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B. Molter

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by B. Molter

B. Do you hear the people sing?

Across the Sea
Dreams of Wings
Juvenile Pixie
Ribbon Wraith
Tam Lin

21 Mar 200445 Brielle
I love all your pictures, there really good!!! They are alot better than i could EVER do. I'm so proud of you haha. Luv ya lots!

1 B. Molter replies: "Thanks girl, luv ya!"
21 Mar 2004:-) James Lunn
Hello and wellcome to the woods i've looked at all you're pics and i think you draw animals really well and you have a good inking tecnique very clean and clear (unlike mine) any way look forward to seeing more

2 B. Molter replies: "Wow, thanks so much. I really appreciate it!"
22 Mar 200445 Laura Krause
Nice start to a great gallery! You have good proportions for the figures, and just keep practicing!

2 B. Molter replies: "Thanks! I intend to do so!"
3 Apr 2004:-) Brianne 'Equine Maniac' L. Davis
HI, i am so freaked out. u said u luv horses and guess what!!!!!!!!!! I LV HORSES 2!!! and also ur name is Brianna and my name is Brianne. this is sooooo kewl!!! i luv ur pics and ur gallery by the way. hey, u shood e-mail me some time and look at my gallery. ttyl

3 B. Molter replies: "Wow, you know whats even more freaky! I am a hunter too! Jumping is the best, to me its even closer to flying than being in an airplane =) whoah, you know what...I take french and my teacher calls me Brianne! Heh small world. Went to your gallery and I love it, definitely a unique style. Kudos!"
1 May 2004:-) Nathan Alan O'Keefe
Sorry that I had some much criticism for you, but I hope you take it the right way, I wasn't trying to be mean. Anyway, great art you have here, I'd love to see more of your inkings.

:-) B. Molter replies: "Don't be sorry, I love it when people give constructive criticism, it helps me attempt to improve my work and you were very nice about it. I am always looking for someone who actually tells me what is incorrect about my work. I like your work too, you use photoshop very well. Spectacular colors."
1 May 200445 A cool guy
Elfwood artist: Laura krause is exremely ugly. Don't be nice 2 her.

19 B. Molter replies: "I'm sorry but I don't agree with you, she is not ugly at all and I don't believe you are a very cool guy if you use elfwood just as a way to insult someone."
11 Sep 2004:-) Jennifer Lynn Nelson
Jenn: We are here to comment on your page, but Raissa's crappy computer wont let us look at the pictures.
Raissa: hey dont talk about my computer that way ! it might hear you and we dont want that now do we ? * pets computer * its ok she dident mean it please dont die and freeze up like jenn jenns did ...* cough riight we all know that she dient pay the bill and threw its love away liek a taco bell wrapper ..
Jenn: We will be back to spam your page somemore with my senceless self promotion on a better computer
Raissa: which would be my brothers computer ! he's got a nice computer ...it works ! high speed internet access ...this just in we just got the 3.0 ...oh never mind there it go's false alarm
Jenn: This is what we do when we should be sleeping. just wait until tomorrow. and keep reading Mercedes Lackey and Tolkien. We're gonna go spam some one else now. Bye
buh bye ( we will be back * insert evil laughter here * * sasha looks over are shoulder * eep * ....well off we go to make crop circles .....bye bye

1 B. Molter replies: "Hehe, thanks guys, you are very entertaining!Keep on writing there! Pretty soon the evil slith lord hamsters will rule the world!!!! *evil cackle*"
18 Sep 2004:-) Saskia H. Suurling
Hi you!
Thanks for visiting my gallery. You have great art here. Keep it up!
Blessed Be, Saskia

2 B. Molter replies: "Thank you Saskia. You have beautiful art as well. Thanks for stopping by! xoxobri"
2 Jan 2005:-) Jennifer Lynn Nelson
Hi remember us, well me cause Raissa is on the other computer and I don't feel like disturbing her cause then she'll use my messanger and talk to my psychic. Actually he just lives in New Zealand so it's tomorrow but he never tells me what happens tomorrow. Hey great work, keep it up. Oh God Sasha is about to wake up! *Runs away* Peace Jenn Jenn

1 B. Molter replies: "Hehe, thanks kiddo! Of course I remember you! That story made my day!"
27 Nov 2005:-) Jennifer Lynn Nelson
The Evil Slith Lords Hamsters are no longer allowed on Elfwood!!! What's the world coming to?
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