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Cerhiunnhn Faldhl

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Cerhiunnhn Faldhl

Cerhiunnhn is made from pure cane sugar - no beets!!

Art Trade ~ Nymph
Colour My World
Elven Ranger
Gwen~Art Trade
Puppet Mania ~ I am not God!
The Unicorn

23 Jul 200345 Touranne F. Wynne
You have the COOLEST name. I will not pronounce it, as if I do, it will be destroyed by my American pronounciation, but I will just admire it. Umm....anyhoo, your art is as good as your name! An' thats a compliment! ^_^ Do you think you'd comsider doin an art trade with me? Maybe a bit later, cuz' I still hafta' finish one I was doin with another gal. Heh...^_^;;;

1 Cerhiunnhn Faldhl replies: "Well.. don't worry about the American pronounciation cause... I'm American. (Fooled you, didn't I?) And, thanks for the compliments. *her ego inflates a bit* My name is pronounced as follows: Sir-ee-uhn-in Fal-dull
And I'd like to do an art trade with you. They're fun! Email me or drop a comment whenever you're ready, and trade our art we shall."
8 Sep 200345 Taylor
*nods all knowingly*

Yesh...maniacal laughter is good. Very good...^_^ I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one to use that word. I like your pictures! I think that Destroying Toonami would NOT be a good idea, as then there would be even less on Cartoon Network at even harder to see hours...^_^Nice self- portrait. I like your other pictures, too. Only commented on one so far, though. I think. AAAHH! Ruroni Kenshin was SO AWESOME last night! I tricked my dad into letting me watch it...*maniacal laughter*

*The Beast #666 gives you chocolate chip cookies in return for using your main page as a "random ranting" page*

*The Small Telepathic Purple Dragons Armed With Extremely Sharp Teeth And Claws That Swarm Around My Head telepathically communicate with you...*

::We will be back, mortal...::

1 Cerhiunnhn Faldhl replies: "Yay! Small Telepathic Purple Dragons Armed with Extremely Sharp Teeth and Claws That Swarm Around Your Head!!! *hugs them*
^^;; They're so awesome! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for the comment!
ARGH!! I missed RUROUNI KENSHIN!! *goes off to sob* I can't trick the parental units to lemme watch it.... *shakes fist at TV*
*munches on a cookie and offers you one*"
9 Sep 200345 Taylor
*watches you hug the Small Purple Dragons*

Eruhm, you mighta not wanta do that...eh.

*The Small Purple Dragons begin to stuggle*

AAH! Quick! Before they gouge out your arms! Batter! get batter! Cookie batter! Muffin batter! Anything!

1 Cerhiunnhn Faldhl replies: "*ignores your yelling and simply pets the dragons until they calm down*
*points to her ears* I'm an Elven Dragonmage. I have the gift of tongues and, well, I am good with dragons. *pets them lovingly* They're cute lil guys. ^^"
11 Sep 200345 Brian 'Skorpion' Hong
Just following the roolz and leaving a comment! =)
Your bio piccie is great, and your drawings look quite good, you obviously know a thing or two about drawing, hope to see some updates!

1 Cerhiunnhn Faldhl replies: "Everyone should follow your great example! *gives you two gold star stickers* Thanks thanks and thanks!! I'll update... when I start drawing stuff of importance. Lately I've only been drawing anatomy sketches, so they're all boring. But oddly amusing!! =D Thanks for the comment!!"
15 Sep 200345 Claire Hudson
Great stuff! Keep drawing! ^__^

1 Cerhiunnhn Faldhl replies: "Thanks, and I sure will keep drawing. *loves art*"
3 Oct 2003:-) Lisha 'Centimetre' Lee
Hey... it's centimetre from the tsunami channel drawing contest.. you remember me. You made the comment about "What's it do" on my entry... okay.

Cute artwork.

:-) Cerhiunnhn Faldhl replies: "^^; I sure do remember you. Thanks a lot for commenting! *hugs you and hands you a golden star sticker*
Don't mind my idiocy over grammar, either. I'm just weird. O.o;"
3 Feb 2004:-) Alex Hakobian AKA Avaz
RUN BY COMMENTING! *runs by really fast and disappears behind a ... tree, or soemthing.* Yeah, that's it. 1
13 Feb 200445 Anonymous
22 Mar 200445 Anonymous
was the elven dragon thingie from something? or did you just become more random? hah!!!! RANDOM COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAPTOR ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!

22 Cerhiunnhn Faldhl replies: "Uh, I think I just became random?"
28 Dec 200645 Anonymous
"You are visitor 1337 to this page since May 2005."

Heck yes.
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