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James A Watts

SciFi & Fantasy Fanart by James A Watts

James is most likely in a hole in the ground drawing. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole and that meant comfort.

PLEASE don't use my drawings, sketches or photos in any way, shape or form!!

Bull Alien
D&D - Hank, the Ranger
DND - Eric, the Cavalier
IWD - Heart of Winter
NWN - Nylen Tuwlin and Daelan Red Tiger
Skyrim - Blindsighted
Skyrim - Blindsighted (colour)
Skyrim - Nightbird
Skyrim - Sora
Skyrim - Walk with the Shadows
Skyrim - Walk with the Shadows (colour)

3 Feb 2010:-) Ella of Frell
hehe, often have the same problem xD good luck then!
i’m trying to learn how to draw portaits 1 it’s soooo difficult!

:-) James A Watts replies: "i still cant get it to look how i want it to look but i will get there in the end1, thanks
yeah they can be quite hard to do, Alena Crepea gave me some advice on my a taste for blood pic that might help you out2"
5 Feb 2010:-) Chelsea L Pennelly
What’s up2

:-) James A Watts replies: "im ok, just got a lot of things on my mind

how are you...?"
6 Feb 2010:-) Chelsea L Pennelly
nothing much going on with me. Just trying to come up with new art projects and writing the next chapter in my story Shift.

:-) James A Watts replies: "me to well i have some ideas its just finding the time and after ive scanned about 4 different versions of this pic they dont look right - i think my scanner has joined in the fight alongside the terminators to take over the world lol

hows Shift coming along...?"
7 Feb 2010:-) Chelsea L Pennelly
LOL, what a horrible scanner you have14

The story is coming along pretty good. Got four pages typed plus all the stuff I’ve hand written with a lot more still to go1. It’s been a fun chapter to write so far with all the interesting things and characters I’ve come up with.

:-) James A Watts replies: "yeah dont i know it!!, its been ok scanning dragon head no.3, its just really this pic that im working on, it wont behave its self and scan it like i want it to, well like it looks like on paper 10

you have been busy, cant wait to read it, let me know when youve got it all sorted out and uploaded it12"
9 Feb 2010:-) Chelsea L Pennelly
I’ve been very busy. One of these days soon I’ve have a new piece up. I made patterns in my computer graphic class and I made a few dragon ones.2 The story will still be a while before it’s up.

:-) James A Watts replies: "so your learning a bit more about digital/comp design, cant wait to see them, yeah i thought it would be a while before its up as you’ll have to edit it and stuff"
5 Mar 2011:-) Bekah Marie
I’m a real big fan of yours, your work is amazing ^=^

:-) James A Watts replies: "thanks2, im glad you like my work and think its amazing!!"
14 Dec 2011:-) Rae Elizabeth Baker
Your gallery really is rather awesome 2

:-) James A Watts replies: "thanks2, i wish everyone thought the same as you1"
25 Dec 2013:-) Eddie bob Bowers
I like it.

:-) James A Watts replies: "Which one...?, or do you mean the whole of my fan art gallery...???, either way thanks!! 2"
29 Dec 2013:-) Eddie bob Bowers
I lke all of them but if i chose one it would be the female in armor .

:-) James A Watts replies: "Oh cool, awesome choice!!, thanks again!! 2"
31 Dec 2013:-) Chelsea L Pennelly
Oh my goss! I love your bio!

:-) James A Watts replies: "I thought you might!! 1"
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