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From the Editor

I hope everyone has settled down from their post-Oscar parties and Lord of the Rings touting. In a way, one could say that fantasy films really do have an important place in the world. Or maybe three is just a magic number.

There seems to be a lot to look forward to in the coming months in terms of fantasy and sci-fi. Yifat Shaik gives us the scoop over in News & Events. Also, we're excited to have Rachel Kehrli join our staff with a new column about writing, Stringing Words Together.

Ashley Versaggi shares her experience at a writing workshop in Beyond the Woods. Do you have a story to tell? Fall in love through Elfwood? Had a great experience others should know about? Tell us.

As for the veteran staffers, I know I'm not alone in the happiness that it is March and Spring Break time. So if you're like me, grab some snacks, snuggle with a loved one, and read your favorite things. We hope it includes us.

Megan Larson,

Interested in writing for us?

Right now, we are currently looking for contributors and columnists. Upcoming themes include Otherwordly, Dreams, and Rogues. If you would like to contribute to Woodworks, please send an email to . We ask that you have a clear idea of what you would like to do, and explain it within the email.

We will respond as quickly as possible. Also, please only volunteer if you are serious about lending a hand. Often we send out messages to people we'd love to have join our team, only to have them never respond again!

We look forward to having some great people join us.

As always, we welcome comments. Send your letters to All letters will be considered for publication and may be edited for content and clarity.

For questions, please use our contact form.

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From the Editor


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