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Wyvern's Corner
by Matt Summers

Welcome to Wyvernís Corner. As promised, this month I will be discussing various projects that can be found within the Wyvernís Library. I will be focusing on two in particular, because it is with those two that I am the most familiar. However, please understand that these two are just a very small sampling of some of the wonderful works that exist within the Library itself!

There are many different types and forms of projects that a writer can participate in, but the most common one Iíve seen involves a simple procedure. The writers and artists are given a baseline idea, and they use this idea to create their own works from this. It revolves around the same basic premise as my prior monthís column; except instead of the one hour that a DSG (Daily Sketch Group) gives you, typically there is no time limit to these types of projects. If a time limit is given, usually itís within a few months or longer, giving the writer or artist a good time frame in which to create their own world.

The first example of this is from my own Elfwood page. In May, 2003, V. E. 'Veltzeh' Lehkonen and I were discussing a few things on the moderator channel of mIRC. One thing lead to another, and suddenly we had come up with a project idea. We got together and worked out some basics of the world, and then I came up with the introductory story. From there, we left the door open for anyone to write for it, as long as they followed some basic guidelines.

Since then, itís become fairly large, and all the stories are tied together through the use of an Elfwood tour (which, incidentally, is also a story in and of itself). Essentially, Veltzeh and I came up with the planet and the population and the environment. From there, the writers and artists are given almost complete freedom to fashion their stories into wonderful examples of their own worlds within our world. If youíd like to see some of the stories in this example, visit this page first for the introduction and then click on the tour button in the top right corner to visit the other writerís stories. A few of them have received Modís Choices for their stories within this tour, but I highly recommend you visit every one of the writers.

My next example of solid writing projects involves a longtime member of Wyvernís Library. James K. Bowers has been an Elfwood writer for over four years now, and has assembled a nice library shelf of his own. However, his project ideas and pieces have garnered quite a lot of writer and artist attention. Heís had six projects to date as of this writing, and has gathered quite a solid collection of writers and artists into his projects.

His last project was entitled ďThe Project #6 - OZ NEVER GAVE NOTHIN' TO THE TIN MANÖĒ and required the writers and artists to use a very simple idea for their worksÖ artificial intelligence. I took the request to mean robotic life, and wrote as such. However, other writers used the base idea to create living statues, ancient stone monoliths that came to life, and even mankindís attempt to give plants their own intelligence.

The variety and complexity of the stories and artwork that came from this project was, simply put, astounding. Five of the stories for this project received Modís Choices, three of them in the same day. The writers and writing within his project were of an amazing quality, and I am extremely grateful to have been a part of it. Spend some time reading the writers he assembled for all of his projects, you will not regret it.

This brings us to the close of this monthís Wyvernís Corner. Next month, weíre going to return to highlighting members within the woods, and the moderators have been busy ferrying me names and links of people to visit for my article. Until then, enjoy life and keep writing.

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