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Allison L. Miller

Allison L. Miller

Allison would love it lif you left her comments and critiques!

Well hello there! My name is Allison Miller, Im a 20 year old college student from Minnesota, and am currently attending The University of Montana! I live in a tiny apartment with my older sister and our two dogs. At the moment, my Dragon Knight Chronicles are going through a major overhaul, but until I get that fixed I have several other pieces that I will be coming out with that I hope you enjoy!

Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
I really love fantasy shows like Avatar, Gargoyles, the Tenth Kingdom, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and basically any other movie along those lines. I gain lots of inspiration from them.
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Harry Potter (of course, those books are the reason i write), Lord of the Rings (what self respecting lover of fantasy dosn't), the Dresden Files, the Drizt Du'Urden Series, and the Chronicles of Narnia
Favorite Music
Mostly movie and broadway play soundtracks (Wicked, Sweeney Todd, Chipmunks) but i also like alot of old classic rock songs like Queen, the Beatles, and also some more modern stuff like Good Charlotte and Linkoln Park. To create even more contradictions in my music choices, I also love Breaking Benjamin and have all of the Disney Classic Songs.
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Keirsten Nicola Darby(Friend) , Lindsay Verde(Friend) and Glo 'the Bug' Bowden(Friend) .

Guestbook for Astrogirl

30 Apr 2009:-) Devan Leigh Petersen
Alli! -glomp- It’s me, that spaz you met at Close-up! Finally got around to joining. I checked out the Lair of Morvius and I have to say it’s very talented stuff. I’ll get around to reading the other stuff once I finish getting settled back at the other online thing I’m on. I hope we can stay in touch!

:-) Allison L. Miller replies: "YYYEAAAAHHH!!! HEY HEY HEY DEVAN! Glad to hear you got home ok and welcome to the woods! Hope you enjoy it and I really look forward to what you have to write about! Thanks so much for reading! I always appreciate it! Yes, we must definetly stay in contact! "
3 May 200945 Keirsten
Hey! Hay! How have you been? Can’t wait to read your storys.
3 May 200945 Keirsten
Hey! How have you been? I can’t wait to read your storys . Alaska is great!
26 Oct 2009:-) Lindsay Verde
Hey Allison, are you still wondering about how the uploading now works on elfwood?

:-) Allison L. Miller replies: "Yes, as a matter of fact I am. Do you know how?
27 Oct 2009:-) Lindsay Verde
If you sign into your account and go into the menu at the top labelled ’my account’ and down to ’upload’ and put in all of your information, that part is pretty much the same as the old system. After you’ve uploaded a piece, it’s automatically put into the queue. There aren’t any limits to the number of new pieces you can upload at one time but I advise to keep the number small, as it’s more likely to get looked at by a moderator sooner.
1 Dec 2009:-) Lindsay Verde
How are you doing m’dear? Any luck with uploading? I really need to catch up on my writing and come leave some comments for you! How was your Thanksgiving?

:-) Allison L. Miller replies: "Hey! Its actually going really good. I’m a bit confused, but I guess the uploading thing is ok. I published a story, and though people can read it on the site i’m not sure if a moderator has seen it, lol. Oh well! Yeah, I really need to catch up with my writing too. Not only have I hit a huge rocky patch with my Dragon Knights stories, but I’m starting my first year of college, so I get thrown for a loop pretty easy, lol. Thank you very much for the friend request! I graciously accept! "
14 Dec 2009:-) Lindsay Verde
How is college going so far? Are you enjoying yourself? Yeah, I’ve hit a slump with my writing ... isn’t coming out as easily as I’d like.

:-) Allison L. Miller replies: "Its going really well, better than I hoped, actually, lol. Thanks for asking! I finally got the next part of Dragon Knight Chronicles in the que’, but I admit that it isn’t as good as it should be. The first semester is drawing to a close (finals this week!), and I plan on getting alot of writing done over the extended winter break. Its hard to imagine you in a writers slump, lol. Your work is so imaginative that it seems to be endless! One good piece of advice that I got from my writing teacher is to stop writing when you are on a roll, then you will be anxious to start up again, and to never stop when you are stuck, otherwise you will be hesitant to start again."
15 Dec 2009:-) Lindsay Verde
I bet you’re excited to be finished your first semester! Good luck on your finals!

Haha, yes, even my crazy muses seem to have trouble. And part of it is also me procrastinating sitting down to write until I’m tired at night and ready to go to bed. I’m hoping to not do that this evening 1

:-) Allison L. Miller replies: "Oh boy, srry about taking so long to answer your kind posts. Yes, I was SSOOOO happy to be done with finals (even made the Deans List!). How is school going for you? I totaly know what you mean about procrastinating with writing. Lately I’ve been getting in some good writing in the mornings on weekends, but it still isn’t much. This summer should see some major progress for me. By the way, out of curiosity, do you favor a computer word processor for your writing our the classic pen and paper? I’m afraid I haven’t read any new (new to me) pieces of yours recently, but now that I’m starting to get back into Elfwood I DEFINETLY plan on reading more of your work."
24 Dec 2009:-) Lindsay Verde
Merry Christmas Allison!
16 Feb 2010:-) Lindsay Verde
That’s okay, I’m still trying to keep up with comments and readings on elfwood and slot them into my work schedule and still find time for writing. I think I’m going to have to give up on the idea of writing anything tonight ... got too caught up in watching the olympics, then ran on the treadmill, and now I’m catching up on today’s comments. But thankfully I don’t have to work until 8am tomorrow, so I’ve got a bit of time before work in the morning that I can try writing. And when I’m strained for time is always when I get ideas for writing 12 so I plan to use that to my advantage.

Congrats on making the deans list! It’s a great feeling.

I’m a complete old school when it comes to writing. There are a few pieces I call "experiments" where I wrote them on the computer but all of my novel-length pieces are written by hand.

Well hopefully I’ll have lots of new and better stuff for you to read when you get free time - I’m really trying to push my writing in terms of the scope and depth of it. It’s still all first drafts as I’ve learned not to edit as I go or I kill my muse’s inspiration on the piece but they’re better first drafts than what I was writing a few years ago, I hope. 1
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Allison L. Miller

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