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Beyond The Woods
Editor: Brandie Minchew

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Woodworks is now combining Beyond the Woods and Your Story. Everyone has a story - we want to hear yours!

Minimum 800 words, pictures not required but encouraged.

Although based in Sweden, the realm of Elfwood encompasses the entire planet. We speak different languages, come from different backgrounds, and our daily lives are led differently. While we are all artists and writers, some of us are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Islamic, or Atheist. We come from countries with different political policies. Some of us live day to day with war while others live in blissful peace. In spite of events that embroil our world, Elfwood goes on - but we are not left unaffected.

Talk about how you, your community, and what you do are affected by local/world events. Give background to events if possible/needed.

Or, tell us how Elfwood has influenced or affected your life. Has your life changed because of Elfwood? Did you meet your spouse or boyfriend on Elfwood? Have you found opportunities as a writer or artist through Elfwood and its related communities? We'd love to hear your stories!

This is -not- investigative reporting, nor is it a forum to voice opinions about something you don't like. We want to know about what is already happening - not something you make happen.

If you would like to write for this column, please
with the following information:

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Include a brief description of what you would like to write about.

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Beyond the Woods


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