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Woodworks Staff
January 2004

Name Position
Megan LarsonEditor
Juliana DavilaAssistant Editor
Georgette TanWeb Design; Reviewer; Contributor
Che MonroSection Editor: Reviews
Foo Sek HanHead Copy Editor
Maire BourkeContributor
Annet NijmeijerColumnist; Contributor
Gretchen SvedaColumnist
Ellen MillionContributor; Columnist
Jennifer BradleyCopy Editor
Neil HarveySection Editor: Games
Erwin LimawanReviewer
Megan StarksColumnist
Dawn-Earth MaloneyCopy Editor; Contributor
Sarah TrumppCopy Editor; Columnist
Craig MunroCartoonist
Laura BoutetCartoonist
Audrey WildhagenCopy Editor, Reviewer
Kasey HansonColumnist
Sylvia LeungCover Artist

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Woodworks Staff
January 2004


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