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Heroic Heroes and Villainous Villains
edited by Megan Larson

We asked the folks over at the Elfwood LiveJournal to nominate their favorite villains and heroes of fantasy and science fiction. Here are the top ten, in no particular order.


Just what makes a good bad guy (or girl)? These characters have what it takes to make you truly love to hate them.

Purple Tentacle
Just look at the beauty of time travelling genius tentacle, mutated from drinking toxic sludge! "I feel stronger, smarter. I feel like I could... *thundercrash* Take on the World!"

Sauron, Lord of the Rings
Tricksey menÖ make pretty rings for others but make one that controls them all. Sauron is so evil he still exists after hundreds of years of technically being dead. Thatís some ring.

Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes' arch enemy only appeared in two tales, but he lasts in time as the quintessential evil genius.

Magneto, X-Men
Witty, devious, and driven, Magneto is the classic evil genius. He is a mutant with a purpose, able to maniuplate hearts and minds just as he manipulates metal.

Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter series
Always perfectly poised, Lucius enjoys the downfall of others. Especially if it involves red-haired people. Keeping the evil going strong, heís also grooming his son Draco for a life of sneers and pure-blooded elitism.

Baron Harkonnen, Dune
An overweight Galactic nobleman whose tastes in food were not as grotesque as his other.. pleasures.

Demona, Gargoyles
Talk about your grudges. If she's not hating Goliath for not joining the dark side, she's hating the entire human race. Sadly, her troubles don't end there, as she's apparently soul-bonded to the very person she loathes with an utter seething passion. Angry, angsty, lonely, and scantily clad, this gargoyle is not someone to mess with.

Gerald Tarrant, Coldfire trilogy
Once the epitomy of good, Tarrant is a character that is dark and seductive, as well as courteous and honorable. Everything you would ever want in a villain.

Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter series
Like a villain in a soap opera, Voldemort possesses people, kidnaps others, and attempts revenge on all who have done him wrong. But most of all, he just wonít die.

Scar, The Lion King
Talk about family issues. Scar has no problems disposing of his kin to get what he wants. And he knows how to crack a joke or two.


They may not be the suavest of characters, but you can always count on them to save the day. And they usually get the girl.

Sam, Lord of the Rings
Sam proves that loyalty will get you a long way. Although some may dismiss him as being just a sidekick, he is the real hero of the story. True to a hero, after saving Frodo countless times and making sure the ring gets destroyed, Sam fades back into the shadows and lets his master take all the credit.

Snake Plisskin, Escape from New York
"When Rescues into doomed, old cities fail / This rogue can be convinced to save your tail"

Maudídib, Dune
A nobleman from beyond the stars, who landed on the planet Arrakis - and went so native, he was more native than the natives.

Rincewind, Discworld
A mostly inept wizard, Rincewind just stumbles onto adventure and manages to rise to the occasion and become a hero.

King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table
Some say Camelot never existed, but King Arthur, his Knights of the Round Table, and their many quests live on as the personification of chivalry.

Batman, Batman
Rich, suave, looks good in plastic. Batman proves that you donít need super human strength or crazy abilities to save the world. Just a cool tool belt and a polite butler.

Frodo, Lord of the Rings
He proves that size doesnít matter by taking on the burden of the One Ring. Itís true he has help along the way to Mount Doom, but his strong will and persistence help him continue on to be a hero for Middle-Earth.

Roland, The Dark Tower
Within his determination to succeed at his goals (to reach the Dark Tower), he still does not sacrifice his friends to reach them, working instead to reach the Dark Tower with them by his side.

Harry Potter, Harry Potter series
A kid who is good at his extra-curriculars. Rescuing convicts, driving flying cars, saving the world (times five). Oh yeah, and heís good at Quidditch, too.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Everyone's favorite web-slinging, spandex-wearing, damsel-saving arachnid hero! When he's not fighting crime, he's drooling over MJ or doing amusing "George of the Jungle" paradies while practicing his web powers.

Thanks to the people in #lothlorien and on the Elfwood LiveJournal for their help!

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Heroic Heroes and Villainous Villains


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