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Andrew Whiteford

Andrew Whiteford

Andrew is a Digital Media Producer in Australia who finds time to draw despite life getting in his way.
G'day folks. I'm Andrew Whiteford, an all 'round Aussie country bloke. This means that I'm going to spell armour with the U in it.

Sanity Status: Married - to the wonderful Elfwood Artist Kat.
Children: Another sexually transmitted disease. (Laugh). Yeah I've got some, and wouldn't have it any other way.
Occupation: Digital Media Producer.

Favourite Artists: Frank Frazetta, Alfredo Alcala, Boris Vallejo, Mike Ploog, Ken Kelly, Jonathon Bowser and Joe Jusko.
Favourite Authors: Tolkien, Howard (Conan, Kull), Moorcock (Elric), Burroughs (Tarzan), and Shakespeare.
Favourite Tools: Pencil, Ink Pens, Photoshop, Wacom Tablet.

Like so many others I entered the Fantasy Genre by reading the works of Tolkien back in the late 70's. That led me to playing D&D, then AD&D, painting figurines, drawing Fantasy art, and so on.

Beyond the Fantasy I have a deep interest in Medieval History. This has led to the collection of weapons and armour including Mail, Helms, Swords, Axes, Bows, etc. We've been involved in Medieval Re-enactment scene for 15 years. Once you've worn a suit of armour and fought in it, you soon realise how impossible it is to actually wield the weapons and armour that we see depicted in Fantasy Art. (Sorry to burst the bubble).

I am a completely untrained artist, so I've had to try to learn in my spare time (When I'm not wrestling killer Koalas or Kangaroos - Crikey mate!). My goals over the next few years are to improve my depictions of the human figure.

Guestbook for Aevar

25 Feb 200345 K. Webbs aka Wolfy
Ja, ze zombie es very goot!

:-) Andrew Whiteford replies: "Thank you to you too, Wolfy."
14 May 200345 Andrew Whiteford
mate, i am andrew whiteford, not you, please, u sicken me boss, but i must add i am doing a project on Andrew Whiteford, and i will use ur picture in my project, latah dude...
From Andrew Whiteford, NZ

:-) Andrew Whiteford replies: "Whoa! Two of me! We need an age count to see who is the original here, there could be a copyright issue! "
30 Jun 2003:-) Lindy Hunter
Hey Andrew, I'm from Australia too, I seem to running across more people from oz in the woods more and more - just following a link - I have to say your gallery is great! Nice clean lines, and interesting ideas. I think your bio picca is very cool ^^

:-) Andrew Whiteford replies: "Hello Lynette. Good to see that there are more of us, it takes an Aussie to understand other Aussies (Not sure that's a good thing). Anyway if we can just get the other 20 million of us on board we can have a BIG party. Looks like your way down the bottom of the country as well. Your location dot seems just a bit higher and to the right of mine. Carn' the Hawks."
14 Aug 200345 Kye the Pirate
AHHHHHHH ITS ALL SO WONDERFUL. I also loved your bio, seeing as how you appeared to have written while you were happy. And happy people are always good. Your wit and talent for drawing will hopefully get you far. You certainly deserve it. 1 *blink blink*

1 Andrew Whiteford replies: "Thank you for your comments Kye. Yes I am almost always a happy person."
23 Oct 2003:-) Aida Vicens
You have very nice pics up here! And I like the way you draw... and I like your pic!! I've been dressed in armour once (the one of my boyfriend, and it was too big for me) and I know what you mean... After battling with swords, shields and armour... 16

1 Andrew Whiteford replies: "Thanks for coming by my gallery Aida. Yes wearing armour and using it are certainly different to what you think it is like. You will have to try one of those famous Spanish Toledo blades."
5 Jan 2004:-) Selena V. Burlakova
Wonderful pics! Wanna see more to come 1
It's so nice to meet someone of olders 'masters'! I thought they all are dead or drunk already :-(

:-) Andrew Whiteford replies: "Hello. I've been away for a while, but I'm back. Thank you for the comments, I'll be doing more presently."
10 Jul 200645 Chris Fawkes <chrisfawkes@yah...com>
Great work. You always were outstanding at anything you did.
15 Aug 2006:-) Marina Marlagoutsou
You're barbarian-crasy, did you knew that?? i mean, in a good way.
are u some kinda war junkie???\
great work
i really can’t think of a better line up of art.
really great
28 Aug 200845 Hans
You are a fat loser....get a life
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Andrew Whiteford

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