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Antony M. B. Sadler  (Drig)

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Antony M. B. Sadler (Drig)

Antony is a BSEE that enjoys reading fantasy, MUDs and LARPing.

Dragon's Seventh Chapters 10 - 11
Dragon's Seventh Chapters 01 - 03
Dragon's Seventh Chapters 04 - 06
Dragon's Seventh Chapters 07 - 09
The Twisted Key
The Ynticare
The Restaurant Critic
'Tis time to dance (A poem)

3 Feb 2006:-) Marijke Mahieu
Well, look at that! I actually made it over...And no, it was not the scarf that convinced me to come 12 I just found I had half an hour of free time today and decided to spend it in a meaningful way *winks*

60 Antony M. B. Sadler (Drig) replies: "*Offers you a bottle of pinot noir**oh, and offers you some milk and cookies*Thanks for stopping on over*smiles*"
24 Feb 2006:-) Joelle Duran
Happy Friday again!

Ah, Fridays are wonderful things. =)

You've been quiet this week, I'm hoping that you're on yet another trip or vacation and that things are going well for you and your family.


:-) Antony M. B. Sadler (Drig) replies: "Thanks for stopping on over - Unfortunately a bad week for me - thanks for reading the last DS and I thought you would say that about the shifting time and perspective - when I get time beggining of next month I'll get back and explain all - have lost a bit of time last week (um most of it) and now have a lot to do when I prob should be doing some more resting. Hope your doing well and thanks for the comment and reviewing"
3 Mar 2006:-) Joelle Duran
Happy Friday, Drig!

60 Antony M. B. Sadler (Drig) replies: "Thanks, and to you to!

*hugs* I hope your weekend is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! You certainly need something to make up for all that excitement. ;P *grabs you and hugs you tightly*
*Begins to dance around the glade with you*
Oh I do so want a wonderous weekend and wish that you have one too.

*waves**sob* You are leaving so soon?
*grin*  Thank you Joelle, for stopping by and all...*waves to you*"
18 Apr 2006:-) Joelle Duran
*hops in and waves vigorously*

60 Antony M. B. Sadler (Drig) replies: "*Grins maddly*

Hello, Drig! You've been quiet for a while, so I'm just dropping by to say hi ('Hi!') and see how you're doing. Hopefully well, and no more unfortunate fainting incidents or the like. I hope you and your family had a good Easter. Hi
*tugs your arm*
Nope I can officially say done that once as I complete my list of things done but will try my best not to repeat that one - just a ton of other firsts threw themselves at me - however I did get to enjoy Easter, and actually our church had a really nice Palm Sunday service so have to say I really enjoyed that one which was a first - after eighteen years I guess I am beginning to thaw to American churches that I loathed when first arriving in this country *grin* ofc I guess I am learning the signs early of which ones to stay well clear of *smirk*

I used the word 'ingenious' for the first time (I believe) in my books, and it made me think of you--what with Henri/Henry in your 'Dragon's Seventh.' Hope you don't mind the mental association. =) Not at all I am flattered - thank you!

Hope you write more chapters too, someday! (Though I can't nag too much or you'll have ammo to harass me about my novella! 12 Should have some stuff to you in a couple of weeks as long as life doesn't throw me any more curve balls - I need to get out of the batting cage methinks

Anyway, just letting you know you're missed. *waves again*  *Jumps up and down in wonder*
I am missed
Thanks for popping on over and beginning of next month I should have some free time maybee *crosses fingers and toes*Thanks for the lovely visit
*ruffles your hair**hugs you tightly*"
7 May 2006:-) Joelle Duran
Well, it's a week into May, and I haven't noticed you about. *peers* Does that mean you're still trapped in the batting cage dodging curve balls?

17 Antony M. B. Sadler (Drig) replies: "Oh he is firmly entrenched in the batting cage and I'm not about to let him out - no MUD for far to long *glares angrily at all*

Would a set of keys help? *hands over some keys* Ah thanks... *tries to put key into lock* Hey these don't fit!
*Ducks from flying ball*
That one was grimicing I swear it was out to hit me, HELP!

Anyway, hope things are going well for you regardless. =) Thanks for your concern - I will get the next chapter to you eventualy and hopefully things will resolve themselves.
Take care of yourself."
25 Jul 2006:-) Joelle Duran
Well, been too long since this page got spammed-upon, so here I am.

*waves arms*

*large SPAMMAGE truck slowly backs up with much beeping*

*through megaphone* Okay, here looks good!

*truck back upends*

<h1> SPAM ATTACK! </h1>

Oooh, yuck...*sloshes around* so glad I'm wearing hip-high boots, I am.

*climbs into truck*

*truck wallows off*

*over shoulder* Hope the writing muse bites soon!
19 Nov 2006:-) Joelle Duran
*comes in dancing*


*jumps around happily*

Oh, it feels so good! Hope your life has been productive as well! *hugs*
23 Nov 2006:-) Joelle Duran
Happy Thanksgiving, you wonderful person you! I hope you have a fabulous time with family and friends!
25 Dec 2006:-) Joelle Duran
Merry Christmas, Drig! Hope it's a wonderful one! *hugs*
1 Jan 2007:-) Joelle Duran
Happy 2007! I hope it's a wonderful year for you!
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