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Flash Fairy Tales
Edited by Megan Larson

This column combines two literary traditions, the fairy tale and flash fiction. Flash fiction is an unusually short story form, usually at least under 1,000 words, and often under 500. Flash fiction can be a demanding format to work in, but its size makes it wonderfully useful for publishing. These flash stories will all be fairy tale or children story retellings, and would probably be best appreciated if readers are familiar with the original tales behind the retelling. Of course, with so many cultural traditions among the members of Elfwood, this is not always possible, and so is not a requirement.

We'd love to see your stories -- be sure to take a look at the submissions guidelines below before sending anything in.

This month instead of a story we bring you a poem by Ellen Million on the subject of Fandom.

He's tall and he's charming and strong,
His hair is soft and his fingers are long.
He's never suffered ill effects from grog,
Owns seventeen dragons and one spotted dog.

No spots have ever touched her face,
She walks and dances with such grace,
Always brushes her teeth and makes up her bed,
And can do complex fractions off the top of her head.

Her family has all been tragically offed,
By dark-masked men in raider's tops.
His wife was killed in a horrible act,
He's perfectly stable (though sometimes guilt-wracked).

His eyes change their colors!
She's lost seven brothers!
She's ravishing, he's dashing!
Together they're smashing!

Before you mail the long suff'ring PAT*,
Yet another fan character who's all of that,
Be prepared for rolling of eyes,
and plenty of tired and disgusted sighs.
Remember to build up a realistic chap
And not just yourself with lots of 'neat' crap.

*PAT: Fanfiction acronym for 'Persona Approval Team.' Many stricter clubs allow only approved personas that have been checked for rampant cliches, duplicate types of character, etc.

Submission Information

Flash Fairy Tales are retellings of classic fairy tales or beloved children's stories.

There are a few guidelines to remember for submissions:
* 1000 words or less
* Fairy Tale Retellings or Reimaginings
*In the email that you submit, please include the name of the original fairy tale on which your story is based.
* Stories should be proofread and edited before they are submited. Stories with lots of errors simply will be rejected.
* Woodworks retains first publication rights. This means your story should not appear on your shelf, on your website, or anywhere else until we've either accepted and published it or rejected it, or four months have gone by from your original submission without a reply.
* If your story is accepted and published, we'd like to ask that you wait until next month's publication before having the story appear somewhere else.
* Stories can be sent in at any time. However, only stories received before the first of the month will be considered for publication in that month's issue.

Send submissions to . Questions can be directed to our contact form.

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Flash Fairy Tales


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