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Submission Guidelines

Current Need
Right now we are looking for cartoonists, columnists, reviewers, and article contributors.
Upcoming themes include Otherworldy, Dreams, and Rogues. Please use the contact form if you are interested.

Woodworks retains first publication rights. All articles shall not appear in any other publication before Woodworks publication, but may be reprinted elsewhere after that date, with permission from the author(s).

Woodworks is always on the lookout for good articles about the Elfwood community and lifestyle. If you are interested in writing for us, let us know what subject you'd like to pursue. Anything that has to do with Elfwood or fit into one of our existing sections: art, writing, mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, fan art, publishing and selling, is sure to catch our interest!

We are looking into making Interviews a monthly feature. Have a favourite Elfwood artist or writer you want to see featured? A favourite professional artist or writer you'd love to see in Woodworks? Know some people in the industry whose jobs are of interest to artists and writers? Want to do the interview for us?

All Elfwood artwork used in Woodworks are either commissioned, or handpicked by the editor or writer of the article. Interested in seeing your art here? We could use a few more illustrators, cover artists and header art. You've seen what we want. If you got what it takes, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us us with your gallery URL, and tell us briefly why you want to subject yourself to such madness.

Our contact form is located here.

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