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T A O Crauford

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by T A O Crauford

T A O likes putting skeletons back together.

Center of the Universe
Chinese Dragon on Peacock Feather
Crab-Toed Unicorn
Crested Starwing
Deaffae Biology
Elf's Gem Hummingflit
Emerald-Crested Hummingflit
Equavus - Muscles
Equavus - Skeleton
Ivory-Toothed Hummingflit
Lycothylacinus potens pack
Reclining Alshk
Shamm + Ramiur - Feather Painting
Unicorn Herd

11 Jan 2009:-) L. A.A. Hodgins
Good start to the gallery, though I’m sort of puzzled as to why the ragnoki skeleton and muscles aren’t up here. Do you have intentions of posting them, or are they our special little secret?

58 T A O Crauford replies: "I do intend to post them, but first I want to write a description, which my dA submissions of them are lacking. I also want to get the shakuson skeleton and muscles up, but am stalling because I’m lazy."
19 Feb 2009:-) David Anthony Chenoweth
after looking at your gallery I am truly impressed and glad to see another soul like mine... though that may very well be saying too much on my part... I joined Elfwood but a few weeks ago and like you has a like of Science, fantasy, and everything inbetween. I purely for my own enjoyment created an alein world Called Varian III with all my own animal and plant life. Their nothing special really, I have over the years done everything I can to make the world as realistic as possable. It’s based upon earth to make things easier to create so yes I’m lazy, but the things I make I enjoy at least... I have art waiting to be put up, sofar i hae no gallery because it’s taking a looooong time to get them approved... any way, the point I was wanting to make is tha I truly enjoyed your work, it is very good. Keep up the good work and maybe see you on the flip side.
3 Jun 2009:-) David Anthony Chenoweth
Thank you for commenting on my pic the Jet fish! It honors me that you would do so! That an artist with your talent would do so makes me proud. 1 if you have any tips for me I would truly appreciate it!

11 T A O Crauford replies: "You praise me too highly! <3 If there’s any help I can give you, I’ll be sure to do so. Although when designing your own world, there’s really very little that other people can tell you. I can give suggestions regarding anatomy, ecological things to consider and some minor tips on plate tectonics, but in the end, it’s up to you."
17 Jun 2009:-) David Anthony Chenoweth
Ah but any insight I can glean from other is a help nonetheless! It’s always nice to have another persons perspective on things, and yours I feel would only help me farther in my pursuit of better art and ideas! 1 anyway, how have ya been?
4 May 2011:-) David Anthony Chenoweth
Hey there TAO! I wanted to respond to your comment on my carnivorous plants. Thank you for your interest, it’s been far too long since I’ve really done much with them. I have a lot more new pics on deviantart, I just haven’t been able to load up most of them here. My idea with the carnivorous plants from my world was that the plants there are under extreme pressure from each other, the animals around them, and of course the very environment they live in. Many of these carnivorous plants evolved in what is called the Forest of Night. I’m sure you can guess that this forest is exceedingly dark. This is due the Tower Trees which grow as the name implies to immense heights. On the forest floor there is almost no sun light at all, and this has prompted many plants to either grow in the branches openly in the sun, as parasites on the very trees that shade them, or as carnivorous plants which feed upon the vast number of denizens of the forest floor. Others have adapted to the deserts where they feed mostly on the water hidden within the bodies of their prey.What’s sad is one of the plants the "Death Star" is one such plant, i made it well before I saw "The Future is Wild", where they had a plant very similar to what I made... AHHHH well you’ll have that I guess... hey take a look at my sight on DA and tell me what you think? i’m swordsaint001 there. 1
19 Sep 2012:-) Bruno de Coninck
Thanks for the fav and comment! ;-)
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