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Gabriel Jonathon Duden

"The Lost City of Kwei-Lon (Work in Progress)" by Gabriel Jonathon Duden

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 4 by Gabriel Jonathon Duden.      ←Previous - Next→
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Coron is on a ship attacked by pirates, him and Garith survive and end up on an uncharted island. They learn of a great treasure there and try to find it.

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The waves lapped lazily at the bow of the large merchant ship, rocking it gently back and forth in the mid-afternoon sun. It was a balmy summer day and most of the crew lazed around the ship soaking in the sunshine and letting the wind do most of the work for them. One crew member leaned on the railing of the ship looking out to the horizon. He was of an average height and well muscled. He wore his shoulder length brown hair tied back back with a leather thong. The man wore a broad sword, strapped to his bare back. He stood at the railing, studying the horizon as the ship continued its journey.

Suddenly from somewhere behind him, the man heard a suprised shout, then there was commotion all about the deck of the ship. He spun around to see what was happening when the captain came up to him.

"Alright Coron, time to see if your as good as you claim! We got pirates comeing up on us and they're moving in quick!" The captain ran off to rally more of the crew and Coron stood there a moment, observing everybody. Then he reached back and slid his sword free from its scabbard and readied himself for battle. There had been rumors of pirate activity around the islands but Coron had not expected an attack so soon. They had only been three days out to sea. The rest of the crew had thier own weapons ready now and were waiting for the pirate ship to close in. The pirate vessel slammed into the merchant ship hard, wood giving way to wood with a sharp crack. Splinters flew in all directions showering the crew as the main mast cracked and toppled over in a mess of rigging and sail. Most of the crew scattered out from under it but a few were pinned under, dead. The Pirates leapt aboard the merchant ship with yells and warcries cutting down half the crew before they could recover from the initial collision. Coron, with a mighty roar leapt into the thick of the fight, his blade moving this way and that, cutting through the pirates in a bloody swathe. The pirates fell back in dismay at the sight of the frenzied warrior as he cut down thier brethren, then with a savage ferocity fell on the man as a hungry wolf would a sheep. Coron felt the bite of many blades but it was not enough to severely damage the mighty warrior. He continued to cleave through the pirates until there were more then twenty corpses lying at his feet. Just then an explosion ripped through the ship off to Coron's side and pirates went flying in all directions. The explosion caught many of the pirates battling Coron, off guard and it gave Coron enough time to see what had caused it. By the Cabin of the ship was another warrior, bodies of pirates littered the ground around him. He fought with a more graceful finnesse then Coron did, his longsword dancing through the air, piercing and slashing pirates. This warrior was dressed in a suit of light leather armor, which offered him protection but did not impede his movement. His dance of death did not stop with his steel however, with his other hand he weaved ancient arcane symbols in the air which erupted in flame and lighting, searing and burning more pirates, sending them to thier graves. He damage he caused with his magic and steel was equally as devistating as what Coron dealt. Together, the two of them slaughtered fifty or more pirates but they were the only two left and time was against them because the merchant vessel was sinking and the pirates began their retreat with most of the goods that had been on board. Coron made his way to the railing, cutting through any pirates that got in his way, and dove over board. The other warrior, with a wave of his hand, sent a tide of lighting out, ripping through the remaining pirates between him and the railing and follow Coron over the edge into the cool ocean water.

The merchant ship had been just off the coast of an unknown island, and the two swam for it. It wasn't long before the reached the sandy beach of the island and both warriors collapsed on there backs in the warm sand. After a few moments Coron sat up and watched as the pirate ship sailed off around the island and out of sight then he turned to study his fellow crewmate. The spell-sword was a few inches shorter then Coron, and was slight of build. His ebony hair was cut short to his head. He had a proud bearing to his manner and Coron could tell this was a good man. Coron studied him a moment more, as he lay there catching his breath, before making his introduction.

"You fight well, even if you do use magic. I am Coron."

The man opened his eyes and studied Coron for a moment before replying.

"My name is Garith, I am a Spell-sword as was my father. Magic and steel can be a deadly combination as you saw, but i noticed too the manner in which you spilled the blood of those mangy sea dogs and am equally impressed with your prowess." Garith stood up then held out his arm. Coron stood too and clasped the others arm in friendly greeting. "I suppose now the order of business is to determine where we are."

Coron studied their surroundings for a moment before answering.

"I know most of the charts of this area and never have I seen mention of an island here. We had best find a suitable spot to camp before night comes. Who knows what manner of beast may inhabit this island." Coron started to walk around the parimeter of the island, heading in the direction that he saw the pirate ship go. Garith stood there a moment before following Coron.

"We might do well to stick together. I'm sure between the two of us we can handle any beast that might happen to come our way."

The two continued thier march around the island, searching for a suitable spot to make camp. It was'nt until three hours into the trek that they came across the pirate ship, anchored in a bay on the island. There on the beach the remaining pirates had set up camp and were busy going through all their ill gotten goods. Coron and Garith both dove into the brush so as not to be detected. At that time one pirate walked off the ship with a simple wooden chest, that had a strange symbol carved on the top. Garith gave a start as he realized it was his chest.

"That chest contains many of my belongings, we would do well to retrieve it. I had thought it would be lost to the depths of the ocean."

Coron eyed the spell-sword for a moment then turned his gaze back to the pirate with the chest. He was now trying to open it, but try as he might nothing would work. The chest had a protective spell cast on it and none but its owner could open it. Frustrated the pirate threw the chest to the side and went for one of the tents set up on the beach. Coron had been deciding on a course of action and finally, satisfied, he turned to Garith again. "We attack tonight. There can't be more the fourty pirates left. We wait till the bastards are drunk and tired then we rush the camp. You use your magic to set anything ablaze that will burn and the rest we shall cut down!" Garith looked at Coron then a small smirk escaped his lips.

"I can only use my magic for a limited amount of time before it drains me completely. We will have to hit them fast and hard."

"Then we shall let my steel do the rest!" Coron exclaimed.

For the remainder of the day the two sat, concealed in the brush, watching the activity in the camp below. As dusky began to close in on the day the pirates in the camp began to set up camp fires and began cooking the evening meals. Soon the smell of roasted meats drifted up to the two doing nothing to help thier empty bellys. Soon the sound of merrymaking could be heard from the camp and snatches of music being played, drifted up from different camp sites on the beach. Coron leaned over and whispered to Garith "The spirits will be flowing now! Won't be long before the whole camp is in a drunken stupor and we can make our move."

Another couple hours passed by, the sky was dark and the moon was no, casting no light to give away the two as they stole down to the beach. Coron silently dispatched the two sentries set up at the perimeter of the camp. They stopped just outside of the light cast by the first of the camp fires, where Coron looked at Garith meaningfully. Garith knew what to do. He closed his eyes for a moment and drew upon the arcane forces at his command, channeling them through his body and lashing out with such a ferocity that it even stunned Coron for a moment. Fire erupted through the camp, setting tents ablaze and scattering the drunken pirates. Coron unsheathed his broad sword and charged into the camp, cleaving pirates in two as they stumbled around, trying to figure out what was going on. Garith followed behind Coron, lashing out with his magic, sending lighting tearing through tents, and fire engulfing whole groups of pirates. Twenty lay dead in the initial onslaught and the rest were panicking, running in all directions, scrambling for thier weapons, sure that they were under attack by the very devils of the abyss itself. Garith was beginning to tire from the strain the magic puts on ones body and with on last great effort he sent a wave of fire into the largest grouping of tents. The spell-sword then retreated back to safety, his energy completely spent. Coron continued to cut his way through the camp, slaying ten more pirates. Another six were all that was left, they stood eyeing the killing machine before them with fear not sure whether to attack or run. It was at this time that the captain of the pirate crew emerged from the ship and came swaggering into the camp. Coron studied this new threat with interest. The captain was easily one of the biggest men that Coron had ever seen, standing at least two feet taller then him. He was a bear of a man, well muscled but for his gut which betrayed the captains obvious drinking habits. He wore only a loin cloth and sandals, the rest of his body covered in thick dark hair. By all the rights the man could be a bear. His face was almost completely obscured by his large, unkempt beard and his shaggy black mane of hair that hung around his face. He carried with him a great scimitar, easily as big as Coron himself and wielded the oversized weapon with skill and effiecency that only a man of his size could muster. Coron knew that this would be a difficult fight indeed. The pirate captain barked at the warrior in gruff tones.

"How dare you come into my camp, and kill my men! Your guts will hang from my blade before the night is over!"

Coron readied himself for the fight. "I will not be the one to fall tonight dog! Come throw yourself on my steel and be done with it!"

The pirate captain gave a deep, mighty roar and charged at Coron, his great sandaled feet kicking up sand as he went. Coron meet the captains yell with one of his own and charged. Coron closed the last couple feet between the two with a mighty leap, bringing his sword up high and swinging down hard, the captain brought up his own weapon and easily blocked the attack. Coron landed on his feet and readied himself for another attack, but the captain dispite his great girth was faster. He swung his great scimitar around, aiming to slice Coron in two but he brought his own weapon around and meet the scimitars blade with an almost bone shattering force. The blow sent Coron flying and he hit the ground hard. The pirate captain guffawed loudly at the sight of Coron on the ground then started for him. The remaining crew members gave a great cheer at what they thought was a sure victory for their captain. Coron leapt back to his feet and swung low at the captain trying to catch him off guard. The attack worked and Coron's sword bit deep into the captains leg. Coron wrenched his sword free and the captain gave a great roar as he staggered to his knee. Coron aimed another blow for the captains head, but the captain again brought up his scimitar to deflect the killing blow. Coron continued to rain blow after blow at the captain, but each time the captain deflected the attacks, still down on one knee. Coron brought his sword up for another blow when the captain lashed out with his meaty fist, catching Coron square in the jaw and sending him sprawling once again into the sand. The captain staggered to his feet, blood pouring freely down his leg. He ignored the pain as he turned to Coron who was still lying on the ground dazed. He kicked Coron hard in the side sending him flying a few feet then started walking towards him, ignoring the pain in his leg. Coron pulled himself up to his feet and wiped the blood from his mouth. The captain brought his scimitar up high, intending to end the fight quickly now, he brought it down as hard as he could, Coron dodged to the side and as the captain was bringing his sword up for another attack, Coron leapt and swung hard, this time his blade bit deep into flesh and bone. The pirate captain gasped in agony as his scimitar fell from his nerveless hand and embedded itself in the sand blade up. Coron had sliced almost all the way through his arm at the elbow and blood spurted from the open wound. Coron stepped back, his sword still embedded in the great giant captains arm. Pure hatred stole over the captains face and he reached over with his good hand and wrenched Coron's sword from his arm, Coron not wasting a moment grabbed the captain by his beard and with all his might jerked on it. The captain who was already off balance from his wonded leg, stumbled forward and Coron continued to pull him down onto his own scimitar, the blade but deep into the flesh of the captains barrel chest. The look of hatred quickly turned to one of suprise as Coron continued to pull him down on the scimitar until half of the blade was potruding from the captains back. Coron released his hold on the captains beard and stepped back, studying the grusome sight before him. He walked over and pryed his sword from the lifeless fingers of the captain and wiped the blood off before returning it to its scabbard. He turned to look at the rest of the crew who stood gaping in awe at the great warrior.

"Who else will taste my steel this night!" Coron cried out. The remaing crew threw down thiere weapons then and got on their knees in surrender. Coron watched them a moment then turned to find his companion. Garith had regained enough of his strength that he was now walking towards Coron, a look of wonderment on his face at the feat the lone fighter had done. "You are indeed and impressive warrior Coron. Never have I seen such a display of power." Coron nodded then turned back to the pirates, who still knelt down before him.

"Will you dogs swear loyalty to a new captain or would you feed the worms with yours."

The pirates studied each other, somewhat puzzeled by this turn of events then one of them stepped forward.

" Great warrior, we have served under this beast of a man for too long. I was his first mate and served others before him but never have i seen such a man as cruel as this one. We would gladly follow you rather then fall to your blade."

Coron studied the first mate and saw the truth in his eyes, then nodded to him.

"Good! Now get this garbage out of here..." He nodded to the slain captain, still propped up by his scimitar. " and bring my companion and me food and drink." The crew members quickly set about the tasks they had been given and in no time Coron and Garith sat down to a meal of fresh cooked meats, roasted vegitables, a bitter ale to wash it down with. They spent the remainder of the night on board the ship with what remained of the crew, eating and drinking heartily into the night.

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'The Lost City of Kwei-Lon (Work in Progress)':
 • Created by: :-) Gabriel Jonathon Duden
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 • Keywords: Coron, Island, Treasure, Uncharted
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