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Anya ´Guimza´ Kholodova

SciFi & Fantasy Fanart by Anya ´Guimza´ Kholodova

Anya lives in the colorful world.

chibi Ginko
Creepy Couple
Creepy Couple II
Ginko - Yume
Ginko the Mushishi
Ginko the Mushishi - closeup
Ginko's journey
Have a ... day!:)
Howl - monster form
Howl-monster form- Close-Up
Mishishi - Midori No Za

16 Apr 200445 Naia
I think that your pictures on Drizzt are great but, no offense though i don't think that a drow's lips would be pink. Anyways the "One Step picture you did is hilarious.

11 Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova replies: "Thank you very much for visiting and commenting! Heh, I know that most of the commenters find pink lips of my drow weird, but still I like to make them pale pink when it fits to the color scheme of a picture Ė I just like how pink goes with gray of drow skin... 2"
20 Sep 2004:-) R. 'Rhia' Brown
Hi Anya! I'm FINALLY published on here! So, if you'd like to look at my work, you can. or if you don't want to, you don't have to. just thought I'd let you know. (You can delete this comment if you'd like to, I'm just letting you know... *is excited*)

2 Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova replies: "Congratulations, Rhia! Itís a great news!2 Your gallery looks like a great beginning, so keep the pictures coming!
And donít forget to put your Drizzt picture there! Believe me, you donít need a fan art gallery for it, heís a book character=> he could be in your SF&F gallery. At least you can always give it a try.
Ok, hope to see your new artwork soon; please let me know about your updates!"
28 Oct 2005:-) Yana P. Vaseva
Nice portrait you've got there! Wasn't this the photo that was on your SF&F art page?

11 Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova replies: "Thank you very much! No, this picture is not a photomanipulation with my SF&F bio pic. This one is a couple of years younger then the other one, though it's also a Halloween picture: there was a huge pumpkin before I turned it to the skull 2) Actually, because it's so old I am changing it to a new one... as soon, as my FQ ticket will be proceeded, and with the current situation with the FQ mods it may take forever8"
11 Apr 200645 Anoriel from Poland
Hi there!

Your Polish greetings sounded very good ;-)
Yeah,I know the artist Methilde Bouma and I had visited her gallery couple times before she were not in Elfwood any longer.Her piccies of Legorlando were so hot and when I saw them my jaw were almost fallen down to the floor^_____^.

Oh,I forgot something!I had a very crazy dream last night.I dreamt that I was making love with Craig Parker(Haldir from LOTR) and then I don't remember the last thing before I woke up.
Gee,I think that Haldir is now my another elf-guy of my dream 2)))

1 Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova replies: "††Oh my, you do love LOTR the movie elves, don't you?12) Haldir, hmmm... heh, you can have him, not my type either2 And FIGWIT too2)
If I had to pick a LOTR the movie character, I'd choose Boromir Seriously!†2 Legolas would be the second choice2))"
16 Apr 200645 Anoriel from Poland
Boromir,I like him too.He's most hot Gondorian guy I fell in love with.But I do not forget about Gabriel Burrafato and of course Bollywood guys,Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan I saw them in "Kabhi Kushi Khabi Gham",but at least this last guy has nice muscled delicious body.
When you'll find his half-naked picture,it'll makes that your jaw can fall down to the floor.
But Khan and Roshan are as fine as Mr.Bloom ;-)

12 Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova replies: "Hey, you have intrigued me with this indian movie, so I took a look... Well, mr. Hrithik Roshan looks very handsome, but for me the most interesting part of him is not his physique (which is quite nice, I have to agree12 but the unusual color of his eyes. As for mr. Shahrukh Khan... as nice-looking as he is, you can have him, I think that I am just addicted to more european face types2)"
20 Apr 200645 Anoriel from Poland
I'm so sorry that I'm intrigued you with those Indian movies,but I just want to say that Boromir is also nice hot Gondorian guy.

Sorry again...

2 Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova replies: "No need to be sorry, it was fun to learn a bit about those nice-looking Indian actors2
Boromir rules2... I like the actor, Sean Bean... he always plays charismatic bad guys...2)
Hey Anoriel, I have an update in my SF&F gallery, come take a look at the new stuff!2"
15 Jun 200645 Anoriel from Poland
Elizabeth Swann is right.The corset hurt...

51 Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova replies: "He-he, I am actually thinking of buying one of those medieval wench style corsets, they look so cool 2) If I will, I'll tell you how is it to wear one 2))"
15 Jun 200645 Anoriel from Poland
I had terrible dream last night.I dreamt that my mom has brought a satin corset and she put me on this and started to lace so tightly so I couldn't breath.
Thought that no woman is not wearing corset in modern time anymore,the corsets will still very fashion and that could kill some woman12

3 Anya 'Guimza' Kholodova replies: "hi Anoriel, sorry for the late reply8 Well, I guess you were lying in some uncomfortable position that night, therefore the corset dream. But in fact I have to disagree about wearing the corsets - I think that they were elegant and serve the purpose... Just look at the graceful postures of those ladies on the old portraits!2But of course one should use her brain in following the fashion statements, the idea of wearing something like this - well, of wearing of the much clothing in general in Carribbean is kind of... not wise2)"
30 Nov 200845 Hellraiser(Belgium)
hi,ANYA!!!i don’t know if you’re still there,but for years,i am a real fan of the adventures of DRIZZT,role playing game,LOTR,XENA,sci fi and fantasy!kisses and greetings from Belgium!!!
3 Dec 2009:-) Sky van N
nice art, keep it up 2
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