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Chris Stanley

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Chris Stanley

Chris is a fulltime Wal-Mart employee yearning for a more creative, less evil profession.

Angel Warrior
Body Beautiful
Brave new world...
Character Sketch (Kynslin)
Defying Gravity
Draw The Circle
Ean 2
Ean 3
Elven Lovers (Sketch)
Elven Lovers Colored
Elven Lovers Retry
Elven Magic
Elven Winds
Foggy sunrise
Forbidden Love
Goddess of the Mists take 2.
Green eyes
If You Got It
Kedikai in the breeze
Kedikai in the tub
Keshma, Queen of Sekh-at-Osiri-Ra
Kynslin asrride the Wyvern
Male Anthro
Osias in Flight
Sailor Eclipse in Human form
Salisa slightly more mature
Silver Androgyny
Sky Goddess
Snake Goddess
Take these stars from my crown
Tropical Merboy
Water Goddess
Windrider Unchained

8 Jan 200445 Anon.
Just to let people who look at this page know it's ok to be straight and not homophobic!!! I mean i am and this page is amazing. Look at art for it's quality and for what it may mean not for what society as a whole accepts it by.
8 Jan 200445 Anon.
Your work is amazing! Don't worry about those idiots who criticize you because of the way your art is. I believe love comes in many forms and am happy to see that you can illustrate the kind that many people are too afraid to do. Good luck on future art projects and hope the homophobes out there get it that that exists in life and to get over it. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed your site. Hope to see more of your work to come!!! 2
10 Jan 200445 Diana R. Marling
Hallo! You left a comment on my board asking if I did art trades....and I certainly do! Thanks hugely for asking. I'd LOVE to do an art trade. Sorry it took me so long to get back, I tried emailing you earlier and my email yelled at me for some reason and it didn't get through. ANYWAY, just send me a description of someone you'd like me to do a picture of, specify which medium (watercolor, pencils, acrylic...), and I'll send you back my request!
Be peachy, my dear.
P.S. May take me a while to finish the thing. Paintings take me a while nowadays, as I'm in the middle of at least eight at this point, as well as my stories....sigh....
19 Feb 200445 Anonymous
31 Mar 200445 Wendelien Meijer
Well, just popped by to see your 'Angel' again, as it's been my favourite ever since you put it up ^_^ **waves to the Angel**
Hope life and DeviantArt are treating you good.

7 Jan 200545 Anonymous
Why do they have no clothes on? Seriously. You need to do something about it.

:-) Chris Stanley replies: "Well, gee. Sorry my art happens to offend, but I think that the nude form is far more interesting than the clothed form."
28 Mar 2006:-) Amy J. Daher
You know, I hate to do this on your main page, but it's been a while since I've seen such... negativity... on one single gallery. I haven't been active on elfwood for about two years now, one reason was because of all the haters out there. I'm just looking into getting my gallery back up and from looking around I thought Elfwood was getting better. From your gallery it seems like both "sides" are getting worse. First off, people are throwing around this "homophobic" word completely out of it's context. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Some people are actually irrationally afraid of homosexuals... and some peanut butter. It not their fault. These people leaving degrading comments are prejudice. I'm sorry, but I think it's kind of ignorant to use an actual mental condition as an insult. Second, you "open minded" people who support everything and anything from gay marriage to legalizing meth seem to forget that not everyone agrees with you... WOW! By insulting other peoples beliefs you are becoming them. It's really sad for me to see the religion fight brought in on all this. Guess what, the bible says specifially homosexuallity is a sin and some people beleive in the bible and in God and dont agree with that lifestyle. That doesn't make anyone better than anyone else it doesn't even make anyone right or wrong, it makes them DIFFERENT. By insulting a Christians belief because it doesn't coincide with yours... well think about it. Finally, stop acting like such a victim when someone IS being close-minded and a jerk. Chris isn't letting them get him down and he sounds like he's doing great! Homosexuals aren't the only victims of prejudice... EVERYONE is. Be a minority anywhere and you'll be a victim, black, white, Jewish, Muslim, straight, gay, male, female, etc. It's not even always minorities! Letting it get to you is making it worse! Stop making a bigger deal out of it than it already is, accept yourself, everyone else comes and goes, so dont let it bother you so much.

Ok, I'm done, I'm sorry Chris, I think I'm touchy about this right now since I'm helping a homosexual friend through a really tough breakup.
BTW, I'm not Christian and I dont agree with many of them, I dont personally agree with homosexuality, and I've been a "victim" of prejudice too.

OH, and to the artist: Your Poser (right?) work is amazing! I'm now thinking about looking into using it myself. You make your art look a lot different than most of the Poser stuff I've seen out there. I'm excited to see your deviant gallery!
2 May 200645 Catapatra
Your work is amayzing i luv your style its sooooooo wonderful & different.LUV YOUR ART WORK>
26 Jun 200645 Zohrin
Well Christopher. You know I was sitting here looking for something for my latest MMO and I typed my characters name into Google, and this was the first link that came up. I thought it odd cause the next 3 links were about me, so I clicked on this one to see what "Zohrin" was. I must say that picture definately brought back quite a few memories.

Heh, its been a long time, my old friend.
11 Sep 2006:-) Streahorn
Wow. I love your art done on poser. Oh and i really don't see anything wrong with being gay i'm straight but my best friend is gay, and as i read on another artists page it's not about the gender but that you love each other. Luv your pics and portrayals.
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