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J.N. van Betteray

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by J.N. van Betteray

J.N. is currently holding auditions for his army of evil minions. NEXT!

The prophecy
Essence Part 1
09 The library behind the book
09 A tribute

1 Jan 2007:-) Victoria Bellamy
Happy 2007!!!!!

42 J.N. van Betteray replies: "*turns around again* Ah you're still here. There was no Beethoven *thinks* oh you ment the ominous music (tata tadum tata tadum) Yeah that would be Beethoven.

Well happy new year to you too. Hope it will be a great one!"
1 Jan 2007:-) Victoria Bellamy
Is that Beethoven?

42 J.N. van Betteray replies: "Beethoven! Where! *turns around* I don't see anyone. Where is he?

Wait a sec. You ran off when I turned around didn't you?"
2 Jan 200745 A warrior!
hey! i'm back! sorry i havn't been around in forever...planning on updating any time soon? and i see you have an evil minion formsheet hmm i think i could fill this out...
name: L.I.R. yes, that stands for something and if you know whats good for you you won't ask what.
age19lder than you XP

ever been an evil minion before? nope. i tend to call the shots where i come from...
hae you ever been the reason an evil overlord died? uhh..maybe...
have you got experience with torturing? yes...do you prefer phyical or phyclogical?
can you shapesift? yea, to a small extent.
are you allergic to good? not really...
can you weild a sword? ooh yeah!!
can you handle heat exceding more than eighty degrees? i dunno... never tried...
have you already died once. not that i am aware of...
did you answere these questions truthfully? most likely.
finish this sentance: when i say jump you...hit everyone in the vicinity with a giant wooden mallet!!!
hey that was fun...you shold make up some more of these...
did i pass?

42 J.N. van Betteray replies: "Comment From The Writer's evil administration slaves employees: Thank you for taking the evilminion application test, your answers will be prossesed shortly by one of our slaves employees."
2 Jan 200745 Jordan J. Baker
just dropping by to say... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ok i'll be seeing you oh and thanks for offering ot help again x

42 J.N. van Betteray replies: "Sure, just send back an email with what you want on your page, links to which sites, horizontal lines, scrolling text, etc and I'll send back an email showing how."
3 Jan 2007:-) Angela Perry
Wow, join the evil minions? I'm flattered. But honestly, I've always considered myself more of an evil mentor type *grins, then covers mouth to hide large incisors* Um...dang...was that my out-loud voice?

I shall read, though! I promise!

42 J.N. van Betteray replies: "Ah yes an mentor to your son who is trying to take over the world if I'm not mistaken. *grabs a very large map filled with papers* We have been keeping an eye on him.

Hmmm, it appears a misunderstanding has arisen between our respective orginisations though. Let me reassure you that we have no intention of taking over the world. Our orginasation only strifes for domination over Heaven and Hell. Why would we want even Earth, it doesn't even start with an H.
Anyway we wouldn't want any conflicts to arise between our orginasations, so please present your son with this saproling token (it makes an excelent slave employee) and my best whishes for dominating the earth (and maybe in the future the Universe (doesn't begin with an H either ))"
10 Mar 200745 Jigen the Comment Token

Cain: Because I said so! Just get on with it!

*sigh* Whatever. I was sent here to tell you that Cain has FINALLY gotten some new chapters up. (That is to say he just put some of his old, re-worked junk up.) On his behalf, I humbly invite... Blah blah blah... I'm done.

Cain: *glares and pelts Jigen with a shoe*

42 J.N. van Betteray replies: "I see you trained your token (somewhat) Well done Jigen, *gives Jigen a cookie* and thanks for the inventation. IŽll be over as soon as I have the time."
31 Mar 200745 A warrior!
*largeyawnofdoom* so are ya gonna update, or am i gonna send my hoard of undead ninja to find you and make you write some more?

42 J.N. van Betteray replies: "I'm sorry for not replying for such a long time. I had made a ticket but I forgot something so I deleted it and never came round to uploading everything again. I wanted to add one little thing one short story but I have been feeling down lately and I just don't feel like writing. I'll probably be taking a long break from everything. Sorry."
10 May 200745 A warrior!
That's ok, i know how hard writing can be *pokes unfinished fantasy novel that she's been working on for close to four years* i was just wondering if you were still alive and all that 12
30 Jun 2007:-) Jordan Baker
Hey i know i havent been around in a little while, so just stopped by to say hi =]
and sorry i havent sent that email yet, my email has gone completely screwed up, so i couldnt send it.
I'll let you know bout any updates that should be coming soon, because there will be some, most definately.
Bubi! Xo
6 Aug 2007:-) Marcus W. Ager
Guess what???

Chapter four is FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!

*falls over*

what has it been, like, a year?! *beats himself over the head with a frying pan* >.<

Anyways, it will take some time for Elfwood to accept it, but you can read it here before it comes out on Elfwood =3: http://www.anthrofiction.com/node/236

*dances around* whew!
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