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Klimpen's Corner
by Klimpen

Klimpen takes a break answering letters for a snack.
Dear Klimpen,

What's your favorite fantasy critter?


Dear Scamp,

My favorite fantasy creature is the griffin. It holds all the lithe grace and beauty of a feline, combined with the wondrous power of flight. Along with the wings, talons are something I definitely wouldn't mind having. As for the beak, personally I'd rather have my own teeth, thank you. I've also noticed around Elfwood that a lot of people like to draw different species of griffins. I've seen everything from griffins with lion and eagle attributes to griffins with blended falcon and leopard traits. You know what I wish people would draw more of? Domesticated griffins. Mix a tabby cat and a canary together. Wouldn't that be grand?


Dear Klimpen,

Describe your typical day.

– Curious Alice

Dear Alice,

After a night spent prowling the house and hunting crickets, I crawl into bed just as Thomas wakes up and sleep until noon. Upon waking, I eat a large breakfast and spend most of the day lounging around in a nice, warm patch of sun or batting random things such as paper wads, ink pens, rubber bands, marker caps, and human-made cat toys around the house. After lunch, I watch all sorts of lovely daytime TV shows before Thomas comes home again. I then spend dinner underneath the table, biting toes and batting at shoestrings. As evening approaches, I laze around with Thomas until it's time for bed again. After he falls asleep, I sneak out and begin my nightly stalking once again. It's a hard life I live, but somebody's got to do it.

— Klimpen

Dear Klimpen,

Happy birthday! How old will you be? What do you plan to do to celebrate?

- Audrey

Dear Audrey,

Thank you! To answer your questions, I will be exactly four years old. As for the celebrations, I've already arranged a little get together with a few (*coughFIFTYcough*) of my closest friends. If any of you wish to come and join the fun, sneak into Thomas's basement after he's fallen asleep. Milk and catnip all around! Feel free to smother me with love and birthday presents. Preferably presents.

— Klimpen

Klimpen is fat and grumpy and still answering your letters. to him with your burning questions. You can also use the WW contact form.

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