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Brian ´Dulcet´ Bergstrom

"Regonian Light: Chapter 6" by Brian ´Dulcet´ Bergstrom

SciFi/Fantasy text 7 out of 17 by Brian ´Dulcet´ Bergstrom.      ←Previous - Next→
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This chapter shows the true Barbank.
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←- Regonian Light: Chapter 5 | Regonian Light: Chapter 7 -→
    The battlefield was brutal. For an entire week General Mike Parker had tried his best to ward away 76's army. He was doing very well. But the only thing that troubled him was time. He didn't know how much longer he could stand it.
    The war mages shot their fireballs and magical spells at the enemy. They were highly effective for the most part, but the Dark forces of magic nearly overwhelmed the Light Army.
    It was the War of Casmeer, a land in between Clar and 76's territory which he called Segan. Casmeer had been under control of the Light until 76 decided to take over it. The Light Army would stop at nothing to protect it.
    The sun was beating down on them like a flame thrower. The energy of both sides went down because of it. The heat also ruined the concentration of everyone a bit.
    Mages of all sorts were fighting in the war. Most were powerful in the fire area, making the heat even worse. Those with ice powers proved to be ineffective since ice would be useful for the burning opponent.
    Also, forest mages were present. That was mostly on the Light side. A mage would cast his vine spell and grab the opponent. The vine would then swing around the opponent and flew him across the terrain, eventually killing the soldier.
    On the Dark side there were mostly black mages. These mages used spells of poisonous gas and little demons they summoned. Their powers were as effective as the Light's were. It was beginning to turn into a war of attrition.
    "General Parker!" called a messenger riding on his horse.
    Mike looked to see the messenger and rode his horse closer to him.
    "Yes, what is it?"
    "Swoom wishes to speak with you."
    Mike Parker knew the name well. Swoom had trained him to be one of the greatest Light mages and generals of all time. He looked up to Swoom very much. He hadn't seen him in ages since the war had started. He missed the old man very much. But he wondered what the wizard could want with him now. He had taught him most everything. Nothing more was needed.
    Mike rode along with the messenger, who led Mike to the great wizard. With Swoom, was a young man on horseback next to him. He looked black. With black pants, cape, and a shirt with a flame at the bottom, he looked to be a very interesting character. Mike wondered who this man could be.
    "Swoom," he said, "It's been a long time." Mike rode closer to the two. The messenger had gone off back to deliver whatever messages he had to deliver.
    "It has indeed." Swoom gestured over to his companion. "I have come to introduce you to our new war mage to the Light. His name is Barbank Redson."
    Mike looked him over for a moment. Light? This boy looked nothing like the Light would offer. How could he be of Light? He was clad in clothes that only Darkness would don.
    "Where is he from?"
    Barbank's heart raced. He knew that question would be asked. He didn't know what to say. He couldn't lie like his kin had. No, he was of the Light now. He feared to be honest, but he had the courage deep within him.
    "I am from the Dark Domain, sir. Regonia to be exact."
    Mike made a strange face. The Dark Domain? How could it be? No man alive had crossed the gate--much less touched it--without dying.
    "Why is he here if he's from the Dark. The Dark is the enemy!"
    Barbank replied, "'Tis mine as well. I seek revenge upon the Dark. I wish to fight for the Light."
    "How could a warrior of the Dark become a war mage of the Light? Do you know any good spells of attack?"
    "He is not yet trained in that field," said Swoom.
    Mike said, "Then why is he here? You call him a war mage? What's a mage without magic?"
    "My blade pierces just as well."
    "Against 76's forces?"
    Swoom sighed. "It's not my choice to bring him here. A miracle has happened. Actually, more than one."
    Mike put his hand to his chin, curious of what he had to say. "Explain."
    "This young man has done some things no man has ever been able to do. One, he crossed the Forbidden Gate and seems to be unharmed."
    "That's a miracle in itself," said Mike, shocked.
    "Two, he claims the roc Sprint flew him to the Hall of Clar."
    Mike made a face in disbelief. "He tells lies. Just like his kind."
    "No, it is true. He has proof."
    "What proof?"
    "He awoke the great statue of Kluke."
    "Now you're the one telling lies." Mike said, laughing. "I always knew you had a sense of humor." He grinned. "Go back home where you can think of some more on me, old man. I have work to do."
    "No," Barbank said, "Kluke commanded me to fight in the army."
    "You're out of your minds. I won't allow it. Neither will the Queen when she hears of this," said Mike, making his way back to the battlefield.
    "You honestly think I would lie to you, Mike?" asked Swoom.
    Mike stopped for a second. He made his way back to the two. All his childhood, he idolized Kluke. Kluke was his hero. His dream. He had been the one for ages who tried to wake the statue. But now a mere boy from the Dark Domain did it as easy as can be? He found the story very unbelievable.
    "Swoom, who would believe his story? He's a lying pig!"
    Barbank jumped off his horse and tackled Mike to ground. His fury empowered him to smack him across the face.
    "Listen to me, Parker. I know you run a very strict business. I know you only accept Light members. But lemme tell you something, Parker. I didn't come all this way to be rejected. Now either you let me fight, or I'll be forced to kill you."
    "Now Barbank," Swoom interrupted.
    "Stay outta this." He motioned Swoom to stay back. "I came here to fight and I'm not leaving unless I do so."
    Mike looked him in the eye. "I'd let you fight, but it's against my beliefs to let you. You are of Dark blood. That is of the enemy. Fight with them why don't ya?"
    "I won't. I hate the Dark just as much as you do. I crave that of the Light. I need to fight for it. To be rid of my blood."
    Barbank's rage was powerful. His heart begged for him to stop. But at the same time, his new feeling of hope, begged him to kill Mike. His eyes lit up with anger. His Dark heart was released. But it didn't go out with evil.
    He took out his dagger and held it to Mike's throat. Mike then jumped up and kicked him in the gut, knocking Barbank down. Barbank got up and watched his opponent carefully.
    Mike formed a ball of power in his hands. It lit up with the Light's glow. Barbank made no attempt to use magic. He just defended himself with his dagger.
    The ball of power was released, hitting Barbank, but Barbank stabbed the ball with his dagger, breaking it. The remains of the ball floated around the dagger. The dagger had been one of the Dark. It had a black handle and a gray blade. The particles of Light surrounded the dagger completely, eventually embedding themselves into the dagger, turning it into a dagger of Light.
    Mike looked at this in astonishment. Why would his own power give into such a thing? He ran forward in attempt with his sword. Barbank dodged and kicked Mike down.
    Now Mike was beginning to see the challenge he faced. This new warrior was tough. He had not seen such sharp skill in all his days of fighting. It was the first fight in a long time that made him break a sweat.
    He rose and had his blade glow of Light, enchanting it with a spell he mumbled. "You will die," he said.
    "Let me fight in the war!."
    "Never!" Mike cried.
    Barbank pulled his sword out from its scabbard. It had been of the Dark as well. Soon enough, the Light that powered Mike's blade flew over to cover Barbank's. Barbank grinned. Mike was shocked. Never had he seen or heard of such a thing. Why wasn't the Light favoring him?
    Mike's blade was now back to its regular look. It was still a blade of the Light, but it had lost its power almost fully. Mike, of course was disappointed.
    Mike swung at Barbank missing as Barbank counter attacked him with his sword, slicing him across the stomach.
    Blood poured from within Mike. He cried out in a bit of agony. But he wasn't about to give up. No way would he let one of the Dark fight in his army. Not a chance. He swung at him again, missing.
    "You call this a fight?" Barbank asked, teasing him. "I know peasants in my hometown that fight better than you."
    "The people are on my side. They respect me more than they'll ever even notice you."
    "Oh really? It seems Kluke Himself noticed me more than he noticed you."
    "You lying pig! Kluke is dead! His spirit lies within the Hall. It's trapped forever."
    "I said the Spell of Clar. It woke him up."
    Mike ran forward again, swinging his sword with all his might. It was no use. The blade had shifted itself purposely away from Barbank. It was like the Light around Barbank's sword was protecting him.
    "What evil spell did you cast?" Mike asked, suspecting that may be why he's losing. "Are you one of 76's spies or something?"
    "No, I fight for Light. Darkness is evil. I shall never fight for it again as long as I live." He placed his now newly formed Light sword to Mike's neck. "Let me fight, or die."
    Mike was beginning to truly feel the momentum now. The Light had somehow favored Barbank more than him. He couldn't understand how. He had always been a very powerful leader of the Light. Why did it change? He had always believed strongly in the Light. Why should a heart of the Dark take over? It didn't seem very fair to him. The queen surely wouldn't like this new war mage.
    "Put down your blade and let me fight," commanded Barbank.
    "I will not give up my fight." With those words, Barbank's sword sliced Mike's neck. Mike feel to the ground, not able to scream in agony as he so wanted to. With that, Barbank chopped off Mike's head, taking over the Light Army.
←- Regonian Light: Chapter 5 | Regonian Light: Chapter 7 -→

13 Oct 2001:-) Nina Roussakova
*stares at the screen* impressive *does a lousy first-comment-dance* impressive.
Well, it was not what I expected. It was cruel thing to do, but I guess that times like those demand such cruelty. I am sorry I haven't read it earlier, but my life's been quite a mess lately, AND my internet doesn't work anymore.
But about this chapter, it is good, cruel but good. You are good at describing action, probably better than me...
I'm going to read the next chapter now. *is still slightly under impression*

I love this chapter myself. The cruelty serves a purpose. Not an immediate one, but a purpose, none the less. His true character is finally brought out in this. More is to come.
21 Jun 200245 M. Bechard
I must agree with Nina, the end result was not very expected. Wow, quite the violence, not that it's a bad thing, I too sometimes go over the top with violence. I don't think you did though, your violence seems well put, and considering that most of those military-type people are just braun, practically no brains. But if they weren't all stubborn bastards, where would they go? Order would collapse and they'd get their asses kicked. I think you've captured this mentality brilliantly, and I look forward to seeing the next chapter. One little thing, if the stomach was sliced, the vacuum under the diaphram would be killed, prolly making it very difficult to breathe, much less carry on a good conversation. Or maybe it's the vaccuum above the diaphragm that's more important. I forget which, forget I said anything.

:-) Brian 'Dulcet' Bergstrom replies: "I really really like that i'm good at violence. i thought that would be my other weakpoint. But thank for the tip about the diaphragm. i know nothing about these sort of things."
18 Aug 2002:-) Vicky Barrett
*blinks* Wow, in future I shall read to the end before making comments. I'm think I no longer like Barbie. You managed to be violent but without the unecessary violent, almost detached. Simple and effective, lots of shock factors there. I'm wowwed by your brilliance.

:-) Brian 'Dulcet' Bergstrom replies: "Wow, I never thought people would like Mike too much. But this is where that crash landing is starting as you predicted. I definetly have to rewrite that violent scene sometime. I'm trying to do something without making it look like what it did. Sorry"
18 Aug 2002:-) Vicky Barrett
Wow, I've only read the first line, and felt I must comment before reading on, Mike Parker rocks! Its great how you use such a mundane name for a general, so many people use weird and wonderful names, but I would trust a Mike Parker.
Anyway, reading on-thought I should tell you how great that name is!
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'Regonian Light: Chapter 6':
 • Created by: :-) Brian ´Dulcet´ Bergstrom
 • Copyright: ©Brian ´Dulcet´ Bergstrom. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Dark, Darkness, Evil, Good, Light, Mage, Warrior, Wizardry
 • Categories: Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc.
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