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Fredrik K T Andersson

Fredrik K T Andersson

Fredrik is still heavily into fantasy art at the moment.
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PLEASE NOTE that the gallery sorts all images in ALPHABETICAL ORDER so updates are quite easy to find if, you know the lis and your ABC. ;)

Also, sometimes it takes a while for the moderators to process each image and submission before the gallery is updated. Please be patient. They're only human. If they had all been elves however... :D

THE TECHNIQUE! I primarily use mechanical pencils for my original drawings, then I scan the pictures and computer enhance the images. Nothing is inked 'cause inking takes too much time and is frankly darn boring! I rarely do computer coloring but I'm fortunate to have several colored version in my gallery made by other talented artists. Lately I've begun to add more shades and shadows on my scanned images.

THE ART! The drawings are all based on Fantasy, which is the genre I’m heavily into for the time being, so that’s all I’ll currently upload and display. However, I do like sci-fi a lot.

THE RULES! I feel obliged to respectfully inform visitors of this gallery that I do NOT make commission artwork of any kind. I DO accept requests, but this is done completely at my own whim just for the fun of it. Simply put, I don’t make promises and I don’t sell originals. Please be aware that I reserve myself the right to display requested images in Elfwood. Also, please EMAIL me if you wish to send me a request (top right corner here on the main page, nifty little link that says 'email'...click on it!). Don't leave requests where there's supposed to be comments. Thanks.

THANK YOU! everyone who have visited my gallery and especially to all of you who have left me comments. Even though I rarely reply to all these comments rest assure that they are all read and very well appreciated, not only by me but also by everyone else who finds their way to this gallery through the dense vegetation of all other talented artists here in Elfwood.


Fredrik K.T. Andersson


To draw stuff, of course!
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Avatar, District 9, The Lord of the Rings trilogy...
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Hey! What about COMIC books?! Mrrgh!
Favorite Music
Mostly various J-pop and anime soundtracks.
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Michelle ninjamuffin atwood(Worshiper) , Eva Thaily Brimstone Palli(Admirer) , Linda Trude Jansson(Friend) , Julie O Halloran(Friend) , Ingvild Grotløkken(Inspiration) , Jason Newell(Admirer) , Jenn soderquist(Corpse) , Kevin Lance Kirby(Admirer) , Cody allen arnold(Inspiration) , Slouka Vo(Fan) , Paul M Benjamin(Friend) , Jill O Connell(Friend) , Simon Tw33K_ Ewenborg(Friend) , Juan alberto jimenez jimenez rodriguez(Friend) , Jonathan E Miller(Fan) , John M R Gibson(Worshiper) , Ren Wolfsong Cardenas(Fan) , Emily Red Ashton(Admirer) , Dwight Sanchez Jr.(Admirer) , Katie A Harding(Fan) , Jena MoeMoe Zimmerman(Admirer) , Trine Elise Brendmoe(Admirer) , Alexander Wayne Halliburton(Worshiper) , Zach Krusnik LaBrasseur(Worshiper) , Michael Stitch Newsome(Admirer) , George GORGENZOLLA Holden(Necromancer) , Angelus The Renegade Angel(Idol) , Samantha d stuart(Worshiper) , Johanna Eleanor Black(Fan) , Jerry robert lee stanley(Inspiration) , Tiff anne hussain(Fan) , Miranda K Leek(Friend) , Robert Oliver Wilson(Fan) , Sten Öebius(Fan) , Eric Dumok Flores(Fan) , Dragon sky(Fan) , Maja Stevsic(Fan) , Taylor Halfling Fancier Byers(Inspiration) , Matthew David Thelen(Fan) , Dylan R Peters(Fan) , Kc reticentgamer11311 ross(Worshiper) , Maylie Laura Poulsen(Admirer) , Brodie Michael Riley(Worshiper) , Faith FairyFanGirl Turner(Addict) , Anders Salling Sørensen(Friend) , Matteo Tartari(Fan) , Efe Karacar(Admirer) , Andrew Dean Prosser(Friend) , Eric Takkless Ray(Admirer) , Monserrat Martsnore DrawM(Friend) , Zepher Loo Bandit A Cleanzeal(Fan) , Anton Ehn(Admirer) , Thomas A Howard(Admirer) , Lucian Aella(Fan) , Bryan Abramek(Admirer) , Nina Astrid Fritz(Friend) , Andreaz Gustafzon(Old friend) and Stefan Ragnar Jonsson(Old friend) .

Guestbook for Andersson

16 Oct 2013:-) Caine Anderson
Love your Art! It’s funny and inspiring.

:-) Fredrik K T Andersson replies: "Just the way I like my compliments. Thank you!"
23 Oct 2013:-) Fraser rigby
awesome artwork, barn ambush, funny, funny, funny what happens next? no, no don’t tell me...........

:-) Fredrik K T Andersson replies: "Much appreciated! Yeah, trying to milk me for information won’t get you any. Bandit milkmaids versus a minotauress however...oh, there’s one cow that will spill a lot of details before she kicks the bucket!

...now, to let their panicking imagination do all the work for me while I sneak away... 12"
30 Oct 2013:-) Joseph eli shinneman
I know of a Bard crossbreed to yet be done. Hydra!!

:-) Fredrik K T Andersson replies: "The Bard would like to inform you that he’s very pleased that you didn’t suggest a "Hydra Leech"...and so is the Elf, Dwarf and Wizard...and me. 7"
27 Nov 2013:-) Guido van Oorschot
Ehm. What happened to PAWN.se?
It’s no longer linking to the comic.

:-) Fredrik K T Andersson replies: "My 2-year donation ran out, without warning. Instead I got alerted by kind followers like yourself. Thanks!

I’ve made another donation and the transaction was completed a few days ago but still no joy. Might take a few more days. I’ve asked support at the web hotel about it.

So no, I haven’t abandoned my darling pet-project...although it seems it tried to do the reverse on me. Hmm, that’s kind of clever AND naughty. Reminds me of a certain scholar and demoness... 13"
28 Nov 2013:-) Fredrik K T Andersson
My web comic PAWN (the one with the speedy update of a crippled glacier) is back up and running. My bad, as it turned out. Custom Domain Name requires a Premium account, not just a Donation. Easily fixed with an upgrade. Enjoy!
5 Dec 2013:-) Kirby Eston Proctor
That was a fun gallery thanks man way cool!!

:-) Fredrik K T Andersson replies: " A very late; thank you! Fun to know you had fun viewing my humble speck of artwork."
14 Jan 2014:-) Eddie bob Bowers
I like your work.

:-) Fredrik K T Andersson replies: "A pretty late; thank you!"
1 May 2014:-) Val TLoATDaE Barlow
Well, it’s May Day, and we haven’t seen anything here in AGES...
You still among us, Freddy?

:-) Fredrik K T Andersson replies: "Still around! Just very busy with an important project at the moment. Illustrating a book. Pouring all my time and creativity into it. Sorry for the lack of updates about that. Been very focused these couple of months. Thanks for the concern! 3"
19 Jun 2014:-) Val TLoATDaE Barlow
Is the book anything you can mention in more detail here? Is it something we, the general fanbase, might be interested in? Free Advertizing, and all that, you know 12 Some of us might be willing to look for it in shops, once it gets published!

An, since it Always needs to be said: More Bard, plz! Heh heh heh...

:-) Fredrik K T Andersson replies: "Not sure if the mod’s would approve, even if I can’t find any specific rules against it. The book is based on both fantasy and fiction after all, depending on how you look at it. 12

I’ll get more creature conquest comedy done with the Bard once my current book project gets ready for print 3"
19 Aug 2014:-) Fredrik Arne Eriksson
I would like to know when this book you have illustrated is going to be released.
Specifically the name and where to get it, should it be a more limited production run. 2
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Fredrik K T Andersson

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