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D. Chong

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by D. Chong

D. wishes that she is half as talented as the other artists and have more personal time

A Element Summoner
Birth Day
Blue Tack Dragon
Coloured Version of Maiden, Dragon Lady and Angel
Damnèd Angel
Elf Lady
Feeling the Wind
Hey Diddle Diddle!
Lireal Clayr
Merry Christmas!
Pixie Couple
Serene Bliss
The Fall
The Record Keeper

29 Oct 200645 Katie and GG 3x6
me= thanx... I decided to give up on CS... I got really anoyed with being banned all the time... + It makes me feel ill... I dont know why? * looks at GG then looks at you again...* GG?
GG 3x6= yes... * tries to look inacint*
me= * sees him fail* did you do this?
GG 3x6= maybe... ohhh doesnt matter anyway!^^...
Nivity= ^^ ha ha ha... GG your gona get killed for this! ha ha ha... Yo D.C... i have been busy, makin new song and dat... ever heard of "I write sins not tragedies"? ^^...makein vid for it... well Katie and Julia... funny Vid!^^ I want to put a link to it but julia would kill us...
me= she WOULD... its not a joke... * looks at Julia wearily*
Julia= hey D.C... I am Katies best freind... Im stayin over for a sleep over for haloween... theres lods of others here to but katie ate to much Chocolete so I came up to see her ( every one else is down stairs eating sweets*YUM*!) and i find her, GG and Niv messin around on the com... * hits katie* are you doin anyhting this haloween???
me= good Question...

28 D. Chong replies: "  Boo! Happy Halloween! ^^ Tsk tsk.. looks like GG is gonna pay bigtime =x. And katie don't give up.. just make sure your, er.. acc isn't hacked =P. Nivity, you mean the song made by "Panic! at the disco"..? You're making a video of it? Wow, would love to see it =p. Erm, hiya Julia ^^, nice to meet ya and er.. the video can't be that bad..? Lolz, nvm ;p. Here you go guys, have some halloween cookies *offers a plateful of freshly made halloween cookies*. Sweets doesn't really make you feel satisfied whole-heartedly compare to cookies =P."
31 Oct 200645 Katie and GG 3x6
me= well... cookies are OK...but I love strawberry pencils!^^! +.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!^^... the rest of my freinds are here and I only have a few mineuts to talk before I go to get some....... CANDY!!!! yum... We all spraypainted each other!^^... ha ha ha...
Nivity= COOKIES!!!^^! *takes big armfull* thanks.... and if you want to hear the song ( you where right) , katie found a good vid made by a freind with clips from IZ... pretty. good... just ask and I will tell...
GG 3x6= ??? did you change my words to say yes??? 0_<... indeed... but at least while Katie and her mates go have fun ,I can have fun off my own...
me= what are you going to do thats so fun then?
GG 3x6= *sighs* watch TV...
(Nivity laughs)
GG 3x6= shut up Niv!... *hits him* by the way... I love your new selfportrait!^^ cool!
me= Me too!^^! + if you wana hear what me and my freinds did for halloween just ask! ha ha ha! Spray paint is fun!^^

25 D. Chong replies: "Lolz, i guess it's the matter of preference of cookies nad sweets =P. Lol, hope you guys aren't doing any illegal vandalism ;p and tell me abt your halloween =3 (I can't guess this time! =x). GG, you are spose to go out on halloween.. go get treats and play tricks on other people =P. Sure I would love a link, Nivity ^^. Thanks for the compliment on my new self-potrait.. halloween-ness theme >=D"
2 Nov 200645 Katie and GG 3x6
me= we arnt... we spray paint each other.... it beats making a costume... but the paint we got this time wore of a bit... *sigh*
GG 3x6= out? you mean outside? with the otther humans? no... simple anser.
me= shss GG... dont woz about him... hes just anoyed at the new scipt that came in.... well I guess he has reasons...
Nivity= ha ha ha... he sure does...
me= its ot funny Niv... *hits him*
GG 3x6= thank you Katie... + i just wnat to add that Katies been trying to find good films that make you cry... she thinks I can cry at films... Bah!
me= yes... i sort of had a bet with him... I said that hes not just an heartless thing... so I can make him cry... Ive tried lods of films that made me cry! I mean who doest cry at the end of Shilo? or Lion King when Simba is looking at the sky? Or in Iron Gaint? when he wathced it, he burst into laughter and woudnt stop till i turned it of... can you think of a good cry film? It would be very helpful... + films like The Ring dont work ither... tried that... made me cry... he just kept pointing out mistakes in it.... thanks!^^

6 D. Chong replies: "Man nivity, you love getting yourself hit by katie and gg =x =p. Bah... halloween is when humans are not 'human'.. then what's with all that costumes and dressing up for..? xPSad movies..? Well since he's a guy: try something that gotta do with his idol dying or something that guys can't laugh and can cry abt xP. And believe me, guys can cry... juss gotta know the way how to do it >=D"
9 Nov 2006:-)
me= ha ha ha! I did it... wooo... not so great no more thought...
GG 3x6= I want to kill you... *hits katie*

59 D. Chong replies: "hehe.. told ya ;p. why doesn't it feel great anymore? =x and GG, don't worry.. it just shows that you're at least human =p"
16 Nov 2006:-)
GG 3x6: ??? im not human...10...
me: true... he he he...

31 D. Chong replies: "not human..? so what are you? =P wait... not a vampire..? =x"
25 Nov 2006:-)
GG 3x6: no... not a vampire...10

47 D. Chong replies: "superman or something then ;p"
6 Dec 200645 Katie Gilman ( and GG 3x6)^^
GG 3x6: *giggles and ponits* hehehe... no... bleh...
me: hehehehe... funny... If you want to see him then go to elftown..

22 D. Chong replies: "heh... it's not really much of 'see' but more of what he mentioned of "not being human" =P. Btw your elftown thingy does not work =x"
1 Jan 2007:-)
me: meh?? ... *looks confuzzled*
GG: meh??? *looks confuzzled too*
me: oh... you thought I would put a link to elftown right? no.. im far to lazy for that!^<
+ mega sorry for not being able to reply coz my internet an dme had a fight...... grrr....

18 D. Chong replies: "oooff... more like a trap to get people to fall for the trick =P. Hehe, np.. over here the connection is affected is well due to the earthquake in Taiwan a couple of days ago. Hope they restore it soon =x. Anyways, Happy New Year! *fireworks*"
3 Jan 200745 Caitlin J. Hall
Hi again! I like your new picture for your self portrait! It is really cool and I like the colors. I am still working on posting all the new stuff (a whole sketch book full2, but I don't have a scanner. But every time I am doing proportions, I try to remeber what you tell me, so just stopping by to say thanks again!

7 D. Chong replies: "  Oooh.. Hi! Nice of you to drop by again! *waves*. Thanks about my picture, it was done to get that halloween theme feeling the last time >=D, but at the moment I'm planning not to change the picture.. even if halloween is over =).Hehe, no worries, when it comes to drawing, take your time to improve it and spend time on each drawing xD, I'm still improving too.. with the colouring and all. Sadly I've been busy all this time and have doodled during class, but no time to render and colour it ><. Heh... my holiday is coming soon, cross your fingers that I will try to get something done ;p. Tell me when you've got your pictures up so I can check it out! xD"
8 Jan 2007:-) Invicta
Hi. Katie and GG 3x6 have been here too? Nowhere is safe 2
Awesome art

17 D. Chong replies: "Opppsies... sorry for this very very very late reply... I guess the Elfwood Comment Harvestor did not alert me for this msg, either that or I'm getting old or amnesia or something =P =x. Heh, yea Katie and GG raided here, but hey: I don't mind... they are unique and heaps fun =P. I'm sure you would have agreed xP. Thanks for commenting and dropping by my Gallery. ^^"
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