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Brooks A. Owen

"The Adventures of Mystic and Fury" by Brooks A. Owen

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 2 by Brooks A. Owen.      ←Previous - Next→
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I got bored about a year ago and started this short story. I have a plot lined out, although you can't tell it this far into the story, but I'm really unsure if I want to continue this story. Leave me some critiques please?? Meanwhile, I'm off to figure out where I can find time to start on finishing this thing.. *sighs*
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←- Fleeta Rancao | Fleeta Rancao -→

The Adventures of Mystic and Fury

Craftily, the small girl looked about herself for bits of understanding as she crawled, barely seventeen years old, up into the old weyr. Her green eyes shown brightly as she looked about the hallway. No-one had been permitted passage here for centuries, but she had managed once again to allude the old watchwher in a moment of play. Her black, leather cloak swung gently about her as she stood up to look at the ceiling of the entrance.

She entered, slightly tired from the climb, and then leaned back against a wall for a moment only to jerk away in the next, her fiery red hair that was so neatly plaited down her back now full of soot and ash.

"Shards!" the girl swore under her breath as she began to mutter an incantation to remove the dirt from her hair. Highly imaginative for her age, she could almost see the great Gathers that must have once took place here. As she crept higher and higher into the main chamber, the girl began to think about all the times that her mind had took her elsewhere.

Teetering on the edge of a fifty foot drop to the main floor, she knew that this was neither the place nor time. Just then as she reached down to pick up a silvery glittering thing, her mind made her reel in the dark as visions of things that she had never experienced entered her mind.

"Watch that side!! You never treat a Cadda like that!! You, Fury, of all my apprentices... You should know that!! You've done enough. Drop that flame and start again..."

A voice growled at her as she opened her eyes to face a bright flame of green in front of her. As she jerked away the flame vanished and left her blinded for a moment. Recovered and wide-eyed with worry, she turned to see who the voice had emanated from only to find a black, hooded cloak with star swirling on it attending to various others with similar flames.

'Hey, Fury!' A small whisper floated into her head. 'Watch this!'

The girl's head whipped around to look for the voice. The nearest person to her was a boy with red hair exactly like hers. She touched her right hand to her hair for a moment as she stared at the boy watching his flame changed colors from green to red, orange, blue and finally purple before changing back to it's original bright green.

'Neat, eh?' the voice whispered again, 'What is wrong with you? Are you okay?'

'I don't know. No,' she thought confusedly, 'Yes, that is a neat illusion, and no, I am not okay. Where the heck am I and what is this voice?'

'Fury, maybe you should get some sleep. Quit studying so hard for Incantations, okay?' Resonating in her head, the soothing tone seemed so familiar, but she couldn't place it. 'Fury?? Hello?? We are in Spells... It's Rage... Remember?? Hello??'

'I am not Fury! I am Mystic. And just why is there this voice in my head?' the girl's mind set to work deciphering her situation.

'Alright then... 'Mystic!' Tell me if you are going to restart your spell or are you going to let Master Sadik get you for cleaning duty again?'

'Cleaning duty?? What?? What is going on here?' Mystic's mind spun at the possibilities. She had never gotten trapped this far into a vision before, and she had never been able to interact with them, just watch from afar.

"Miss Fury, since you have not restarted your Cadda Fire Spell again and you seem to be relaxing as you look about this Hall, you shall stay after class. Along with Rage, because he seems to enjoy changing the colors of the Cadda just before it finishes it's purity test. Both of you shall clean this floor of ashes and soot!"

The old man, assumedly Master Sadik, had turned to look at Mystic, and then tiredly over to the red-headed boy. Other students snickered as they gathered their books and gear before leaving the Hall. Master Sadik sighed as a blue mist enveloped him, and he muttered some destination under his breath.

"So, here we are with this duty once again. Would you like to tell me what is going on first or are you going to make me wait until later?"
Mystic jumped as she turned to face the boy. Rage looked at her, his dark green eyes imploring her mind. He moved closer and then snapped his fingers in front of her. A small red rosebud appeared in his hand.

"Fury... no... 'Mystic....' Exactly what is going on with you?" Rage looked closely at the rosebud twirling it daintily on his fingertips, then looked back up at her.

"I'm telling you, I am not Fury. I do not know who you are speaking about!" Mystic said with indignation, "I knew one of these days that those visions were going to get me into trouble!!"

"Snap out of it." Rage closed his eyes and the rosebud disappeared. He ducked his head and turned his back to her. "Let's get to work. You at least remember Sweep. Don't you??" He sighed as he dropped shoulders and then murmured a few words before bringing his arms up. A cloud of ash and soot arose on one side of the room. A great flash of blinding orange light shot through the cloud vaporizing it. Rage looked at her smiling and whispered, "Your turn, Fury."

"I tell you, I am not Fury and I do not know how to... do that." Mystic quietly said mortified of Rage's power.

He looked back at her wildly. He sighed for a short moment before slowly walking over to her. Mystic jerked away as he moved to touch the sides of her head with his cool hands.

"It's okay. Hold still. I want to see if you are joking, Fury." Rage placed his icy fingers back over her head and then closed her eyes. A moment later, he wrenched his hands away to stare at her with dark eyes flashing. "You were telling the truth! You aren't Fury! Then who are you!?!?! Explain yourself before I alert Master Sadik to your intrusion to Fury's mind!"

Grasping a hand to her throat, Mystic felt the cold metallic touch of the amulet. She grasped it in her hand and closed her eyes, panting, hoping that no pain would touch her as she feared Rage's power more then the fall from the cliff. She felt dizzy for a moment then opened her eyes to a cold blanket of darkness back in the original cave.

Jerking her head back, she found herself clinging to a rock facing with her fingernails beginning to seep blood. The pain screamed up her arms and then she felt a sensation, a rush, that she knew she did not want to feel the end of.

"Aaaaa!!! Noooo!!!" Mystic felt herself falling, but there was no pain as she hit a rotten table at the bottom of the fifty foot drop and lay unconcious. Cloak torn, and a deep gash bleeding from her forhead, she moaned quietly unable to acknowledge her body and the pain within.

Her echoing screams faded and a small 'ting' sounded in the cavern as the amulet dropped from her hand. The sound reverberated off of ancient walls and tingled etherical in the weyr. Blood dripped off of the table and onto the jewel facing.

Somehow the blood's purity or perhaps warmth triggered a deep ancient magic that began to work within it. After a few still moments, a small, bright, blue beam errupted from the bloodstained jewel face and struck a hole in the ceiling. As it burned through dirt and rock, Mystic fell silent in her moans, unknowning of the peril she was facing.

←- Fleeta Rancao | Fleeta Rancao -→

4 Sep 200145 Monroe
Neat. I like the whole equinox beam thing. (Phewchoo!) Sort of like that girl in Disney's Atlantis, and her funky crystal pendant.
19 Sep 200645 Summer
EggSellent! 1 Love your writing style...just two words..."Well Done!"
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'The Adventures of Mystic and Fury':
 • Created by: :-) Brooks A. Owen
 • Copyright: ©Brooks A. Owen. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Amulet, Fury, Magic, Mystic, Rage, Spell
 • Categories: Faery, Fay, Faeries, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., Celtic
 • Views: 351

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