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Alura Raetz

"DT~CH2" by Alura Raetz

SciFi/Fantasy text 4 out of 10 by Alura Raetz.      ←Previous - Next→
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Yay! Part Deux! I'm so happy ^^ This part isn't as exciting as it should be. I'm still working it up to the main plot. I should get to that either next chapter, or the one after. Then we get to meet some nice lookin pirates! *Squeal!* (Pardon my weirdness, it's 12:42am at the moment, and I couldn't get to sleep. So I wrote the story instead. Aren't you lucky?)
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Yet Untitled
    What was going on? Just a moment ago, she was in her own place, that she knew like the back of her hand, and then suddenly, she was here. Although... she wasn't quite sure what or where 'here' was. She was in a crowd, that much she was sure. A crowd that extened for as far as she could see, filled with people, creatures, and things she thought she could only see in her wildest dreams... or nightmares, she wasn't quite sure.
    This was all new to her. Even in the most popular troll caverns, there was never this many people! And all the different kinds! Some looked human, but most of them looked nothing like she had seen. Some looked like birds, and others looked like they were made completely out of water. Next to her, she saw what looked like a human's tent, but with a strange gold skinned creature with many glowing red eyes inside, showing a round object to a wall... with a mouth.
    She shook her head, trying to make the vision dissappear. No, It had to be a dream, or a vision. This couldn't possibly be real, could it?
    There was a soft tap on her shoulder, and Allura spun around in shock and surprise. She gasped when she came face to face with a strange man. He looked roughly human, with slightly-more-pointed-than-round ears, purple skin, and three arms; one on the left, and two on the right. His features were long and thin, especially his face, and his eyes were larger and more almond-shaped than normal, glowing a dim yellow. He kept his light blue hair shot cropped, and wore a long yellow and black striped coat, reaching to his ankles. She noticed she wore no shoes, reveiling two large toes on each foot.
    He gave her what she assumed was supposed to be a warming smile, and spoke to her in a language she couldn't understand. She looked at him blankly. "What?" She shook her head again, making for certain this wasn't all a dream, then looked back at the man. "I can't understand you. Where am I?"
    The man's smile faded, and was replaced with a quizzicle look. He cocked his head. "You're not--" He paused a moment, and decided not to finish the sentence he started. "Are you lost?" He asked. At first he spoke clumsily with a thick accent, but the more he said, the cleared it got. "Because I know my way all around the bazaar."
    Allura hesitated. "The what?"
    "The bazaar, the marketplace, the very large outdoor mall." He paused again in thought. "You're new here." he stated.
    Allura nodded. "Yes. I'm lost. One minute, I was at home, then, I was here."
    The man's smile returned, wider than she thought possible. "In that case..." He bowed, seeming to pull a card out of thin air and held it it out to her. "The name is Jeeves: businessman extraordinaire. I can help you buy anything you may need to get home... or buy anything else, for that matter. Now... what dimension do you come from?"
    She shook her head again, realised that she had done that many times in the last few minutes, and forced herself to stop. She had almost no clue what the man, Jeeves, had just said. It had sounded like her language, but... "D-dimension?"
    Jeeves raised an eyebrow. "You do know where you live, right?"
    "Oh, that's easy," she said, calming, "I live with the trolls. Underground, in the forest."
    Now his smile drooped. "...underground... with the trolls...?" He put a hand to his head in disbelief. "You don't even know what a dimension is?" She shook her head no. "Then how did you get here?"
    "That's what I've been wondering!" she was beginnning to become frustrated, instead of confused. This man was giving her no help.
    Allura looked around for who had spoken her name, but only saw the many people and things going about as they had been. Strange...
    "Well... There could be a way I could help..." Jeeves continued, stroking his chin, "But without knowing where you're from..." He glanced back at her, "As long as I see your money first."
    "Good Gods!" He breathed, "What, are you from the dimension of uncivilisation? Money. Moolah. Bucks. Gold. Jewels. Dough. You know... money."
    "Oh." Aluura nodded, finally understanding, "I don't think I have any of that with me."
    He frowned, looking ready to yell, but pondered a moment. It wasn't long before he calmed and looked her over. "Well, no matter, we can always trade."
    "Trade?" she asked, then before he could become shocked again, she added, "What would I have to trade?"
    "Well..." He pointed at her neck. "That gold band necklace would fetch a pretty fine price... or the headband you've got." She reached up to feel the small thin gold star on her forehead, held there by a brown leather strap. She had almost forgotten she was wearing it. "Or maybe that bag of yours." Jeeves continued. "What is it, suede?"
    "Uh, leather." she corrected. For some reason, the man sighed. She didn't let him explaine. "I just want to get ho--"
    Over here...
    Again, Allura stopped what she was doing and looked behind her, where she thought the voice was coming from, but found nothing. No one but Jeeves gave her even a second glance. "Did you hear that?"
    "Hear what?" She didn't answer. He shrugged. "Now, with the bag, and the necklace, I could--"
    "There it is again!" Allura interrupted. "Didn't you hear it?"
    Jeeves frowned. "No, I can't hear anything over this crowd, and I'm beginning to think you're delusional. I could help with that too... but that'll cost you extra..." He trailed off when he realised she wasn't listening.
    Over here, Allura...
    Allura took a step in the direction she heard it, but Jeeves stopped her. "Where are you going?" he asked with a confused look. She pulled away.
    "What does it matter?" she said almost a little too sharply. "All you care about is this... mon-ey. Greed, just like the trolls. I'm going to find some real help." She turned again, to leave.
    "Hey wait!" Jeeves called after her, but made no move to follow. "You'll only find trouble over there!" he warned, she she ignored him, pushing her way throught the crowd following the voice, until, finally, she reached an end to the 'marketplace.'
    The tents and buildings faded, becoming fewer and farther apart until they stopped all together, and then began a forest where the bazaar left off. At last! she thought, Something familier!
    Taking only a moment to look at the card Jeeves had given her and then slip it into her napsack, she sat down on a large rock just on the edge of the forest and took in a deep breath. She couldn't face any of these problems of hers until she was calm. The bazaar place was too strange and confusing. It was comforting to know that even in a place like this, there will always be a forest.
    "Hey, you!"
    She was snapped out of her thoughts by a loud, deep voice, and the sound of footsteps. When she looked up, Allura spotted a very large man, human, about twice a big as she was, and three times as strong as the mightiest troll. He reached where she sat, and glaired down at her with a powerful frown.
    "GET AWAY!"
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17 Oct 2001:-) Elizabeth 'Celesta' Kretzschmar
*does a dance of first commenting* Oh! YaY! Elfwood updated... *nods* Me likes! Ah, your near-trademark cliff hanger 12 Post more 1Near-trademark? Interesting... Posting more soon. By Monday night perhaps.
22 Oct 200145 Cassie Duncan!
Just so you can have more than one comment...
I've already read this before, but I still liked reading it. You should get more people to write stuff here. I don't know what else to say, so, Bye!Me? Me getting people to write more stuff here? Goodness knows I've tried. Maybe... HEY OUT THERE! WRITE MORE COMMENTS! I'LL GIVE YOU A CANDY!... erm, don't hold me to that....
20 Dec 2001:-) Cassandra Lee Duncan
Give them imaginary candy!...
more stories!

Okay, other people visit me! Now! I'll write more...

I like that ... the dot dot dot...

My Alternity character is obsessed with books and can't go for more than a week without one. Remind you of someone?

:-) Alura Raetz replies: "Um... I pity the fool who wants imaginary candy! You like the '...' ? How odd... Reading is fun!"
3 Jan 2002:-) Cassandra Lee Duncan
That little face you used looks like your Dad with hair. When I said imaginary candy, I meant that more stories could be construed as candy. Something to reward them for their hard work at commenting. Anyway, Bye now!

:-) Alura Raetz replies: "*sigh* You have to be so technical... Lol"
22 Mar 2002:-) N. L. Williams
Okay, I know I'm being picky, but I'm confused either your humans are giants or your trolls are about three feet tall. Please let me know. As usual I loved the story, but there's no more.*sighs* Now I don't have an excuse for not writing. Let me know whenever you post anymore to this story or HOD.

:-) Alura Raetz replies: "Um, actually, the trolls are about three feet tall. ^^ Sorry I didn't make that clear. Err..."
23 Mar 2002:-) Cassandra Lee Duncan
I've already read all your stories, and I know you have a whole bunch more that you can put up! Elfwood is updating now, so you can post it! Please?

:-) Alura Raetz replies: "Oh, yeah. I have TONS of stories. ... I just have to type them up. See, all of my stories are on notebook paper. Typing them is the problem... I'm a skilled procrastinator. Err... Besides, I've been super busy lately... *sigh*"
7 Mar 2003:-) Christian F Keller
Hey its me love the story so far. Also packmate as you can see I am now on here too. Take a look and let me know.
19 Jul 2003:-) Rebecca Louise Parker
I am really liking this story so far. I'm just waiting for her to finally meet James. I love pirate stories. Writing one myself. I was gonna start uploading the first three chapters of it tonight but they have to fix a bug first.

Oh, and to Cassie Duncan's second comment up there, the dot dot dot is called the ellipsis.

Anyhoo great story. I'm really looking forward to reading more of it!
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 • Created by: :-) Alura Raetz
 • Copyright: ©Alura Raetz. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Bazaar, Dimension, Elf
 • Categories: Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc.
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