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Amy Ruth Schley

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Amy Ruth Schley

Amy is so thrilled about having received two Mod's Choice honors! Thank you, danke, gracias, merci, xie xie! But now I have to get back to working on law school stuff. *sniff*

Diary of a Young Girl
Caveat Emptor
Into the Sea Act 1
Into the Sea Act 2
Into the Sea Act 3
Into the Sea Act 4
Into the Sea Act 5
Into the Sea Notes
The Paranormal Persons' New Year's Eve Party
The Hairy Hand
The Tax Zombie Cometh . . .

20 Nov 2008:-) Oswald Johnathon Levesque
That is awesome- The last one is neat! Can you speak alot or write alot of Chinese or did somebody just show you that?

:-) Amy Ruth Schley replies: "I spent six weeks in Beijing this summer as part of my law school studies. I’m now learning Chinese, though I’m not terribly good at it."
22 Nov 2008:-) Oswald Johnathon Levesque
I can imagine it would be difficult1 Good for you though! That would be a great skill to have.
24 Nov 2008:-) Chris A Jackson
Thanks for tagging me as a favorite! Glad you enjoyed Cheese Runners! There is much more...

Oh, and how do you find time to write and stay in law school? I can barely hold down a job and write and keep my boat from sinking at the same time...

:-) Amy Ruth Schley replies: "To be honest, I end up writing a lot more than I should. Bad Amy! But it’s so much more fun to write about tax lawyers than study for my fed tax class. (Not that something take a lot to be more fun than studying for fed tax. Bleh!)

So do you have a boat for fun, or do you live on one? My parents’ plan is to sell their house in a couple years and then sail around the Caribbean for a year."
28 Nov 2008:-) '' AlpineBob ''
Well, if you’re still curious about Wolff & Byrd they can be found at: Supernatural Law -
http://www.webcomicsnation.com/supernaturallaw/Missing [/URL]![/URL]

I recommend you start at the beginning - if you get three pages in I bet you’ll be hooked.
The stuff on-line is web-specific; they also have print comics out under various names...

:-) Amy Ruth Schley replies: "Those guys are great! I think I’ll avoid using my series to pontificate about the hot button social issues, but I like the humorous treatment they bring to the practice."
30 Nov 2008:-) Chris A Jackson
HA! I live on a boat for fun... He he... Nobody lives on a boat for any other reason, it’s too expensive...

Do your parents already sail? If not, tell them to try it before they sell their house. Some people don’t like the lifestyle, especially in the Carrib. It’s not all "Sandals"...

Really, though, we plan on hanging up the jobs for a few years ourselves, and doing some long distance sailing, New England in the summer and Carrib in the winter... Oh, and writing a lot!

:-) Amy Ruth Schley replies: "Well, my parents live in Missouri, so long term sailing trips aren’t very feasible for them. But they’ve gotten certified. The original plan was to sell the house in a year or so when they pay the mortgage off, but with the economic downturn and real estate crash, they may have to wait a while longer. Mom’s a nurse and Dad’s an ultrasound tech, so they could get jobs anywhere should they need some money while sailing.

I’m just glad that the Carib was cleared of pirates back in the day, unlike the Indian Ocean. Back in the 18th century, pirates were declared humanis hostes generis meaning "enemy of all mankind." Every vessel capable of doing so had the license and responsibility to attack the ship and hang the pirates. The technique is quite effective at reducing pirate activity. Unlike now, where the Brits are afraid to take on the pirates in case the pirates ask for asylum and the Germans are prohibited from attacking the pirates once they’ve taken another ship. I’d call them *slang term for female genitalia* but that would be an insult to cats."
1 Dec 2008:-) '' AlpineBob ''
Heh! That’s the great thing about doing a web-comic. You can "pontificate about the hot button social issues", and get away with it as long as it’s funny too.

:-) Amy Ruth Schley replies: "Agreed. And they are the funniest take on it I’ve seen. But while I agree with their political positions, I still find them tiresome at times. It can be fun to treat everyone who disagrees with you as an incompetent rube, (see townspeople in their Rosemary’s baby case) but in the end it’s a rather juvenile.

I’ll also stay away from such story lines as I see no reason to introduce politics into my only "politics free" zone of my internet use. I can go on Slate.com, volokh.com, instapundit.com and debate all I like. I enjoy that Elfwood is a "rethugican" and "demorat" free zone, and if keeping it that way means a little self-censoring on my topics, I will gladly do it!"
25 Dec 2008:-) Frances Monro
Hi! Merry Christmas!

:-) Amy Ruth Schley replies: "Merry Christmas!"
18 Mar 2009:-) Jennifer Marie Kofler
Hi! I was absolutely mesmerized by your writing. You are incredibly literate, one of the bettter writers I’ve encountered on elfwood. Like, "the pregnant silence"... my goodness, your work is a form of genius that comes only from having true passion for writing.

:-) Amy Ruth Schley replies: "Wow! Thank you so much. I’ve been neglecting Elfwood lately (World of Warcraft and Law School eating up my time!) but you’ve inspired me to get back to writing."
13 May 2009:-) Frances Monro
Well it’s been a while since we chatted. I’ve uploaded a couple of new things on my page, particularly "The Return" and "Fawn’s Story." I’ve also got a few newer things done which are not published here yet. How do you like the new Elfwood changes? I spent quite a while having to upload all my illustrations again!
10 Jul 2009:-) Frances Monro
Please read my new story - Point of Diminishing Returns! Fawn couldn’t understand why anyone would want to kill the people of her little peaceful village.... http://tr.im/rGLs
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