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Aaron ´Elf´ Blayne Leger

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Aaron ´Elf´ Blayne Leger

Aaron pities those people who cannot hear the music in their own mind.

2 page manga
Angelic Chaos
another what my characters do when I'm gone . . .
big dragon
cat-girl with butterfly
Everyone has a companion of some kind
I have NO title for this . . .
I trusted you . . .
Latin Class
Mini Dragon
ninja cat-girl
red gryffon
Therrin figure
therrin model
vampire comic, p 01
vampire comic, p 02
vampire comic, p 03
vampire comic, p 04
vampire comic, p 05
vampire comic, p 06
vampire comic, p 07
vampire comic, p 08
vampire comic, p 09
Victorian Anthro
Well, if you ask me, ...

3 Feb 2006:-) Rachel E Greene
12 interesting stuff, keep it up!

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "; ) THANX!"
1 Mar 2006:-) Elizabeth Rose Thomas
Yeah, there are hundreds all over the net, just use the keywords 'manga tutorials'^_^ But cuz' you're special, I already have a link for you;p


You have lovely art, alot of potential, and plenty of growing room, don't let anything hold you back!

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "hehe, Thanx! I really appreciate it!"
18 Mar 2006:-) Mahesh patel
Mmmmmm, Garth Nix is REALLY good. I love Sabriel.

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "; ) definately agree. have you read the latest of Nix's books?"
21 Apr 2006:-) Candace Elise Hoes
Howdy you. Thanks for coming by my gallery. To answer your question, that piece I did on ArcSoft Photostudio. I think it's a lot easier to work with than MGI's version of the same program. Plus it's free, which helps. More user-friendly, better options. But anyway! They tell me that I really shouldn't use such a "triad of colors." I say you should do what you want. Art is art, and expression of yourself. Unless you're trying to sell it, who cares what anyone else thinks. I like your stuff, by the way. Keep at it, you have some potential here

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "why thank you. there was a composer, you know, who tried to write music to match what the public wanted. you know what happened to the music? total rejection. so the composer started to write the music to please himself, and the public loved it. I think that composer was Motzart, or Strauss. Anyway, there's a lesson to be learned from that. It is, 'If you don't like your own art, chances are no one else will, either.' maybe you should use that story when people start to pick on you art. Anyway, thanks!"
4 Jun 2006:-) Amber Marie Perry
Finally, someone who won't give me blank looks when I say Diane Duane. I've been trying to get a hold of Wizards at War for a while now, but as you can tell I'm not having much luck. I've read and own all the others though. Sorry, but if I really like a book it makes no sense to be checking it out of the library every few weeks. Waiting for the latest one to get in paperback at the moment....@_@

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "I wont be obnoxious and spoil the ending, so I'll just tell you this. I cried at the end. and not many things make me cry. I think I cried last for Nausica of the valley of the wind (understandable). Definately a Must Read. Wizards, I mean. Also, if you can get your hands on Emerald Majic, there's another Diane Duane tale in there that you might like if you like the Wizard Abroad. Good luck in getting the book! "
20 Jul 200645 Just a kid
We have somethin' in common. My English teacher reaaallly 'dislikes' me and i love fantasy books and not the stinky famous American novels. BOORRIINNGG!! You have a nice style. Very, um, i can't find the right words.

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "Yeah, I know that feeling. Your brain just doesn't seem to want to proide the words you know and want to use. YEah, I've run into some nasty english teachers in my time. But you know what? my Bad luck streak has broken because this past school year I had an english teacher that was actually really cool! Sooooom there is hope. And yeah, I'm not always particulary keen on some of the book I've been forced to read. But I did kinda like Huckleberry Finn, and years ago I was "forced" to read Artemis Fowl. but I hated The Giver.Anyhoo, I'm glad you like my style! if you'd like, check out my Dev gallery. I update that much more often."
25 Nov 200645 Bookworm
OHMYGOSH WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!!!!! I love japanese music 2 ; my hobbies almost all involve drawing ; I LOVE fantasy; My love 4 reading knows no end; and JELLY BELLY BEANS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "Dude, we should start a Jelly Belly jelly bean club on Devart!"
1 Sep 2008:-) Sam Malark Miller
you crazy. I LIKE IT!!!! I, too, am insane and have the tendecy to say random things like the jellybeans in your profile. Fredfredburger!......see?

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "Ahhah, yeahhhh, I still remember when I wrote that. I was tooootally on a sugar high . . . >.>"
1 Sep 2008:-) Sam Malark Miller
*continues reading profile* oh yea your like a super hyper version of me.

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "Trust me, I’ve wound down. Alot . . . . ^^"
1 Sep 2008:-) Marisa Christine Figueroa
LoL I found some else that I have some things in common with, besides Sam Russell Miller (the spaz that left the 2 comments). I also LOVE FMA, fantasy, manga, much japanese music, and I love your art and your fanart of Sasuke-kun using Sexy no Jutsu was the best! Keep on drawing.

:-) Aaron 'Elf' Blayne Leger replies: "Thank you very much for the compliment! yeah, I’ve since even found some main-stream Japanese bands that I enjoy. and I got a kick out of drawing that pic ^^"
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