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Emma Kathryn

"Assassins" by Emma Kathryn

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 36 by Emma Kathryn.      ←Previous - Next→
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A little story about two friends waiting for the man who turned them into machines to appear so that they can shoot him in the head...nice, really.
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Emma Kathryn


Part of the building now.  Hell, she had been there that long it felt that way.  She lay still; body pressed against the warm stone of the flat roof, as the hot midday sun shone down on her, roasting her within her leather coat.  Her short jet black hair, with its deep pink streaks, hung over her untouched human eye, blocking her sight.  It was shifted in annoyance, trying to tuck it behind her ear – why did she get it cut so damn short?! – giving her a clearer view of the entrance to the conference halls.  The black cars with their tinted glass were beginning to pull up.  Not long now.

            “Shining Angel, this is Smoking Dragon, do you copy?” a familiar male voice said through her earpiece, causing her mouth to twist into a grin.

“Smoking Dragon?” she laughed as she toyed with her rifle.  “Good God, Vee, get a grip!”

“Shut up, Keyta, and play along!” Vee moaned in her ear.  She laughed again.

“Code names are just so cliché…”

“Quiet, woman, now where are you?”  Keyta sighed playfully as she reached down into one of the many pockets of her black cargo pants and produced a compact mirror.  She tried to angle it to reflect the sunlight, revealing her position to Vee with a winking light.

“Good position,” Vee noted jealously, obviously spotting her.  “Directly opposite the conference halls?”

“Yeah,” she answered, tucking her mirror away.  “What about you?”

“I’ve got a really good view actually.  Really good.”

“Well, unless it’s of my phenomenal ass, it’s not as good as mine, is it?” Keyta asked with a satisfied grin.  There was silence coming from her earpiece.  “Is it?” she asked again with her wicked tongue.

“You’re a bitch of hell, Keyta,” he growled in her ear.  A growl she took more comfort in than anything else in this cruel world.

“Only because you’ve made me, Vee, dearest,” she informed him brightly.

“Damn right I did!” he replied almost proudly.

Keyta shifted herself slightly, becoming increasingly uncomfortable and impatient.  This was beginning to wear her down.  All this damned waiting, it was driving her crazy.  Even in spite of this human-machine hybrid she had become.

“Burning up in your coat?” Vee commented in her ear.  Keyta had a glance around, her face reflecting her confusion.  Either he was highly intuitive or withholding information.

“Yes…” she replied slowly as she tried to find him.  “Where are you?!” she asked, closing her right natural eye while her mechanical one scanned the area thoroughly for any trace of her partner.  The metal shutter, which now acted as an iris, refined Keyta’s line of sight, but still no sign of Vee.

“A good assassin never gives away his position,” he quipped.  “Unless you’re open to new experiences, that is…”

“In case you’ve forgotten, we’re failed science experiments, not assassins.”

“Keyta, bear in mind that those experiments were done to make us mindless, super-soldiers,” Vee said seriously, rendering Keyta silent.  “Today we are assassins,” he added flippantly, “and who’s to say we wouldn’t have ended up assassins if we’d been completed?  I’d have made a damn good assassin.”

“Yeah, you would,” Keyta told him, her eyes still on the entrance.  “So where are you then?”

“I’m not telling you!”

“Vee, we’ve worked together for as long as we’ve been like this; stop with games.  I cut my hair for you, God damn it!”

“Ooh, tense are we?” Vee asked, his wicked sense of humour piercing her ear.  “If you really must know, I’m three buildings along to the left of the conference halls.”  Keyta looked around, counting the buildings and finally finding him.  She grinned widely when her eyes landed on him.

“I can see you,” she sighed in child-like sing-song.  He was lying on a roof higher up than her and while any other human would have not been able to see him, Keyta could.  But then she spotted his rifle.  It was twice the size of hers.  “Hey!  Why is your rifle bigger than mine?!”

“Because I’m a man and you’re a silly little girl,” he told her matter-of-factly.

“And you’re clearly over-compensating.”

“Hell, we could leave right now and I’d prove you wrong, good and proper.”

“Tell you what, if you can make me human again, I’ll screw you ‘til you lose the feeling in your legs.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

Keyta opened her mouth but suddenly she saw the entrance doors began to open and she instantly dropped the games.

“Wait, Vee, I’ve got a visual,” she said unsmiling and serious.

“Which one is it?”  Keyta watched and waited.  Six figures proceeded in leaving the conference halls; four bulky men all in black, a young woman and a man in his forties. The man was grinning widely but the girl’s face was expressionless.  Keyta’s heart leapt in her chest.  She began to sweat but her internal systems quickly cooled her down.

Tannor,” she said, rather quietly.

Tannor?  Do you want me to deal with this?  You don’t have to, Keyta,”

“No,” Keyta snapped urgently.  “I can do this.  And leave Riva.  This can be a lesson for her.  I want Tannor; you mess with my body, I shoot you in the head.”

“I’ll bear that in mind.”

“Actually, Vee, how bout we both take him?  You know, surprise him from both sides?” Keyta asked as she lined up her sniper rifle and took careful aim of her target.

“Sounds like my kind of plan!” Vee answered with a grin.

“On the count of three…”

“Keyta, girl, quickly!”



“…Three,” they said simultaneously as the metallic finger of Keyta’s robotic hand tightened round the trigger, squeezing it and releasing the bullet from its dark prison.

Neither Rive nor any of Tannor’s four bodyguards had the chance to do anything as Professor Tannor was shot twice in the head from two different directions by two unseen assassins.

←- Heart of the Dragon: Teaser Trailer | As Couples Often Do -→

8 Sep 200545 Stuart Dool
What you mean I won't get a free limited edition copy signed by you?

10 Emma Kathryn replies: "How do you expect me to make any money if I keep giving copies away?!?!?! Sheesh!"
12 Sep 2005:-) Kazz Leer
Wow... That is truly the best Sci-fi short story I've read yet. Very good, can't wait for the full story.

1 Emma Kathryn replies: "Way hey! What a compliment! Thank you very much! Glad you liked it so much! Well it may be a while for the full story but if you read "Payment" it might keep you going for a little while and let you know what happened next. Enjoy...
Lotsaluv, Em"
23 Sep 2005:-) Jan Chlapowski Söderlund
Neat story! Simple, which was its charm (as I saw it). A nice snap-shot of someone's life. What about the rest of the world? How did they end up in their situation?

13 Emma Kathryn replies: "Aha...that is the question...how did they end up like that...well, I've got more in the pipeline so you'll see soon enough. "Payment" is the next part. Check it out, to keep you going! Thanks for reading!
Lotsaluv, Em"
2 Oct 200545 Half-Elven Princess
Waiting for more! Keep up the good work. If you ever publish your stuff i'm gonna go and buy it cause it's so good. =^.^=

11 Emma Kathryn replies: "Awwww, thank you! If I ever find someone stupid enough..I mean nice enough...to publish me I'll let you know!!! Payment is the next part of this, just for something to get your teeth into and I've got the beginning of the book ready to type up and put on...won't have to wait long! Thank you!!!
Lotsaluv, Em"
10 Oct 2005:-) Ryan Stringer
I've always liked sci-fi assassin stories, this was a great introduction to the characters. While my focus is mostly on writing the first book of Truestar's Flame (Which by the way I have heavily updated since you last read, including the elusive 'Part 3') I have had an idea floating around about a futuristic kind of espionage expert who provides the service of stealing valuable information from dangerous places. Anyway, very good!

26 Emma Kathryn replies: "Come on then, get those ideas down before you forget them!!! That's what I'm doing with this piece and "Payment" which goes along with it. I really want to write a full novel with Baku and Keyta but I want to finish "Heart of the Dragon" (my first novel) first so I'm doing all these little snippets (which may or may never appear in the book) while it's all still fermenting in my head. Thanks for commenting!
Lotsaluv, Em
I will get round to reading your stuff it's just that I've still got Catherine's updates to read and Bernadette has asked me to check over something for her so I WILL get round to it 1"
29 Jan 2006:-) Laura de Lange
He he he! Thanks for comment on my site, I thought I'd repay the favor! This is a lovely story! I like their characters and the whole idea. But, if they're half-robots or totally robots, how can they feel the sun? Anyway, loved it!

31 Emma Kathryn replies: "Ahhhhhh...all will become clear in time...but let me explain anyway (this novel has been started and is under severe development at the mo')...Baku and Keyta were experiments, each testing a different aspect that would go towards creating a super-soldier *points to Riva* for example, Keyta was the refined sight and the robotic arm to deal with heavy recoil while Baku...well Baku isn't so obvious yet...but if you want to check out "Escape From Hell" or "Payment" you'll learn more...
Thank you so much for reading! Baku and Keyta are two of my faves on my little shelf so they appreciate your comment *Baku and Keyta give an enthusiastic thumbs up*
Lotsaluv, Em"
18 Apr 2006:-) Timothy Pontious
Something about the ending brings the Zapruder film of JFK's last moments in Dallas to mind. I dunno why, exactly. =D

21 Emma Kathryn replies: "Erm...okay...I was just chuffed with this one because it was my first sci-fi piece! If you liked this one, please check out "Escape From Hell" or "Payment"
Thanks for reading!!!
Lotsaluv, Em"
11 Nov 2006:-) Annie Harrington
Mmm. . . I like Baku and Keyta a lot now. But I have to wonder how much they must have gone through to be what they are now, just looking back on the Escape from Hell Story.

Who is this Tannor dude, and why do they kill 'im? And Riva. . . hmm. . . I have a feeling they don't like her that much, either. Heh heh.

Very cool. I like your style of writing, and the characters, as I've said, are awesome.

3 Emma Kathryn replies: "Eeek, it's so nice to have someone get into the story! I haven't done any writing in ages and I feel quite inspired to do a Baku/Keyta piece now...I've done the first chapter of the actual novel but I'm not too sure about it...I'll stick it up here sometime + let you know. Maybe you could critique it for me? If you don't mind, that is...
As for your questions...all shall be revealed in time...mwahahahahahahaha!
Lotsluv, Em"
30 Dec 2007:-) Samantha E Fortie
Well I've stopped by and read your story. Well I got to say that its pretty good and I hope to read more about these two. I also wonder what happened to these two to put them in the situation that they are now in.

1 Emma Kathryn replies: "Thank you very much for stopping by and also for the lovely comment. If you're looking for more, both "Payment" and "Escape From Hell" feature Vee and Keyta. I keep threatening to write more but never get round to it.
Thanks again!
Lotsaluv, Em"
8 Jan 2008:-) Stephanie Rennolds
*prods* Tease. This is wonderful!

22 Emma Kathryn replies: "Teehee, can't say I tried to be!
Lotsaluv, Em"
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 • Created by: :-) Emma Kathryn
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 • Keywords: Friends, Scientifically-altered, Two
 • Categories: Robots, Androids, Humanoid Warmachines
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