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Bjørn Tore Lædre

Bjørn Tore Lædre

Bjørn is a calm sci-fi writer with crazy tendency!

Was born in our lords year 1984 (at the tail end of the year) in the land of the north. Norway. I've always had a vivid imagination, and four years ago i decided to start writing.

The problem is i have writing and reading disabillitys, diagnosed before I began school.

I'm a Sci-fi writer with one complete book (not publised) and several small uncomplete storyes. I dream of Grand battles in space and on alien planets. What I wouldn't give to be a Space marine.


"Justice and Liberty, you can't buy. But you don't get free"

Qout by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)


Update 20/5-08:

In an irritating event I've maneged to misspell the word idea so many times and in so many chapters that my second storyline "The Marine" is started on chaper 2 and 3 instead of from the beginning.

 At least the whole storyline of Battle for Midnight and Manoon online now. So go and read. Enjoy!

Update 28/5-08:

The Marine Chapters 1 to 8 is now online, it will take a while to write the countinuation. So please be patient!

Reading, writing, simple mechanical design, gaming
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Aliens, Predator, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek: Enterprise, Startrek: TNG, Angel, Star Wars (I,II,III,IV,V,VI), Supernatural, Starship Troopers
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
A song of Ice and Fire (series), Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo: Contact Harvest, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Orcs, Silmarillion,
Favorite Music
Dire Straits, Iron Maiden, Bruce Springsteen, Dido, Lene Marlin, Kaisers Orchestra, The Highwaymen
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Nite (Friend) , John R Farley Jr(Friend) , Heidi Hecht(Friend) , Laura paige robson(Friend) , Cameo T. Lakey(Friend) , Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen(Friend) , Jack J Langar(Friend) , Mie 'Stormwing' Bendiksby(Friend) , Natalie Beth Myers(Friend) , Dory Giselle Brooks(Friend) , Ella of Frell(Friend) , Britta Noelle Amaranth(Friend) , Rebecca Johanna Hellmold(Friend) and Ingrid Nedrehagen(Fan) .

Guestbook for Betimusmax

24 Jul 2009:-) Mark Boston
Mornin’. *nod*
2 Aug 200945 Britta Noelle
miss you lots, i won’t be on again for awhile, so God bless, love ya friend, have a wonderful day and next few weeks, until next time 2
19 Aug 2009:-) Brattysweetthing
OK, now it’s a rose...17
17 Sep 2009:-) Britta Noelle Amaranth
hi bjorn, i’m so sorry about my thinking you were German, but i knew that i had to come and tell you this again

May God forever keep you close to His heart, and always in His plans, may He always hold you in the palm of His hand, and let His love shine through you, may His presence in your life be always showing and eternal, and may you always know His love...
God Bless
Love ya Bjorn, have a good morning/ afternoon/ evening!!!
10 Nov 2009:-) Britta Noelle Amaranth
hey bjorn wow, it’s been forever...what’s new? hope you are well, not a whole lot is new with me...but i guess i’ll talk to you another time

love ya lots Bjorn 12 see ya laters ^^
8 Dec 2009:-) Reanne Sinclair
Hi Bjorn! How’re you?

:-) Bjørn Tore Lædre replies: "Hi I’m very well. Thank you for asking! How about yourself?"
9 Dec 2009:-) Reanne Sinclair
Doing well, procrastinating from my writing, as always 10 Ready for the Christmas season?

:-) Bjørn Tore Lædre replies: "I don’t know what procrastinating means...?
I’m always ready for Christmas.... hehe
How about you?"
10 Dec 2009:-) Reanne Sinclair
To put off doing something until later .... in my case, to go and do everything possible to distract myself from writing 6

Getting there. The decorations for the house are slowly coming out of the woodwork and the tree will be going up this weekend ... as well as getting the shopping done *big gulp of intimidation* now that is a dangerous beast I have to tangle with!

:-) Bjørn Tore Lædre replies: "oh..... now I know that too. hehe

couldn’t agree more."
5 Jul 2010:-) Laura paige robson
BJORN! D8 OMG! I MISS YOUUU! >3< 1 hows things?? you don’t happen to have deviant art do you??

:-) Bjørn Tore Lædre replies: "Hi Laura! Yeah I do have a DA account as well. To be honest I’m not all that much on Elfwood anymore. My interests have changed, not all that prolific in writing anymore.
Sorry, I haven’t responded earlier, but as I said, I’m not on all that much.
So what have you been up to of late?
Not much going on in my part of this world. Same as always I guess."
22 Jul 2010:-) Laura paige robson
sorry i would have replied sooner too, but i’ve just been very busy 2 but now i’m not! College has finished for the summer, and i’m just waiting on results. So in the holidays now, i’m just trying to find some apprenticeships i can do - for me that’d be much more helpful in finding a job in the future rather than attending college. (by the way, can i have your DA profile adress? ^_^)

:-) Bjørn Tore Lædre replies: "My DA profile name is Betimusmax.
Busy..... Yeah aren’t we all at some point. I fully understand that.
Apprenticeship within what line of work?"
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Bjørn Tore Lædre

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