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Michelle B. Lackey

Michelle B. Lackey

Michelle stares at horses constantly.

Bio, bio, bio... something to tell about me... well, I draw. Lame, Michelle. Let's start over.

Ok, I draw horses mostly. The Bozrath, my alien race, are felines and I draw them almost constantly in sketches if not in complete pictures. Lately, I've created a race called the Hunvarians and I'll get more info about them up here eventually. Oh, I also sometimes just draw some random thing, but it often comes back to be a character in my books or a poem, I'm weird that way. Right now, I am going on a background/digital craze so it's taking forever to make pictures since I LOVE detail, but they do come out pretty good.

Go look at pictures and don't forget to comment! (I'm good at guessing what you think, but I can't read your minds, sorry ;-) )

I wonder if anybody really reads these things?


5/2007 - Yeah, can't remember exactly what I changed last time, but that's normal for most artists around here apparently...  Anyway, stories are still there, but the update was here this time.

7/2007 - Love when my last update doesn't tell me pickles about what I did last time.  Cheers to my own goofiness!  As far as real life is concerned, it's SUMMER and I'm haaaaappy!  Other than that?  My birthday's coming up and I'm going to get one of my pics framed and matted, so happy pics to me!  Hopefully, I'll  be able to get someoen to take a pic of me with it so you all can see my smiling mug up there.  See you guys around.

7/2008 - Uh, wow... what a long update.... hmmm.

New additions:  Wanderer -   Why Should I Scream?

Uh... if you look at my gallery it's bit obvious but yeah, things like drawing, painting, graphic design, computers, and - of course - alternate sleeping and pizza. (the two together don't end very well)
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
I don't know if anime gets in here, but Gundam Wing, Trinity Blood, D. Gray-man, Vampire Knight, and Chrno Crusade are awesome. After that we have Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Batman Begins, The Last Unicorn, about a zillion Disney movies, and (last, but my true #1 fav) Young Frankenstein.
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Mercedes Lackey (no relation, it's her pen name), Anne McCafferey (I hope I spelled that right), Jack London's White Fang, Unicorns of Balinor series, Hunter's Warriors series, and pretty much anything else (including manga) that has humor and interesting plot lines.
Favorite Music
anything but rap, old country, and the scary opera is good, but Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, October Project, Nightwish, Three Dog Night, Shania Twain, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, and Eric Johnson are awesome (to name a few, of course)
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Mariposa Gollery(Necromancer) .

Guestbook for Aztecaruins

20 Jan 2009:-) Abby P Masters
YOU LIKE VAMPIRE KNIGHT? Do you have the einglish subbed versions handy? I had to guess on the last ep of the last season.

:-) Michelle B. Lackey replies: "I haven’t watched the last season yet. I got impatient and kept up with the manga instead since they are following one another pretty closely. (Kaname annoys me, little stinker -_-12"
20 Jan 2009:-) Abby P Masters
BTW. I’m getting a facebook BRB.

:-) Michelle B. Lackey replies: "<.< ...... >.> ..... o.O facebook will never be the same again. *faints*"
25 Jan 2009:-) Abby P Masters
lol. I havent read the manga yet! I cant find it in any stores around here! (Whimpers) I may have to go all the way to japan. (I figured the last season out though. teh heh youtube)

:-) Michelle B. Lackey replies: "youtube is good!"
25 Jan 2009:-) Abby P Masters
O.O! ITS SNOWING. (I wish I could play in the snow but i is getting surgery tomarrow and I shouldnt put to much weight on both legs.)
26 Jan 2009:-) Abby P Masters
If I dont servive.... then wish me luck in paradise. (Posa will coment if i die 22)

:-) Michelle B. Lackey replies: "you won’t die - you’re too funny! good luck with your surgery and may your doctor’s fingers be nimble or blessed or merciful or fantastic and good at needlepoint! hope to hear all went well soon"
27 Jan 2009:-) Abby P Masters
Heh heh, went well.... I had a minor case of amnesia afterward.... It was scwary I forgot who my parents were for a minute. I havent cried that hard sence I was three.

:-) Michelle B. Lackey replies: "ouch - that would be really weird, definitely *makes mental note to stay out of surgery* I’m glad you feel better now, congrats!"
29 Jan 2009:-) Abby P Masters
O.O I feel like I’m the only one comenting on this page. (Winces) Should I give someone else a chance???

:-) Michelle B. Lackey replies: "lol - that would be because you are and they will eventually when someone has something to say, I guess
they are in awe of your awesome happy typing"
1 Feb 200945 Abby P. Masters
YAY! I’m glad ur not unhappy! (Why am I not signed in??)

:-) Michelle B. Lackey replies: "I’m so incredibly unhappy, I may not be able to bear it *giggle* ... hmm, this isn’t creating the appropriate dramatic effect... where is that stupid white lily? lol"
30 Apr 2009:-) Abby P Masters
Lol! I has it. Here you go 2

Were have you been woman, and put the lilly in your hair it looks better then hold a bloody rose.... god i’m dramatic. E_MAILING U.

:-) Michelle B. Lackey replies: "Where have I been? uh... would you believe me if I said I didn’t know? might have been the left side of nowhere, the howling wilderness, or the absolute peak of neverwhere - I don’t know but there sure as heck wasn’t anything else there!

hmm... bloody roses... ooooooh Deeeeeevoooon, I-sa got-sa some ideas for yoooouuuu! *evil giggle* like his life wasn’t exciting enough"
8 Oct 2009:-) Mariposa Gollery
I just came on randomly to look at the Best in Red picture...and LONG FOR THAT SHIRT.
Yes that’s random, whatever. 1
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Michelle B. Lackey

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