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Jess L Rhapsodos

"Siren Introduction.htm" by Jess L Rhapsodos

SciFi/Fantasy text 4 out of 14 by Jess L Rhapsodos.      ←Previous - Next→
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This is an excerpt from my book that gives an introduction to a few characters of mine.  It gives a little history and whatnot that I wanted to upload because this part in my book will probably never get on Elfwood.  Its pretty much at the end.

Seere is Anariel's twin brother for those who have read the Order of the Dragon and are going, "Huh?  Who's he?"

So anyway, read and enjoy my version of sirens.

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Siren Introduction

Siren Introduction


            Sirens are dark creatures.  Akin to the kelpie in their method, they lure helpless travelers into their waters.  However, the kelpie is not choosy, and it will take anyone it can convince to climb onto its back.

            Sirens only prey on men.

The weakness of men’s hearts.

It began at sea.  Men far from home, far from the women who comfort them.  Upon the rush of the wind, the spray of the ocean kissing their faces, a haunting melody drifted to them.  It was a loon, a swan, no an angel.  The men tried to describe it, but all failed.

The song beckoned to them, pleaded with them to come.  It was a sad tune, one of a love that was impossible, and yet both lovers took it to its bitter end.  There was a warning in that song as the men turned their ship, but they did not head it.

The song spoke of death.

As the ship drew closer, the haunting call grew louder, more persistent.  Even impatient.  There, sitting on the rocks up ahead, sat the most beautiful woman the men had ever seen.

Her hair was liquid gold, as alive and vibrant as the sun itself.  Those hypnotic, dancing eyes reflected the sea the men held so dear, the brilliant blue of friendlier, tropical waters.  Seaweed was woven through her hair, but that was all.  She was bare, and the men understood this when her tail rose out of the water, gleaming silver like a shark, and all the graceful agility of a dolphin.

A mermaid, the sailors decided, and relief flooded through them, for merpeople are of a gentler nature than their siren cousins.

“Which among you has a face that would cause women to weep because of its beauty?” the siren asked.

Her musical voice carried on the water, ripples forming and lapping up against the boat.  The wind whispered the quiet echoes of her question.

The captain strode forward, and indeed, he was beautiful.  Women had wept and waved their handkerchiefs in a sorrowful farewell when he had set sail.

The siren’s blue eyes grew sharp, hardened, and her gaze raked over the man.  A grin curled her lips after a moment, a cold smile that quickly shifted her nature from warm tropics to freezing arctic waters.

The men were fully under her spell, and they did not notice the ice slowly creaking into existence around their ship.

“Come to me,” the siren beckoned, holding out her hand toward the captain.  Blocks of ice formed out of nowhere, cutting a path through the water to her rock dwelling.  The sailor did not hesitate, and he climbed out over the railing and onto the ice.

The siren’s mouth parted in a wide smile, revealing sharp, pointed teeth.  She sprang from the rock, her silver tail flashing in the sun before she disappeared beneath the water.  The ice beneath the man’s feet melted, and right before he slipped under the surface, he saw spears of ice erupt from the water and gouge his boat.  His men cried out in fear as it began to sink, the spell of the siren broken, but there was no hope for them.

The captain jerked underneath the water as a powerful hand gripped his ankle, and the man came face-to-face with the siren.  She was still beautiful, so much so that it seemed to cause physical pain.  Her golden hair streamed out in the water as she flashed a cruel, emotionless smile.

The man tried to swim away, but her arms and tail coiled around his body, and icy lips found his.

The siren’s kiss.

All thought was lost except what she willed.

Escape?  Who wanted that?  The water is nice?  I am human, but she will not let me drown.  Drown, yes, drown.  Drowning is the way you become a siren.  Yes, drown me.  Please drown me!

The siren’s voice continued to whisper to him as she dragged him down.  Lies, her lies filled his mind, and the human’s life slowly faded away in her embrace.  Lies, all lies.

There are no male sirens.

Perhaps it is what sets the merpeople apart from the sirens.  They can still find love, but sirens are kept longing for something they will never have.  Unrequited love turned them bitter and vindictive.  They prey on the most handsome, a part of them wishing they could actually possess such a thing.  The other half, however, knows they cannot, so in their own way, they take their revenge.

If they could not possess the men they desired, no woman could.

It was for such reasons that they despised them so.  Women, in their sensible ways, do not feel the call of the sea, the lust for adventure, quite as much as a man, and they temper that desire in those they love for fear of the all too real danger.

It was such hateful, vindictive, and tragic creatures that heeded a handsome red-haired elf’s request to guard a weapon the age-old dragons would see destroyed.  They had long awaited his return, dreaming of his dancing eyes, his crooked smile, and his perfect, muscular body that would drip and glisten with the touch of water.  They dreamed of the tears that would fall from women’s eyes upon hearing of his death.  Soft sensuous lips of the siren would seduce him, and he would succumb to their haunting, sorrowful songs.  They would crush against him, coiling their bodies around him, and drag him down to their dark depths.

A silver, glistening tail broke the surface of the water in the cave he must pass through to read the gun, and a song drifted on the wind, mournful and lingering, playing on the gentle, ethereal notes of a harp.


Seeré, Seeré

Come to us.

Your time on land is almost done.

The water is calling, so clear and warm.

Bring your face that makes them weep.

The cursed ones do not need you now.

We are those who are beauty like yours.

Perfection.  Seduction.  Gentle sea’s caress.

We will love you, give you sleep and rest.

Come to us.

Come to us.

Seeré, Seeré Anastil.

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'Siren Introduction.htm':
 • Created by: :-) Jess L Rhapsodos
 • Copyright: ©Jess L Rhapsodos. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Anariel, Anastil, Dragon, Mermaid, Of, Order, Seere, Siren, The
 • Categories: Elf / Elves, Mermaids, Leviathans, Underwater Creatures
 • Submitted: 2009-08-22 04:55:25
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