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Aimee Vera Smith

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Aimee Vera Smith

Aimee Is a artist who loves to draw and will never stop

2sdd copy.jpg
Alexis Steel
bunnygirl copy.jpg
Christmas Elf
cuddles copy.jpg
Female Fairy
Little Red
Lune De'Loup
Mirror Mirror
Missed a spot.
Pin Up Fairy
Poison Heart
Protect The Forest.
somthingoldsomthingblue copy.jpg
The Siren
The Window
Under The Sea
Vampires Kiss.
witch copy.jpg
Witch Smiles B/W
Witch smiles colour

22 Nov 200345 Aaron Stone
Good work Aimee, I got some tips and probably some books that will help you out on improving, I just got them on November 21 2003, How to Draw Anime&Game Characters Vol. 5 Bishoujo Game characters by Tadashi Ozawa, How to Draw Anime&Game Characters Vol. 1 Basics for Beginners and Beyond by Tadashi Ozawa, Manga Mania Fantasy Worlds by Christopher Hart " How to draw the Amazing worlds of Japanese Comics. I got them for $17 regular $20, at Books-a-Million. You may beable to order some online from them if they allow that, I dunno. I do know they are the books I have been hunting for with actual Help and explaning what not to do and what to do. etc.. So, check them out. They I know for sure will help me.

Keep up the work and check out the above books 12 Every artist should.

:-) Aimee Vera Smith replies: "Wow.....that comment..is REALLY long! i think you might win an award for that! or not, maybe just a lollypop instead ^^ *hands out lolly*Thanks for the tips about the books, but i have somthing agaist using how to draw books. I feel like im cheating or somthing, and i just acnt use them. Im not good at people telling me how to draw, give comments, tips yea, but the art books. Are not for me ^^ Though it was very thoughtful."
17 Dec 200345 Emily 'Molee' Christenson
your art is very good, stop pulling yourself down.. i've never had an actual art lesson other than art classes either but i've found them to be very helpful.. i'd suggest you take more art classes if you can, it could really help if you let it. I know what you mean about the "how to draw.." books- i can't bring myself to really, well, make use of them.. i just like looking at the pics and every once in a while i might draw a pic from the book. My tip for you would be to work on your proportions.. they're a bit off.. if you want, i could email you some of my notes from my art classes..

1 Aimee Vera Smith replies: "Hey there! Thank your for commenting! sorry its taken a while to reply though ^^Thank you for your tip about the proportions, i know there a bit outta whack, and im trying to improve them, but my body shapes just seem to want to be strange x.xAnd the same goes for art classes with me im afraid, id rather just work it out on my own. Even though i might mess up along the way, i hope i'll get there. ^__^ once again thanks for commenting."
20 Dec 200345 Yasmin K. Dyer
Your stuff is really improving! Keep up the good work. I agree with all the above; you shouldn't put yourself down so much, you are brilliant! Don't bother arguing lol. Love your style!

15 Aimee Vera Smith replies: "heh thanks. I'll try to stop being so negitive, but its hard. Thats just my outlook on my pictures. I'm glad you think im improving, because somtimes im just not sure that i am. And stop arguing? the only time i do that is when im really sick, or had no coffee. heh. Thanks for the comment."
16 Jan 200445 Mrㆣ
rawr!!!! I am back, and I am evil, and I have come to comment to your page! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- *cough* damn -_- it ruined my evil laugh!!! >< ^^luv ur pics! Your pics are mad! Mad mad mad!!! ^^ Wheeeelaaa!!! @_@...........ok so i am bored.
5 Jun 2004:-) Zoe Frances Cox
Your page is groovy i like deying faith torniquet is my fave song. Well one o them.

Go supernatural!

:-) Aimee Vera Smith replies: "Heh thanks, Evanescence rocks and so do all there songs ^^ And yes go Supernatural! "
30 Dec 200445 Valshera
Mmmm. I spose ur ok.... For an aussie,lol jk

u hav a really gud talent, keep trying harder and you'll unlock more of it.

Still think we nzs r betta tho >2

i agree with u fully, its not about drawing beucase u r gud, its about drawing beucase u enjoy it, sirena's wrong u hav a very gud talent,

have you made any angels yet? I dont remember that u hav..... Stupid memory, but anyways, i think u'd b gud with angels, u put alot of detail into the hair, and wings is just like hair really.

Dam stupid ite staff wont let me join *mumbles about how the staff r away on holiday not letting him join* and i do stories annnnd pictures but nooooooooooooo, lol cyaz

:-) Aimee Vera Smith replies: "lol! of course i'm good for an aussie! Us Aussie have to do somthing when where not feeding babies to crocodiles and chasing kangaroo's lol! And as for my talent...i have none! I just liek to draw so i do. Its less talent and more pure stupid luck that anything turns out good! And do i do angels...well yes i do. BUT most of the time ive tormented them in some way..lots of blood. And you like my wings!? whao..since i cant do wings at ALL i think i'm flattered heh. And try again...the staff have to let you join somtime hehe..Thanks for the comment!"
29 Feb 2008:-) Dan Harding
Thank you for the compliment Aimee. I appreciate that! You have a great gallery. Keep it up!
28 Apr 2008:-) Awmwa
Hey Aimee! You left me some wonderful comments a few years ago, and I haven’t been able to get back on elfwood to respond. Just wanted to say thanks a ton and I really like your stuff. Don’t let these guys get you down, I think some of them just want to be mean for the sake of it >.>
10 May 2009:-) MT Starkey
Awesome gallery.
4 Oct 2010:-) Anita Barnett
Hi Aimee 13a fellow Aussie YAY!I really love your work I esp like your male faces and muscles definition,something of which I cant seem to get right my males end up looking rather girlie!!!Manga and anime attracts me with their big beautiful eyes and I think you’ve really captured that look18P.s I’m from Perth2 Aussies are way better than NZ’S!! hee hee!
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