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Aspen ´ The Marshmallow Flamingo´ Taylor

Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor

Aspen is a daydream believer...
so.. um yeah. i haven't been around for about a year... i  wrote more on my story but it kinda disintegrated and requires a lot of working on unless i  just scrap th entire thing... which is tempting since they have all developed main-charachter-itis which sucks.. they all suck. soo yeah. that's about it. school is consuming my life right now.. and i think i might just delete whole  segments of this story. i never wanted karrie to be a love interest but i needed something to fill space. it was a mistake. and if i want to change things i will but i think i'll just let it go...

Guestbook for Aspentaylor2

1 Jul 2004:-) Bryan C. D. Doyle
*does first comment dance* Amazeinly good, i love you style and you stories aren't bad either lol. Anyways i hope the flimangos wont come after me now *shivers* i wonder what it would feel like to be eating alive by flimangos?

1 Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor replies: "thank you soooooo much bryan! you are the first commenter ever on my stories! and if you were wondering how it feels t be devoured... you have only to ask. uhhh... well if you really like it keep checking back on it. i don't think the taika story is getting any longer but dream story is always growing... but you don't have to if you don't want to... THANKS!!! "
12 Jul 2004:-) L. Koehn
good stories2 I like the dream one especially.. *looks around for flamingos*

please hurry with more of the dream story! but remember to make a pit stop at my page first, ok? *screams as flamingos chase her for making a shameless plug*

2 Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor replies: "Thanks again! the next section is written it just needs fine tuning but i'll try my best to get all the kinks worked out soon seeing as there are SOME people out there who like it. i'll be sure to check out your gallery too. "
16 Jul 2004:-) Bryan C. D. Doyle
Well I'm back... Did ya miss me? anyways thanks for the comment on my poem.

:-) Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor replies: "you are quite welcome."
24 Jul 200445 T.T. Dorionne
LOL! You sound like me! Doodling on homework margins, writing stuff that you won't let people you know read?! That's totally like me. My mom still hasn't read more than chapters one and two of my book, and even though she loves it, I won't let her read more cause I think she won't like the rest. Alas, my teacher has gotten many masterpieces doodled on F tests...Welp, now to go check out yer stuff! And I promise I won't flame-mail. Flamers are bad. To quote Karasu-Kun, all flame mails will be laughed at, printed, folded into a paper airplane, and flown into a pen of angry rottweilers.

2 Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor replies: "ah, yes, my teacher has given me back papers with an arrow and "nice drawing" written on it... my mom has only read a few paragraphs of anything i wrote that was non-school related and that was only because i had left the paper out. i actually don't mind her reading my stuff so long as i don't know about her reading it... and please read my stuff."
10 Aug 200445 T.T. Dorionne
Blagh. No updates? Oh, and if you liked ch. 3 (the one about Duke and Oliver) I also have ch. 1 and ch. 2 on my main page. Just so you know.

On another note, hurry up and update! That dream story is a good one, write more!

:-) Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor replies: "Sorry. i've started school again adn i haven't had the time nor patience nor attention span for much else. i've got a fairly good portion of it written i just need to html it. i'll work on it though. thanks"
15 Apr 200545 Aspen M. Taylor
Oh... i feel so productive... i've html'd the next 4 parts! and uploaded them! i just need to submit the ticket! yay!

:-) Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor replies: "and it's in the que and it's locked right now! yay! so in like 2 days the story will be up! (hopefully!) and then all the little people can read them! "
31 May 200545 Tunisia *Jawa in a Humansuit* Dorionne
<smiley id=mir> I'm curious if this still works ...
31 May 200545 Tunisia *Jawa in a Humansuit* Dorionne
ttp://ewancient.lysator.liu.se/pic/gfx/s/sm4.gif height="15" valign="top" alt="4" width="15" > you'll be a famous author before i am!!

Also, i'm too lazy to read the next two parts after the first two parts i've already read. At least for right now. I shall read them tuesday.

:-) Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor replies: "nah, i doubt the famous autor thing. i think i'm permnently stuck right now. i've deviated from the dream so much that the next parts almost don't fit... but i'm thinking of cramming in parts of other dreams that i've been having lately... one was of the world disolving into huge drops of vivid color... like a leaf fell to the ground in a splash of emerald green and huge drops of indigo"
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Aspen ' The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor

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