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IRC Funnies
from #Wyverns_Library & #Lothlorien

From #Wyverns_Library

NaNoGette> would someone like to offer me something a little less stupid than "it draws ghosts to it like a magnet draws paperclips"?
NaNoMeg> moth to a flame, dog to a bone, kitten to catnip, college student to free beer...
MrCynical> college student to depression and disillustionment

NaNoGette> hey tams, do you have any stories of ghosts haunting school toilets?
Tami> Nope? o.o;
NaNoGette> it appears to be an asian thing.
NaNoGette> they like catching you with your pants down.

NaNoMeg> holy christ, I almost deleted my entire story.
MrCynical> hahahahaha
* NaNoMeg stabs Mike
NaNoGette> O.O;; what happened?
NaNoMeg> I must have hit something other than ctrl-I
MrCynical> well, when you do delete it, and want to recover it, guess who isn't going to help
Impresario> Fabio?

* Rejoined channel #Wyverns_Library
Moon_Fox> Hi kass
KassFireborn> I represent the lollipop guild!
Moon_Fox> .. I'm not sure if I should be mad at that or not..

rosaleendhu> heh, writers tend to have flexible fingers, you know. all the typing..
* Storyteller winks at Rose, you would know, would you? :P
rosaleendhu> you bet i would. I've gotten compliments too
Storyteller> you go girl :P
rosaleendhu> i was quite pleased
Storyteller> perhaps we don't need to hear any details :P

* KassFireborn gnaws on her fingers
* KassFireborn spits out a pinkie
rosaleendhu> Kass, are you eating babies again?

* Azazel Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
KassFireborn> he was reading in the channel, wasn't he?
KassFireborn> oh peer doesn't like that

KassFireborn> I'm gonna go jump off a bridge--you still do that, Az'?
Azazel> jumping off bridges?
KassFireborn> uploading new stuff to elfwood
Azazel> yah, since nobody reads my stories anyway
Azazel> :(
* KassFireborn tries to follow the logic of that

Azazel> *phew*... someone plugged a link to an object in ebay, and I nearly said "and why would anyone want a goddamn flower? it's not even particularly beautiful"
Azazel> but I realised that it was the person who did the painting that plugged it

KassFireborn> I am fairly popular for white trash funerals

* rosaleendhu reads about the International Women Writer's Guild and really feels like wondering...
KassFireborn> ?
rosaleendhu> there's lots about good squishy happy feelings and not much about writing in the main area
Eienye> how about hot horny lusty feelings?
rosaleendhu> didnt see anything about those...
rosaleendhu> that might be in the members only section

From #Lothlorien

* Amoryl blows on rainy
Raindance> o.o
* Tyto_Alba is thankful for the word "on"

Beowulff> can you change your nick into something less anonymous?
Java-Loth> this is my first time vivting elf wood too..its awesome
Java-Loth> Umm how do i change it?
*** Chess|Writing is now known as YourNameHere
Beowulff> just type /nick whateveryouwantyournicktobe
* YourNameHere falls over laughing
*** YourNameHere is now known as Chess
Beowulff> lol
* Beowulff petpets Chess
Chess> so much about Mirc that eats spaces

* Dark_Wolf eyes qp referring to him as "one of her pets" on the phone o.-
Gravedigger> XD
Amoryl> heh
Dark_Wolf> she got me too when I protested :P
Dark_Wolf> "What? You're fuzzy and you make animal noises!"
Tric> ...

Balgarioth> how many pounds is 300lbs?
Raindance> ....
Tric> 300 pounds :D
Miserable> ... Three hundred.

powerlady> so ... where are you from ?
Hermes> The Arcadian region of Ancient Greece... but I relocated to Olumpus for the majority of my "formitive years." Currently, I'm in Michigan.
Miliardo> Olumpus?
Miliardo> Is that the slums of Olympus?
Hermes> Oh shut up, Mo. ;

* Bratmobil does a burnout, producing a lot of smoke
Bratmobil> O|||||||o
Raindance> you've got a bug in your grill...
Lolli> X-D
* Bratmobil flosses

Tyto_Alba> Most people call me Penny, Dark Elf
DarkestElf> Penny?
DarkestElf> what for?
Tyto_Alba> Yes.
Tyto_Alba> Because.
|Z|> That's because they extracted all the minerals from her body and it's worth exactly one cent.
* Tyto_Alba cackles
|Z|> She's like 50 cent only poorer.

AnkhletTiggy> are you complex? =P
* jokergirl is a woman. Ask again?

* Tyto_Alba is now known as Exalted_Mouse
* Raindance eyes Penny's nick... considers beeing annoying...
* Exalted_Mouse clambers up on a pedestal and adjusts the "rays of sunlight", then stands and looks all exalted.
* Raindance is now known as Exalted_Moose
Exalted_Moose> :D
Exalted_Mouse> XD

* Exalted_Moose eats chocolate
Exalted_Mouse> Mmmm... chocolate
Exalted_Moose> I want to be a chocolate moose when I grow up :D
Exalted_Mouse> XD

BlueWaltz> -I- will be king! Stick with me and you'll never go hungry again!
Raindance> Lionking! :D
BlueWaltz> :D
Tyto_Alba> Loin King! :D
Tyto_Alba> Bow chicka bow-wow
BlueWaltz> . . .
* BlueWaltz evils at Penny
* Raindance snickers at Penny

Java-Loth> ya iam...a goth
|Z|> A goth?
|Z|> Do you cry bats?

|Z|> The english language is calling, it's revoking your license.

StolenAmoryl> ahhh i remember!
StolenAmoryl> and by remember, i mean looked it up on google :D

* Tyto_Alba stands in the god-light and cues the singing angels.
awriter> LAAAAA!
Tyto_Alba> Thank you, Awry :D

Collected by Megan Larson and Megan Starks
Special thanks to Kassandra Siegel

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