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Becca Lusher

Becca Lusher

Becca doesn't live here anymore - see Wyvern's bio


And so after well over a year of inactivity on my part, I think it's safe to say my time on Elfwood is effectively over.


Thank you, everybody, for your comments, support, madness, and wonderful stories over the years. I love you all *snugs and hugs*

If you still want to read my stories, or just keep in touch, come find me on livejournal.com, username 'saiena'. I have short stories and snippets there.

For the longer stuff, come and introduce yourselves, and I'll add you to the filter on my writing journal - aislinena.

Thank you.

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Friends at Elfwood: Lindsay Verde(Admirer) .

Guestbook for Bexlusher

14 Dec 2009:-) Andrew McCaslin
Wow, it seems everyone I frequented with is leaving the woods. Just as I’m about to make my triumphant return! Lol, but good luck in the future, and thank you for all your help and support! You know where to reach me.

:-) Becca Lusher replies: "Hello! Welcome back 1 I think most of the old writing community just got fed up of things, so that’s why we’ve sort of drifted off.
But, as you can see, I didn’t go all that far.

Nice to see you about again. Hope all is good with you 2"
20 Dec 200945 Anon.
I’ve looked just about evrywwhere at LiveJournal in search of the Still Waters chapters and I’m becoming desparate! PLEASE- can you help me?
20 Dec 200945 Anon.
Okay- so 2 hours later- I found the List of all your works and was able to find still waters chapters but am unable to access it ! I’m REALLY NEEDING HELP! I just need to know the rest of the story!Desprate and starting to believe there is NO justice in the world... help?...anyone???

:-) Becca Lusher replies: "The rest of it is all on my livejournal page (which I’m assuming you found), but you have to have a LJ account before you can access it. It’s free to sign up, though.

If you do sign up, friend me and send me a message to let me know. Then I can add you to the list so you can read.

Okay? Nice to know you’ve been enjoying my kelpies ^__^"
24 Dec 2009:-) Lindsay Verde
Merry Christmas Becca!

:-) Becca Lusher replies: "Hope you had a good holiday season!"
26 Dec 2009:-) Andrew McCaslin
Are you still writing? If so, where can I get my hands on your new stuff? That didn’t quite come out right, but you know what I ment 12

:-) Becca Lusher replies: "Always. I go a bit funny if I stop.

I post stories and the like on my livejournal accounts - *http://saiena.livejournal.com* for snippets and short tales, and *http://aislinena.livejournal.com* for full length stories. The second is mostly locked, so you need a LJ account to access, but the first gets more traffic, and I don’t normally bother to lock them.

I’ve been a bit lax in posting of late, so hopefully I’ll pull my socks up this year... we will see. "
15 Jan 2010:-) Meg Rachor
BECCA! I’m writing a new story and the prologue got a mod’s choice!

If you can’t tell, I’m excited to be back.

I would love it (if you have the time) if you would give me your opinion.
Of course, it’s completely optional. You don’t have to.


:-) Becca Lusher replies: "YAY!

I’m pleased you’re glad to be back, that’s do great.

Always happy to read, and to have things pointed out. (Though I now remember why I post stories on LJ *grr* *kicks comment system*)

Make sure you keep me up to date on any updates, kay? 1"
22 Feb 2010:-) B Layne
Hey Becca! I commented on the first bit of "Still Waters." Love it!

:-) Becca Lusher replies: "Thanks, luv! I’d forgotten that was still up here 1"
28 Feb 2010:-) B Layne
Hey, hon! I got the next section of "Still Waters" read ^_^ Now I must get back to my homework 8 Ciar is so awesome!
5 Aug 2010:-) Jess Hyslop
Hey Becca, sad to see you’ve left! I’ve only just re-appeared after a very static time whilst at uni... Can you add me to that filter on your writing journal please? (not quite sure what that means, but I assume I’ll be able to read your fabulous stories!) xx
1 Dec 2010:-) Timothy Titan Woodard
Boo, you need to continue "Still Waters". I loved the whole series.

:-) Becca Lusher replies: "I can’t believe anyone still reads that, after EW went all glitchy with my html. Anyway, I have finished it, did so about three years ago. All the rest of it is up on Livejournal - click on the middle of my sidebar links.
If you can’t read it (you may need to be a member of LJ), let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.
Thanks for reading."
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Becca Lusher

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