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Shelley Hobbs

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Shelley Hobbs

Shelley hasn't written any short description yet...

Close up of Lynda
Danae the Rose Elf
Guardian Angel
Jade fairy
More Goth Fairies
My little Fairy
Pretty fairy
Serene fairy
Spring Fairy
Winter Fairy

11 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Ha! You arent so drab in the humor department either. It is funny but there are so many chicks that say..."Why cant I find a guy who is always funny and makes me laugh all the time?" Well I am here to tell yout that that is only true for about the first three days then they are sick of it and want to know "Why cant you ever be serious????" I cant win, I cant break even and hell....I cant even quit the game! O.o!!!!!

:-) Shelley Hobbs replies: "No you can never win there’s just no pleasing some people...and I’m sure you could be serious when you had to be. Let me tell you it makes a welcome change from the misery guts my husband has been the last few weeks. I swear I’d trade him in for a new model if it wasn’t so much work training and breaking in a new one "
12 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
’Trade him in’ Ha!!!! You make him sound like an old car that gives you nothing but trouble so you paint a lemon ion it and pawn him off!!!! Lol!!!! You are so not right!!! I guess that is why we get along so well, eh?? O.o!!!!!

:-) Shelley Hobbs replies: "ha ha ha Pawn him off!!!!!!...I don’t think I could even get rid of him "free to a good home" the way he’s been lately. I swear men must get PMS too but his has lasted a few weeks *groan* It’s doing my head in 8
and yeah we both have a twisted humor hey 12"
14 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
’Twisted humor’ You dont know the half of it!!!! My humor is sooooo twisted, it makes that of a pretzel jealous!!! O.o!!! Sorry I havent made the time to write back, but my band has had me on the go with writing new songs. We need to get enough new material to make a whole set. There is actually a guy that is interested in our ’sound’ so we really want to do a good job for the potential fan base. I will get something to you by monday for sure!!!

:-) Shelley Hobbs replies: "No worries. BEST OF LUCK with getting those songs out!!!!! Exciting stuff for you guys!"
14 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Oh, by the way...True story...I had an old fridge that I was wanting to get rid of because I was moving and wanted a newer one with ice maker. I had it out in the yard with a sign that said "free to good home" and it stayed there for over two weeks. I then put a sign on it that said "50 bucks or best offer" and the next morning it was gone!!!! O.o!!!

:-) Shelley Hobbs replies: "Unreal! I guess if something is given away for free people think "ok whats wrong with it?" "
14 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Holy cow!!!!! Uh, well, only in India!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! dont know. Just checking back with folks IO have checked in with already, and what do I see...This is great!!!!!!
14 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
I thought so too. I also had a friend that had a pick up truck. Keep in mind that this took place around Chrismas. He had taken all of his household garbage and wrapped it up like pressents. He drove around to several shopping malls and when he got back to his truck, someone had stolen them out of the back!!! Lol!!!! I have some strange frieds, eh? Birds of a feather!!! ’squawk’

:-) Shelley Hobbs replies: "Ha ha ha ha ha I would have LOVED to have seen the look on the faces of the buggers who stole it. Would have been priceless!!!!!!!!!!"
16 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Hey, lady!!! Looks like tomorrow will be another fun filled day with working on band original stuff!!!! This is really waering me out to say the least. I dont get on here as much as I would like or even have time for artwork, but hopefuly that will change in teh next two weeks. We will have our whole set of new material and then all we need do is practice!!1 Woot!!!

:-) Shelley Hobbs replies: "Hey kind Sir 12 I know the feeling. I dont get nearly as much creative work in as I would like...but then you’re being creative with the music.
Hey it could be more than 2 weeks you know. If you make it you wont have ANY time to get on here...what will happen to the Coalition of the Woods then? 8 hehe"
20 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Ha! I dont think that will ever be the case! I enjoy chatting with everyone here too much to quit ’cold turkey’ !!! I cant stay away from here. I dont have much time for the site now, but I sure do like it so I have to forgo sleep sometimkes, but again I say it is worth it!!! I can sleep when I am dead!!! Lol!!!

:-) Shelley Hobbs replies: "Ooooooh I love that song....Until I’m six feet under baby I don’t need a bed.. gonna live while I’m alive.. I’ll sleep when I’m dead 1 BonJovi rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How’s the song’s coming along?? "
21 Jun 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Well, it looks as though i might have something to send to you by the end of next week. We are working on one that has an ’Alice in Chains’ feel to it so we should be finished with that one by Wednesday! Speaking of which, how is that doll coming along. I know you said something about working on one, eh?

:-) Shelley Hobbs replies: "She’s coming along great thanks 1 FIG JAM 12 hahaha can’t wait to hear your new stuff"
1 Jul 201045 Zombiegunslinger
Vive the Coalition!! It’s still me, I’m still alive just no longer an Elfwoodian. I now reside at www.zombiegunslinger.blogspot.com. I only have one post up so far, but you’re probably used to that by now. Wander by sometime if you care to and we’ll jaw jabber like we used to in this neck of the Woods. In the meantime I can still be reached at bill.pardy@yahoo.com
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