit Me.


To see the wining entries from each month, vist our Elfwood Hall of Champions

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