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Emma Kathryn

"Warrior´s Playroom" by Emma Kathryn

SciFi/Fantasy text 36 out of 36 by Emma Kathryn.      ←Previous - Next→
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I love this piece, really I do. These charcters kick ass and so do the weapons in this! I had sooooo much fun doing this!
I've got this sequence in Dragon with Vahro and Braemir training but the get more and more aggressive and angry. But I just couldn't write it, I kept getting stuck so I decided to do a little test training piece and this came out. Unfortunately instead of being angry it became a little bit...erm...steamy...
Note: it will not be like this in Dragon!!! It's two guys fighting in Dragon!!! I just got carried away here!!!
Recommended Listening: Fine Again by Seether - great song check it out!
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←- Weight of the Wardkeeper | Heart of the Dragon: Teaser Trailer -→

Warrior’s Playroom

Emma Kathryn


Virgil had his hands over Tytia’s eyes as he led her through his studio apartment and they both laughed happily even as they tripped and stumbled over various objects.  They finally reached the room Virgil wanted her to see and he struggled the door open while still trying to block her vision.

             “Eyes shut!” he ordered with a laughed as they bundled into the room.

            “They are shut!” she shrieked as she clung to him tightly, trying hard not to fall over.  The motion sensors tripped the lights and a gentle glow warmed Tytia as Virgil finally came to a stop.

            “Ready?” he asked her with a grin.

“Ready,” she replied with a nod, bubbling over with excitement as Virgil slid his hands away from her eyes and brought them down to her shoulders, brushing past her mahogany hair.  Her eyelids flickered open and her jaw instantly dropped as she gazed around what she quickly realised was his training room.

Broadswords, samurai blades, daggers, Sais, staffs, knives, scythes…This was utterly amazing.  She could not believe what she was seeing.  There was some seriously vintage weaponry in here; some must have gone out of production centuries ago, maybe even millennia!

Tytia had only the modern guns that the Academy used.  Stupid plasma or ion guns.  She hated guns altogether – they were a coward’s weapons – but the Academy only supplied or trained their soldiers with firearms.

“You like?” Virgil asked as he watched her closely.

“I love,” she told him dreamily.  “They’re all so beautiful.”

“I know you keep moaning that you have no variety in the Academy so I give you variety,” he said as he gestured towards the weapons and the walls they hung from.  She stood in silent awe, gazing wide-eyed.  “Well, go on, pick something!” he old her with a nod.

“Really?” she asked in disbelief.

“Of course.”

Tytia walked slowly around the room, examining the weapons with hungry eyes; the shining glaze of wooden handles and the winking metal of countless blades all glimmering back at her.  Virgil followed her closely, smiling quietly to himself.  Her hand hovered over a sai; the small three-pronged knife seemed to be calling out to her.  But suddenly something else seemed to be whispering her name and she turned to see a beautiful Chinese staff, decorated black and crimson.  She grinned as she lifted it down and took it in her hands.  It was quite heavy; not so much so to render it unmanageable but still enough to do damage.

Virgil reached past her to take one for himself and, for that split second when his body was so close to hers, Tytia’s heart leapt in her chest.  He selected a wooden staff engraved with Celtic markings then stood before Tytia.

“Ready?” he asked with a wide grin.

“Always am,” came her ambiguous reply along with a wink.

 “Now I know that you soldiers get some pretty severe training so no holding back, you hear?”

“Oh don’t worry, I won’t.”

The moment the words had left her mouth, she lunged forward at Virgil with the staff, forcing him to spin his in order to knock hers and send it upwards.  She quickly changed her grip, grabbing the top, holding it with both hands to block the attacks he rained down on her with.  She countered every one and laughed as the pace quickened.  His grip was the same as hers, leaving a large open space in the centre of the staff.  She seized her opportunity and freed a high kick, catching the very centre of his staff with her foot, ripping it from his hands and sending it flying through the air, over her head and falling to the ground behind her with a clatter.  He looked down at his empty hands but had to duck quickly as she released her hand from the bottom of the staff and let it swipe for his head.  He dropped to the ground to avoid her attack and immediately swung his leg round, catching her ankle and bringing her to the floor with a thud.  He lunged over her, grabbing her staff and getting to his feet before instantly driving the staff down towards her chest.  She rolled away; dodging his shot, then leapt to her feet and snatched two sais from the wall.  She spun them in her hands and gave Vigil a wink.  He grinned as he tried to catch his breath.  They were both in the same state; heart pounding, breath lost, sweat pouring.

Virgil threw his staff aside and turned to her.

“Oh so that’s how we want to play it now?” he gasped as he gazed at her.  She breathed deeply, her breast rising and falling as she stood, gripping the weapon so that the three prongs jutted out between her fingers, like claws.  She nodded breathlessly and took a step away from the wall, granting him the opportunity to select his weapons.  He took two identical sais and returned his attention to her.

They encircled one another for a few moments.  Tension building, hearts racing, not a sound but their breathing which was no in unison.

It was Virgil who made the first strike but Tytia countered every blow with a ringing clash of metal.  One, two, three…Hit after hit after hit.  They began to get faster.  Their timing was perfect to the extent that it couldn’t have been more synchronised if they had rehearsed it.  That it, until Virgil lunged forward and made a swipe for Tytia’s torso.  She leapt back but the blade caught her royal blue Academy uniform, creating a slash clean across and revealing her toned stomach.  She gazed down; surveying the damage then looked back to Virgil with raised eyebrows.

“Oh you’re going to pay for that,” she laughed between breaths.

“Really?  And, here, I thought that you were the one trying to rip my clothes to shreds.”

“I am but this is regulation Academy uniform,” she replied flirtatiously.

She surged forward, instantly clashing blades with him.  They fought wildly and passionately; body temperatures soaring, windows steaming over, sweat forcing clothing to cling to flesh.  And breathing only deepened as their weapons became locked, binding them, each with a blade locked above their heads and the other at about waist level.  They both panted and gasped, gazing at one another longingly, lips parted, getting closer and closer before…

Be-be-beep!  Be-be-beep!

Tytia jumped as her pager began to beep and buzz in her pocket.  Virgil exhaled deeply and turned away while Tytia checked her device.

“I have to…”

“Go.  I know,” he finished her sentence as he replaced the blades.  Tytia approached him quietly and held out the weapons she had been using.  He glanced at her.  She looked pissed off, upset and embarrassed all at the same time.  She stared at the sais in her hands, unable to look into his wonderful eyes for fear of seeing pain filling them.  “Keep them,” he told her, referring to the blades in her hands.

“What?” her eyes shot up in surprise.

“Keep them,” Virgil repeated.

“Virgil, I can’t…”

“Yes, you can.  Look when warriors find the weapon that was made for them, they must hold on to it tightly, treasure it and never let go.”  She gazed longingly into his perfect face.  Oh why, oh why was something so beautifully clear and simple so clouded with complications?!

“Thank you,” she whispered with a smile.

“Don’t mention it, now you better go before they send out a search party.  God knows, they’ve probably already bugged you.”

Tytia walked across the room as Virgil picked up the discarded staffs.  She hesitated at the door, stopping for a moment.

“Virgil…” she began.  He turned to her.


“I…I…”  Suddenly her confidence drained and she stammered.  “Nothing, I just…Thank you.”  She quickly turned before she said anything more stupid and left.

Once again, Virgil was cold and alone in his empty apartment, suppressing too many emotions to count.

←- Weight of the Wardkeeper | Heart of the Dragon: Teaser Trailer -→

15 Sep 2005:-) Kelley (Pryro) Nicol
hi-hi! i loved it but wasn't control up first hmm now i'm confussed but i love these two! lol!
Kelley Marie

9 Emma Kathryn replies: "Yeah control was before this because I wasn't planning more of it but the idea just came to me and I needed some training pratice anyway. I'm hoping to some more with these two so keep watching! Thanks for reading!
Lotsaluv, Em"
19 Sep 200545 Stuart Dool
Okay finally I can make my comment about this piece simce I was not allowed to say what I wanted to say although you said it many a times on this forum this story totally is what you said it was when you introduced it. You have really brought to life the characters and they are developing nicely. You really brought the excitemnt of this piece to life as well it was really adrenaline pumping and well written.

Keep it up Emma

12 Emma Kathryn replies: "Lol, it took a while Stuart but here you are!!! Way hey! Glad you liked, this was actually quite an easy piece to write because, as you said, once the adrenaline going, it's quite difficult to stop (oo-er!). It was great fun to write and I'm glad you liked, I'll have to let you hear that Seether song that goes with it. Thanks Stuart!
Lotsaluv, Em
By the way, I think the word you were meaning to say was...
14 Oct 2005:-) Ryan Stringer
Not only do I love cyborgs and assassins, but also ninjas. (Real Ultimate Power, anyone?). These two characters are great too, and the frustrated romance/slice&dice action was a nice touch. Would be interesting to see a little more background on these two - keep it up, Em!

45 Emma Kathryn replies: "I'm currently working on seperate pieces for both characters to get a little insight into them both. I might also do the first encounter between the pair for you all too. Thanks for reading and am glad you liked. Yeah, my favourite bit to do here was when Virgil slashed her top...tee hee hee...he's a right cheeky one is our Virgil!
Lotsaluv, Em"
21 Dec 200545 April
Hiya Ems, loved your story, very enjoyable! i hope you will write more about them as i wanna no what happens between them...!!!plz!!!

11 Emma Kathryn replies: "Awwwww April, thank you very much...I may have been in the room while you wrote this but it is much appreciated and I intend to write a lot more of these two over the hols so it shouldn't be too long before you see more of them.
Thanks for reading!!!!
Lotsaluv, Em"
27 Apr 2006:-) Dieter 'WakeAngel' Janssens
What else is there to say as what has been said before? I completely agree with the comments already given. It's a great piece of art, never let anyone tell you different. You even managed to bring fantasy into science-fiction. Well, we all know how close that gap is. I really like this, why can't I make such good things =(

22 Emma Kathryn replies: "What, you do fantastic stuff, I've read your stuff!!! You're good!
I had GREAT fun writing this...didn't know I could write fight scenes but it was a great laugh...you have to chech out the song that goes with it too..."Fine Again" by Seether...very funky.
If you liked this, you might also like "Control" as it's about the same characters.
Thanks for reading, I tried really hard with this, it's nice to know it's appreciated!
Lotsaluv, Em"
25 Sep 200645 Andy Bain
I really enjoyed this. The characters were quite likeable, and I finished it thinking where's the next chapter!?


1 Emma Kathryn replies: "Heyhey, thanks for reading and I'm very very glad you liked! I'm really chuffed with this story myself so it's nice to see that it still gets comments!
As for more...well if you're interested my piece "Control" is about the same characters.
Thanks for your time...love your stuff by the way!
Lotsaluv, Em"
23 Oct 200645 Tamsin S Scholz
Wow! I like, I like! Reminds me of the tv series that you see, one of them always has to leave..... very nice. I love your work!

1 Emma Kathryn replies: "Eeeek! A fan, I'm flattered, lol! If you liked this one, check out "control" as it's about the same characters. I actually wrote control first, I only did this because people were asking for more of these two characters!
Thanks for reading and again, I'm flattered!
Lotsaluv, Em"
19 Aug 2007:-) Robin Hersom
Nice, fast-paced piece. I can't help but feel that the plural of sai is the same as the singular, because my dad trained with them a few years ago, but I may be wrong.

22 Emma Kathryn replies: "Ooooh, thanks for the pointer! Will get that fixed ASAP!!! Excuse my ignorance.
Lotsaluv, Em"
27 Feb 2009:-) Hazel Xoriah Green
Wow! This is an AMAZING story! And I agree completely with Tytia: Guns are a coward’s weapon! Honestly; If I was attacked by something, I’d rather die than defend myself with a gun. Hand to hand combat is the only way for me.

:-) Emma Kathryn replies: "Thank you very much! Wow, I wrote this so long ago! Keep meaning to tidy it up and redraft it. But thanks for reading!

Lotsaluv, Em"
4 Jul 2010:-) Lena Bazhenova
Gotta love the action =)
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'Warrior's Playroom':
 • Created by: :-) Emma Kathryn
 • Copyright: ©Emma Kathryn. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Gets, Heated, Little, Training
 • Categories: Fights, Duels, Battles, Warrior, Fighter, Mercenary, Knights, Paladins
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