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Casey Young

Casey Young

Casey is very shy and doesn't talk to people very often. She's a digital artist, usually of the fantasy, scifi and anthropomorphic subject matter. She now lives out her days in Colorado doing artwork for herself or updating her webcomic, Altermeta, in her spare time. That's about all there is to know. Enjoy the art, criticize the art. Have at it..

Hey lookit that! I updated.  Not much to say really.  I'd give some long drawn out spiel of who I am, but really that doesn't matter.

Updated 6-15-2010
Gonna start updating more here. Yaay?

webcomics art dragons elves D&D WoW
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Caleb morris(Worshiper) , Tom 'Beldarr' Bell(Mad scientist) , Chelsea Mae Lee(Idol) , Heather ElfLenali Champion(Admirer) and Chelsea Mae Lee(Fan) .

Guestbook for Buck

12 Apr 2010:-) Dragos Stanculescu
Hello Casey 2. You seem to neglect your gallery here in the woods, there are some pieces that I remember from 10 years ago 2
Rocking stuff, but where is you showcase your awesome skills nowdays ?

:-) Casey Young replies: "I do yes.. I may make a return, just to check out the old stomping grounds and see if this place is any more streamlined."
5 May 2010:-) Nicholas C Turner
"Rocking stuff, but where is you showcase your awesome skills nowdays ?"

In the event that Casey doesn’t check her page, I’ll help with that question.

There’s some stuff on deviantART (under the username "noben" ), the webcomic on altermeta.net and some stuff on Fur Affinity ("noben" again).
21 Dec 2010:-) Dale Kimon Felty
ive done a couple of commission pieces too. Luckily i did get paid. unfortunatly a lot of them dont pay well. figure i made about a dollar an hour. suprises me palladium would do that, but dont doubt it. good luck in future

:-) Casey Young replies: "Eh, they only owe me a few hundred bucks. After some investigation, Sembieda is actually very notorious for his behaviour towards artists and writers, that being the act of ripping them off in some way or another, or outright theft. Hardcore fans of Palladium will deny it and defend him with a very defensive uncalled-for rage. But eh, what can one do...

I do commission work on my own terms now, which pays as a supplemental in the long run, but never again will there be anything for Palladium."
4 Feb 2011:-) Michael andrew koutek
your pics are awesome!! great works here!! . I’m Michael BTW..
16 Aug 2011:-) BluE moon FLowEr
nice work
21 Sep 2011:-) Ceasar j gross
Awesome gallery was just browse through your works love the values and your unique style on furies and dragons.
13 Dec 2011:-) Rae Elizabeth Baker
I really like your gallery 2 nice work 1
4 Nov 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! I see that you like dragons to! I draw dragons and if you have time can you please come and have a look!
1 Mar 2013:-) Ella rose griffin
I just wanted to let you know that on your web comic site none of the links to other episodes of the comic work,
I really like what I have managed to see so far 1
27 Feb 2014:-) Frank Griscom
thanks for the nice words about my art. yours is impressive too
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Casey Young

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