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Readers respond to November's issue

Vegetables as Servants of Evil

I really enjoyed this article. It reminded me of a book I read when I was younger, I can’t think of the title, but a girl goes out harvesting vegetables and she falls asleep by the garden, well, the veggies kidnap her and take her underground and then they "punish" her for eating veggies so they plant her, and harvest her, it all turns out to be a dream in the end. But I think veggies need their due, too. Thank you for the wonderful Vegetable evil factor.

~Sharon K Kelly

This is yet another wonderful article. I appreciate the mixture of humor and info. I enjoyed reading this and would now like to go out and write a fantastic believable story in which a plant takes over the world. (Odd…)

-Elizabeth Wilcox

A very well written article, except for one small fact I noticed; the author gives the suggestion "Similarly, a plant which consumes too much oxygen during night-time can be a deadly Get Well Soon gift to the unsuspecting patient." Plants don't consume oxygen; they produce it. I just wanted to help any readers of this article who may take this piece of advice to heart - it is a pet peeve of mine to read/watch gross scientific inaccuracies in books/movies. But other than that, my kudos to the author, it is a well-written and informative piece.

- Stephanie Schwinn

Neglected Villains

Ahhh! The inspiration is flowing! Thank you for that article. It actually helped open my mind to magnificent possibilities for my work-in-progress. I tend to think that because it is in first-person I can only show one character's point of view, but I think I'll start writing about every other chapter from the villain's POV… keeps readers on edge about what is happening to the heroine and also introduces them to the 'bad guy' (who doesn't think he is bad, of course.)

-Elizabeth Wilcox

From the Moderators

I thought the article the Moderators put in the latest Woodworks was really helpful. I was always confused as to what went in the fan art section, and even just this week one of my drawings was rejected--> I merely thought that if the author is fairly well known, it went in fan art. I really appreciate the article and I hope the Moderators will post more articles like this one in the future!! :)

-Paulette Diotte

Writing a Story, Painting a Masterpiece

Cool article on Writing a Story, Painting a Masterpiece. =)

~Mary Ann

Thanks for that article Writing a Story, Painting a Masterpiece, by Jessica Ng. I am a fantasy writer, and I wanted someone somewhere to write an article for us, with some helpful hints. Nothing I found, until I happened to stumble upon this article earlier this month. Reading this article really helped me, and made me feel proud of my ability to write. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes I wondered why I was a writer when some people said they didn't like them, but then one complete stranger, who happens to be an artist, said she could see the emotions and characters so lividly and pointed out some of my weaknesses (like description of curse.) I realized that one of my strong points was description of emotions and having people identify with that emotion, and that not everyone is going to like my stories. So I got my friend to beta my stories, and I tell her to be brutally honest, like your article recommended, and she really helps me. I don't take constructive critisim personally anymore, because like your article said, it's not aimed at hurting you, its to help you. Your article was amazing and very inspiring to writers such as myself. I am going to send this article to a few friends I have met who write as well. Thank you so much for that article, it has really helpful ideas and makes me want to write more!


Egg Tempura Painting

I am going to finally attempt at painting a real picture. Your method sounds fascinating. Everything I've done so far is sketching or digital art. I am ready for the big time! (grin) Nice instructions. Thanks!



This is a thank you to the Elfwood Woodworks Crew for writing a fantastic article last issue (october) about NaNoWriMo. You were the people who got me into NaNoWriMo this year, this is my first year participating in it, but not my last! I never knew about it until reading it in your e-zine. So thanks for making it known!

-Ashley Versaggi

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