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The Art Hunt
Editor: Kasey Hanson

How well do you know your Elfwood artists and their art? Find out in The Art Hunt, a Woodworks activity that will put your memory and hunting skills to the test.

Every month, four image details (100 x 200 pixels) from different artists will be published in this column. The details will be from four different artworks in Elfwood. Your mission is to find each one of the artworks, and supply us with the names of all of the artists, and the exact URL of each of the pieces of artwork in question. The first five entries with the correct answers to all of the details will receive an honourable mention in this column in the following month. The correct answers will also be published.

This Month's Images





Hint for February: Love is in the air… to hunt down these sizzlingly romantic moments, check the Elfwood guided tours for romantic couples and kisses!


1. You may submit one entry per person.
2. You may not post a request for help in any of Elfwood’s communities (e.g. LiveJournal, mailing lists, etc).
3. Entries that do not include answers to all four images will be considered incomplete and so disqualified.


Your findings need to be submitted in the following format:

Image #1
Full Name of Artist

Image #1
John Smith
(This process should be repeated for every single image detail)

Send the complete list of answers to us at arthunt @ (or use our contact form) before February 31st, and put ‘The Art Hunt’ in the Subject. Remember to include ALL four of your answers, as well as the following information:

Your Name
Your URL

You do not have to be an Elfwood member to take part.
Please remember, you must submit answers to ALL of the pictures to have a proper entry!
For official rules, please click here.

Last Month's Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated…we had record numbers this month!

Congratulations to:

Tina “Nobel Dragon” Del Carpio

M. 'Morisiliel' Clark

Kat Lang

Christina Stayton

Itay Yam

The answers for January were:
Image #1
'darkriders' by Christiaan, A.Iken

Image #2
'Faramir' by Anke Katrin Eissmann

Image #3
'Legolas in Lothlorien' by Dienke 'Atalante' Jager

Image #4
'Treebeard the Ent' by B. Ellis de Jong

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