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Don't Neglect Your Villians
By Jennifer Bradley
Poor, misunderstood villians, shunted to the recesses of darkness and shadows. We must fix that. [More in Survival Guides]
Heroic Heroes and Villainous Villains
Edited by Megan Larson
The top ten heroes and villains as chosen by members of the Elfwood LiveJournal. [More in Features]

Vegetables as Servants of Evil
By Foo Sek Han
Caution: Carniverous plants. Keep all appendages inside the vehical. [More in Lands&Legends]
Scott Compton
By Sylvia Leung
Sylvia Leung talks to this game designer about the biz. [More in Interviews]

Help (no longer) Wanted

Wow! Thank you to everyone who has responded to our call for help. Currently our assistant editor is drowning in emails, so please be patient when waiting for a response. Again, thank you to everyone who has volunteered!.

This Month's Cover

The "Good vs. Evil" cover was created for us by Jennifer Petitte. Get the wallpaper here.

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