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Recommended Art
compiled by Sarah Trumpp

The artists of Elfwood have some crazy ideas when it comes to transportation. Vehicles range from turtles to motorcycles and everything in between, including elves riding humans, robots riding other robots, and fairies riding the air. The only thing I didn't find was a fruit fly being ridden by the King of the Dust Motes, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere...


Ellen 'the Alaskan' Million

D. Todd Huffman

Els Bleijenberg

Diana Rosalinda

Tiffany Lynn Ranke

Myriam Benabdallah

Kathryn H. Brennan

Jenni E. Juntunen

Ursula Vernon

Janet J.E. Chui

Lyndell Stout

Denise C. Y. Chan
Zone 47

Luke McKay

Lim Yin Chao (Ruthless)

Tom Weighill

Liz Chesterman

Robin Micheal

Peter J Dansted

Daniel Rodriguez Millan

Steve Schmitt

Mark Stijnman

Anneke de Rooij

Caitlin M. Fitzgerald

Dawn Hall

Rita A. Plumb

Christopher M. Rubenstahl

J. 'Kythera' Contreras

Christina Joy Sanders

TK Labus

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