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Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken

Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken

Angela Three time, the circle is full, three times, the path is clear.

Well Wow... It has been a very long time sense I have been on here. O.O This place has changed a lot. It seems that they are Keeping up with DA. Well then, just a little about me as follows...

I am thinking of changing Schools. Nothing to serious.

I like to take Comissions... Or requests. Both will make me happy.

I am old! *25* And i dont have it all down. Still working on it here.

But I am glad to see that I am not forgotten here. It has gotten to be a better comunity. I like the lay out here now. Looks nicer.


Anyways! Moving on!

Enjoy the sights. Leave comments... Mayhaps I will get some more stuff up that is new!

Ask and Maybe I will tell you.
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Guestbook for Ange

3 Mar 2003:-) Brian F. Wong
With your solid outer lines and general styling you remind me of Alphonse Mucha done in black and white as anime. That's a good thing by the way. 12

:-) Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "Really? wow... I got the ideal from a friend... as you can see i just started to use the technick... But if she ever gets a page up ill link her her stuf is much better! thanx for the comment!"
8 Dec 200345 Syrus Raven Alamanthia Palemoon Sunhawk
Hey woman keep em commin...now that im on the other side of the country i cant go through all your drawings whenever i feel like it anymore...hahaha...and i want to see more drawings of young Raven + Selena...haha...and if you cant get the pics up on the site just e-mail them to me lol...and did you ever get those pics i sent you of Raven?...let me know...love ya

:-) Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "I would do more if i could but you know how that goes... 2"
23 Mar 200445 I Give You Three Wild Guesses
Got your letter....FINALLY! You are as bad as I am about neglecting me....That made more sense in my head. Anyway. i don't see what's so difficult about the test. i took it, And I passed with flying colors....'Course....i only took it 'cause I was bored....Comon Val, i know you can do it! The questions aren't that hard.

:-) Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "??? Wow... That was confuseing for your opening... anyways... Write me i'd LOVE to hear from you. (p.S. I took Kado down 1~)"
22 Jul 2004:-) John Samuel Butler
Your bold use of line is best complimented when you fill your work with thin line detail.

Try to fill up your work with detail and you will stand out more strongly.

Well done.

:-) Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "Thanks I will try that. 12~"
3 Aug 200445 Stef H
I have to agree with the last commenter. Your inking is fantastic! I love the strong outline of your characters, and the thin lining for details. Very art nouveou (sp?). Maybe you should look up artwork by Alphonse Mucha, I think you'd like it.

Besides that, your work has improved much over the past year. Your style has developed and it stands out!

1 Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "YAY! And you would know the best you were there when I started... I got the dark out lineing from a very close friend her stuff IS awsome... I wish she would join elfwood and put her stuff up aswell."
21 Mar 200645 N.C. GRYPHON
Hilow, yeah I like 2 look at the old gallerys cuz alot ov people go on 2 the new stuff. I see u like to draw human- like creatures....... [but my favs are the horseyz, there perdyful.] :]

1 Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "Thank you! I hope to get more of dragons and horses up... I just havent drawn any latly."
28 Apr 2006:-) Sarah Mertens
I *love* your gallery, u have such a nice style, you're very talented.

1 Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "Thank you! Im not to sure if Im good, but i do know i have alot to do to get better. But thank you for the comment.2~"
24 May 2006:-) Kristin Tabea Pfister
I really like your style. It´s manga-ish (which I usually don´t like too much, but you´re the exception here... 2 ) but not so "same-as-everyone-else´s-ish". I love the bold outline in most of your pictures. Reminds me a little bit of Mucha´s art. Please keep posting more of your work, it´s so unique. I´ll need to check back frequently 2. Kudos!!!

1 Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "Hee thankies. ^^ I have to go and cheack your galla. ^^"
26 Aug 200645 Ensou
You very good at what you do and i hope to be as good or better then you some day ^_^

1 Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "Hee I have seen your stuff and you are a very good artest. Thankies for the comment.^^"
2 Jul 2008:-) Candace Elise Hoes
You know since they revamped Elfwood I’ve been having a hard time trying to distinguish what’s newly posted and what’s been up for a while. Reason I say this is because I have a question - Do you leave them black and white as a stylistic choice or do you just prefer to not color? I’d love to see what colors you would decide to make them.

:-) Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken replies: "Yeah all of this is old. ^^"
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Angela ´Solhawk´ Bracken

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