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Gor  Vardanian

"Adventure of the little shadow Chapter 3- Baby steps" by Gor Vardanian

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 6 by Gor Vardanian.      ←Previous - Next→
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 The third part of the little shaow, this one is a bit longer an offers, what i like to calla a "saint seiya" explanation of the little shows world.  As a spoiler I'll say that the next chapter is the what the little shadow names itself, mainly becaus i am tired of writtig too many "its" and "the little shadow" lines. 

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←- Adventure of the little shadow chapter 2- Birth | Adventure of the little shadow Chapter 4- Choosing a name!! -→


Baby steps


 Laying on the floor the little shadow only did what was instinctive to it, oddly enough it seemed to know the powers it had within the eternal void. Yet laying there in a foetal position it did recognize itself, everything within the void seemed warped. Underneath its closed eyes it felt that too much light within the void but as the thought came the light began to dim.  The little shadow rolled on its back and motionlessly lay there in confusion sleepily opening its eyes which held no retina and echoed a grey light that gradually seeped upwards. Underneath its eyes silvery triangle shaped lines can be seen stretching all the way down with the points missing its jaw by a few centimetres.  The one section that it missed was a mouth and it mainly chose not to have one because it had no need to speak since the eternal void was vacant of any living creature.

The little shadow began getting up on its feet, afterwards it rubbed its eyes dreamily and if it had a mouth it would have yawned before ginning. It seemed to feel so alive and full of maniacal energy, impulsively it was desperate to run, do cartwheels and laugh aimlessly. Nevertheless as it started walking its movements seemed sluggish “damn!” it thought rubbing its eyes before continuing the chain of thought “still incomplete”. It started walking heavily with its back hunched and its hands freely swinging downwards like a grandfathers clock.  “I wonder what I am?” the notion of its origin seemed far too alien for it to grasp completely it appeared to understand the concept of its creation. However it was still unable to piece together its infinite knowledge to get a definite answer regarding its creation. This was mainly due to the fact that many dissimilar theories’ can be applied in order to supply the fundamental facts of its construction. Still the theories it used held many inconstancies and even if they are pooled together the consistent data would only show evidence of its fundamental creation. Other factors which involve its journey through space and its growth, nourishment and incubation in the eternal void are unexplainable. This is mainly due the belief that the void and supernova that contains it need to be of conscious thought to know how to nurture something like the little shadow. This would also mean that the eternal void would need to have the same sentimental maternal emotions of worry, love, patience and compassion. Similarly it also means that the void would need to have the same sentimental sternness, composure, love and understanding of paternal emotion. The little shadow believed both paternal and maternal influences could not subsist within one sentient entity even thought it is true that cases do exist where there is more than one consciousness within living creatures. Still even if the void held an aura of anima it did not mean that it is a conscious living organism. It was this conclusion that always left the little shadow at a dead-end about its origin, mainly because it felt like the information was being withheld or erased or more likely suppressed, but to what purpose?.  

After spending some time walking in an endless straight path the little shadow was able to build up some dexterity so that its hands were not swinging anymore and it’s back seemed to cultivate a prideful posture. The maniacal energy seemed to have settled and its urges for spontaneity have stopped even thought it was now able to carry out its desired tasks.

Within the void a normal being of any organic origin would see only the dark, infinite vacuum with no sound, gravity or matter. Many races living close enough to see the void with a telescope believe that’s  its only function is keeping whatever’s within it in suspended preservation. That belief is untrue because the void is a domain that defies all believable laws of nature and science without so much as affecting the equilibrium of both. In a strange sense the void itself was the key component to the archaic template of nature and over the year of its immortal existence it had time to expand on the key factors. Naturally this information was provided to the little shadow allowing it to make shapes of known objects that it’s human and animal counterparts saw. However the void disallowed colour usage, the object could only be materialised perfectly in texture, shape and size. Still this did not discourage the little shadow, being a child of the void it was bestowed with the ability to differentiate between what it would materialise. When materialising an object the little shadow saw it in a different variation of black, for example when it materialised a tree, a white incandescent line showed the tree shape. Whilst little leaves were shadowed in layers of light gray, the leaves were a very dark gray and the shadow of the tree stretching in the little shadows direction was a white. This allowed the little shadow to see simple object it materialised in detail without allowing any colour to enter the void preventing it from quivering.

To a normal organic being the void would be soundless and lonely, only a slight sensation of compression would be felt by the eardrums. But for the little shadow the void was an androgyny of conglomerate sound, northward it could hear sand dunes silently humming in the distance. In the southward direction the little shadow could hear the silvery wind rushing down high mound’s whereas eastward and westward it can hear the tranquil rhythm of rain falling on soil. Looking up the little shadow could hear the supple flow of a river leaving a trailing echo within a meadow exiting the woods. Looking down the little shadow heard the upturn of soil as it falls down a hill entombing any living creature unfortunately caught in its path. 

Out of curiosity the little shadow decided to focus the sound to the point where it was standing in order to make the sounds into one perfect note. As the multiple sounds’s merged, a high pitched screech reverberated releasing an extremely strong sound wave from the little shadow and into the void causing it to shudder. The materialised floor that the little shadow stood on disappeared and the gravitational control within the void was lost leaving the little shadow to fall at an extremely high speed.

After a few seconds the speed increased so much that the little shadow was not moving anymore, it was simply suspended in an immobile state. As the shudder subsided and the eternal void finished shaking, the little shadow finally regained full control of everything but the gravity. When the little shadow materialised a floor for to stop its endless descent the force that it was falling at caused the little shadow to hit the floor with such a thud, that an echo could be heard throughout the void as the little shadow lost consciousness.


The little shadow was lying on the ground, it could feel moist dirt in its face and some slowly slithering down its neck. The smell of petrichor overpowered the smell of blood and fear that seemed to pulsate within the atmosphere. 

“What’s going on, my head hurts as if a cudgel has been brought down on it, Iron? Why do I taste Iron? Why do I even have a mouth?” it said in mystified amusement.

Pained and frustrated screams of fear could be heard in the background as the sound of bodies falling onto the ground is heard. The little shadow looks up as bearded men with long braided hair and coarse facial features ran down a big meadow surrounded by woodland. The men wore blue garments and brown slacks, their shoulders were protected by what looked like a 3 layered richly tanned leather guards. Some men wore buckler shields with long broadswords whilst the bulkier more rugged men carried heavy barbed spears or claymores. Despite their thunderous battle cries each man in battle wore a mask of bravery because behind their eyes the little shadow could see nothing but cold unwavering terror.

The little shadow gets up and looks down at itself and sees that it is wearing the same attire as the strange bearded men. The difference however was that instead of shoulder guards and greaves it wore very light blue sleeve shirt with brown slacks and nee high boots. For protection it only had a thin leather arm guard in one arm in the other arm he could feel a heavy longbow with a small dirk attached to it and on its back it was carrying a quiver.

A man in rich purple doublet, iron metal guards and shoulder plates looking mad eyed at him, blaring with his sword up he was dashing hastily down a slope at the little shadow. Calmly the little shadow reached behind and examined the quiver only to find one arrow left. The man in purple was still running his mouth never shutting up which quite annoyed if not repulsed the little shadow. Steadily the little shadow neatly placed the arrow on the bowstring and stretched the bow itself, hawk eyed it aimed and gracefully released the bowstring. Swiftly the arrow flew leaving a graceful silvery sound as it passed allies and enemies alike, reaching its destination and lodging in the head of the irritating man finally silencing him.

A smile of satisfaction comes across its face “seriously why do I have a mouth” the little shadow thinks turning around. Within the growls, snarls and pained howls of fallen enemies and comrades the little shadow walks with poise, as if floating on the blood tainted grass. The little shadow feels almost godly and proud that with its last arrow it could fell a human being so easily. Also it is surprised at how easily another human life can be extinguished with such a small insignificant thing as some iron attached to a stick.

A cry of saddened anger could be heard from the left, as the little shadow turned a big hammer like object could seen swinging towards its head.  It was too late to for a parry or block so the little shadow received the full force of an enemy’s war hammer which sent him propelling through the air. It could feel the full damage impact of the war hammer the bones on its head have cracked completely and if they were not held in by skin the skull bones would fragment. Its eyesight was failing and a strange feeling of pressure could be felt as liquid seeped slowly and painfully out its eyes.

Everything goes black now and the little shadow can only feel its impact on the floor followed by a dim thud, it seems that its hearing is impaired too.

Its lungs do not want to take air in as its mouth and nose cease breathing and a pain not so different from shallow fear is felt by the little shadow as it lies there dying in darkness. Faintly words in a rough cryptic accent could be heard as the man that felled it was shouting “the red eyed devil is felled, men finish the res…”.


The little shadow was completely cut off from the sentence made by its killer, there is still darkness surrounding it but the pain it felt was now only replaced by fatigue. It seems to finally be conscious and the strange distorted atmosphere of the dream world has disappeared. It opens its eyes the exhaustion of the dream making the darkness of the void blurry “what a peculiar dream?” it thought reflecting back on the events. Thinking further it remembered how strange and confusing sensation of pain that was felt in its human body. It thought of how tired the body became during deathly pain in desperate attempt to preserve its conscious existence ultimately killing itself.

The little shadow felt light headed it became hard for it to concentrate on its thoughts the darkness of the void started to distort and its head felt like it was cracking open. The little shadow could not hold onto conscious thought any longer the pain only increased his exhaustion causing it to lose consciousness again and fall into deep hibernation. 

←- Adventure of the little shadow chapter 2- Birth | Adventure of the little shadow Chapter 4- Choosing a name!! -→

13 Dec 2011:-) Melanie Faith Brunet
wow, so many unexpected and strikingly things! just as i was getting to know the little shadow, too... 8 why do the guards attack it? I would like to know! lol. I loved the moments of self-reflection. Very interesting, indeed! I was confused, though, why some portions were in italics and boldprint, where others were not...? Also, the tenses switched in some places, which was mildly confusing, but not terribly. This is a really unique story! <3
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'Adventure of the little shadow Chapter 3- Baby steps':
 • Created by: :-) Gor Vardanian
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