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Heidi Hecht

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Heidi Hecht

Heidi is happy

A Grebsa's Chant
A Day in Veroshi City
Hearts of Space pt 1 (revised)
Geralt and the Gypsies
Heart of Stone, pt 1
Hearts of Stone, pt 2
Hearts of Stone pt 3
The Tinnik Rebellion Pt 1
The Tinnik Rebellion Pt 2
Veroshi Hymn 2
Terani and Vral, pt 1
Terani and Vral Pt 2

8 Mar 2011:-) Vineet Aman Aggarwal
Yeah i guess most of d people r not tht active here now which is a pity!! i myself m drowning in tons of work n get no time to drawe anymore.. still wud luv to c sm updates frm my fav people here 2

:-) Heidi Hecht replies: "Yes, I know what you mean. It’s been tough for me to find time to write lately -- my Grebsas and Veroshi are kinda mad at me for neglecting them. But hopefully things will slow down eventually."
11 Mar 2011:-) Vineet Aman Aggarwal
Hope so too!!! 2 btw u there on facebook?

:-) Heidi Hecht replies: "Yep; mostly I use it for FarmVille. Which I’m sure you can tell if you visit, LOL. http://www.facebook.com/#!/squidoo.lensmaster"
14 Sep 2011:-) BluE moon FLowEr
check out my work and feel free to point out any improvements.

:-) Heidi Hecht replies: "I C U"
19 Sep 2011:-) BluE moon FLowEr
25 Dec 2011:-) Lindsay Verde
Merry Christmas Heidi!

:-) Heidi Hecht replies: "Hi there! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner...I got sidetracked out of Elfwood. But I hope you had a great Christmas and a happy New Year."
9 Feb 2012:-) Steven Lee Mull
Updates have been turned in. I know, about time huh? LOL

:-) Heidi Hecht replies: "LOL; no worries. I’m not quite as active on Elfwood as I’d like to be anymore. I got sucked into other stuff. But I’ll read your updates when I can find the time."
6 Jul 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! Do you like dragons or werewolves? If you do and have time can you please look at my gallery!

:-) Heidi Hecht replies: "Hi -- You’re pretty new to Elfwood, aren’t you? I’ll take a peek. 2"
30 Aug 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
I have lots of new art up come look anytime!
20 Mar 2013:-) Steven Lee Mull
Hey Heidi! How are things? Hope you are doing well.

:-) Heidi Hecht replies: "Thanks...Things are cool though I have been ignoring Elfwood lately (been busy). I hope things are cool with you too, and happy belated Easter. 2"
24 Dec 2013:-) Eddie bob Bowers
Really nice work.
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