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Chris ´Gimmie the Bishonen!´ Stanley

"Elven Lovers" by Chris ´Gimmie the Bishonen!´ Stanley

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 4 by Chris ´Gimmie the Bishonen!´ Stanley.      ←Previous - Next→
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This is the story I've been babbling about for the last... year and a half! Angel and Salos!
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←- Thieves of Golden Heart (Part One) | Asari -→

“Angel, wake up!” I said, shaking the slumbering Crown Prince.
“But I don’t wanna!” he replied, hiding himself under his sheets.
“I said UP!” I roared, yanking the sheets off his bed. He shivered and sat up. I grabbed him by one pointed ear and led him into the bathroom, “Get dressed, you have to meet your betrothed in an hour!” I left him in the bathroom and pounded up the stairs to my own room. My name is Morgan. I am princess of the Elven nation of Trandal. Princess regent. I am ruling until such time as my nephew can. Another five years at least. I carefully donned my robes of state, and tucked my long knife in it’s sheath. Angel carried the matching dagger. I put my small tiara on, situating the jewel that dangled from the silver chain at the center of my forehead. I put my only other piece of jewelry on, a small ring from Rolf, my betrothed, a human. I heard Angel calling my name, looked myself over in the mirror one last time, adjusting the silver collar on the robe, and walked down the stairs to meet him. I walked into his room. He sat in front of the mirror, and was fidgeting, as most ten year olds do, and trying to get his smaller state robe on. I smiled and walked over to him. Fifteen, old for a marriage by the standards, but I was eternally young. A mixed blessing from my mother, they said. I snapped the robe up his back, and helped him with his pants. Already a handsome young man, he didn’t want to be betrothed. I nodded at his complaints.
“It’s customary dearest, for people to betrothed before your age even.”
“But you just got betrothed!” he argued back.
“I’m not bound by normal rules. Remember, I won’t grow old.”
“I know. At least you’ll always be pretty!” he said, slipping his small hand into mine. I beamed down at him, even though it hurt. Everyone said I was as beautiful as my older sister, who would now be queen, but died giving birth. Normally the Prince Consort would reign, but he threw himself the north tower. That left, not only a huge mess, but myself and Angel to rule. Angel was the proper heir, but too young to rule, still a baby. For a time our royal adviser ruled for him, but now I was of age to represent the crown. Angel finished dressing, and put on his little crown like mine. He beamed into the mirror as I brushed his long golden-white hair, and braided it, as was the fashion.
“My lady, your beloved is here.” a maid, Amberle said. I nodded at the small brown haired girl, and when she curtsied I curtsied back. She blushed at the gesture, and smiled, running from the room. Rolf was here. Grabbing Angel’s hand, I jogged down the hallway, lifting my skirts above my knees so as not to encumber my movements. I ran to the private sitting room, and dropped Angel’s hand, flinging myself into Rolf’s arms. I embraced him, and held him tightly against me.
“My love.” he whispered into my ear. A tear trickled down my cheek. It had been a year since I had seen him.
“Oh it’s been too long!” I whispered back, having to stand on my tip toes. I kissed him, the pressure remaining on my lips for moments after we broke the embrace. Angel ran up to him, screaming ‘ROLF’ at the top of his lungs. He jumped into Rolf’s arms, and gave him a big hug. Rolf was the older brother Angel never had.
“Hi, Angel.” he laughed, hugging him back. Rolf... how can I describe him without sounding like a love-struck child? I can’t, but I’ll try to. Tall, by a head and a half of me, and I was considered tall for my peoples, a naturally tall and willowy, and my adopted people, the Banshee, my mother’s people, dark haired, almost black, with just enough stubble to make him attractive. Elven men can’t grow beards. Black eyes that held all the colors in them when he was happy, like now. Rolf set Angel back on the ground, and held me at arms length, “You look wonderful.” he said.
“Not so bad yourself.” I said, looking him up and down. Black robe, black boots, black gloves. Druids. Are there no other colors for them? Guess not. I grinned at him, and he led us out of the room, back into the hall.
“Father and Mother deemed it necessary a Druid be at the betrothed’s meeting.” I nodded, and slipped my hand around his. Damn them all. This was my future husband, and they should get used to seeing us like this. I led us out into the stable, where the hands were preparing our mounts. Lady, mine, a white dappled horse, Rolf’s, Thunder, a black unicorn, and Angel’s, a pony called Starwind. Lady walked up to me and wuffled my hair, and nuzzled my cheek.
“Hullo, Lady, up for the trip?” I asked. She nodded her head in affirmation. I swung up onto her back without help, and sat side saddle. Rolf lifted Angel up onto Starwind, and swung himself up on Thunder. Rolf had to sit side saddle too. I giggled, and stopped myself when Rolf blushed. I rode Lady out into the courtyard, and onto the beaten path. We would reach Selonis by tomorrow at most. There was almost no talking on the trip, and when we camped for the night, we were all too tired for talk. I slipped under Rolf’s and my blanket, and started dozing as soon as he got into the bed.
* * *
We arrived in Selonis, the huge kingdom of elves, and were met with a royal escort to the castle gates.
“Princess Morgan, Crown Prince Angel, and Lord Rolf.” the herald announced, tapping his staff on the floor for silence. The King and Queen came forward, and exchanged greetings with each of us. I was curious about this new girl they had. As far as I knew, they only had two sons, one about a year or two older than Angel and the other, the crown prince. The other, with jet black hair and huge purple eyes, he would have made a lovely girl, but did make a handsome prince.
“Well met, Morgan.” the Queen said, giving me a motherly kiss on the cheek.
“Good to see your highnesses again.” I murmured, aware of the crowds, “When may we see the betrothed?” I asked, not wanting to seem rude, but people were staring at Rolf. It made me uncomfortable.
“Right now if you like, we’ll take you to the royal sitting room.” one thing about these two. They always used the royal plural. I hated that. I smiled and nodded my consent. They led us to a small room, and left to go get their daughter.
“I’ve not heard they had a daughter.” I murmured into Rolf’s ear.
“Nor I.” he whispered. The door opened, and the majesties came back, trailed by a small child, with jet black hair and purple eyes. I drew in my breath sharply.
“Where is the betrothed?” Rolf asked, still not getting it.
“Why, he is here.” the Queen motioned to her son.
“He?” Rolf asked, blinking several times.
“I was under the misunderstanding that you had a daughter. All of your letters hinted at the fact.” I replied, still under shock. The boy sat down meekly, and Angel smiled at him.
“Wanna go play?” Angel asked, looking at the boy. He nodded, “My name’s Angel, what’s yours?” he asked.
“Wow, neat name.” Angel replied.
“Run along, Angel, go play with your friend.”
“Okay, Morgan.” the two boys ran out of the room.
“How dare you lie to me. How *DARE* you!” I screamed, hurling a vase against the wall.
“Calm down!” Qrena, the queen, urged.
“Calm down? You just set the only heir my people have up with your SON.” I growled, my eyes turning black with suppressed rage, “Why?” I moaned, slumping back into my chair, resting my head on the table.
“Salos is not a normal boy. There was... a seer a while back who preordained this would happen. It is necessary for your kingdoms.” Rolf said, sadly shaking his head. This was more common among elves, but a ruler needed heirs.
“WHAT?” I roared, jumping to my feet.
“Mother told me before I left. You know she would not lie.” I nodded, but my anger was still there.
“How will they produce an heir?” I wailed, falling against Rolf’s side.
“You will find a woman, and she will have Angel’s or Salos’s child. An heir is assured.” I nodded sadly. My baby, fate had to play with my baby. I burst into tears, and cried myself out on Rolf’s shoulder. When I became aware of everything again, I noticed the Queen looked sad, and old.
“We’re sorry.... It was preordained that they should be wed.” I stood and placed my hand on the Queen’s shoulder.
* * *
I frowned, leaning over Salos’s shoulder.
“Now what?” Salos asked, blinking in surprise.
“You are to be married. It’s ordained by the gods. We cannot fight this. Salos is going with Morgan, and will be raised by her. We are sorry, my son.” The king said, placing a gentle hand on Salos’s shoulder. Salos shook it off and ran down the hall. I turned, and ran after my friend. I caught up with him on the balcony. He sat on the railing. I climbed up after him, and sat down next to him.
“You don’t like me?” I asked, curling up my knees to my chin.
“It’s not that. I hate it when they make me do something!” I nodded.
“It’s for the good of our peoples. That’s what Auntie says constantly when I have to do something I don’t like.” Salos nodded and shook his black hair out of his eyes, exposing the dark skin of his neck, “So you do like me?” I asked, feeling confusion, and another feeling I couldn’t name. Salos nodded, and I smiled.
“So they are just doing something that you might want to do anyway?” I asked. He nodded, and I felt relief. I slipped my small white hand into his dark brown one, and smiled at him. He smiled back, and we climbed down from the railing. I led him back to the adults.
“We will do as you ask.” I said, bowing to the queen and king, and my aunt, “On the condition that from this point forward, you let us do things we want to do, not just for the good of the kingdom.”
“To an extent.” Morgan replied, wrapping Salos and myself into a warm embrace, “Welcome to the family, Salos.” she whispered so only we could hear.
* * *
Salos rode on the horse in front of me, whimpering in pain on sudden jolts, and grimacing with every step. I told him to rest his head on my shoulder. he did so, and stopped whimpering. He had fallen asleep. Not surprising, we had rode until dark, and been up at sunrise. I stroked his silky hair, it felt so soft. I could stroke it forever. The town came into view, and I roused Salos. He smiled sleepily, and kissed me on the cheek. We sat up straight as we reached the town. There were crowds gathered along the streets cheering. Salos and I waved, and Morgan and Rolf nodded and smiled brightly at people. Our horses, responding to the attention, assumed a painful parade step, which nearly sent Salos flying off it’s back. Salos’s blush darkened his skin, and I decided I liked it when Salos blushed. I swore I would make him blush once a day at least. His eyes watched the crowd, almost as if sensing something. A flying rock hit Salos, and knocked him from the horse. I lept down, and grabbed him, rolling with impact, bringing us to the relative safety out from under the horse’s hooves. Salos sat stunned on the paved road, and I crouched protectively over him.
“If you have a problem with His Royal Highness, Prince Salos, you will take it up with someone who can fight back!” Morgan snarled, leaping from her horse and completing a graceful arc in the air, landing in front of us, “Who hurled the rock?” Morgan snapped, booming over the noise of the crowd, which fell silent at her voice. No one responded. Morgan frowned, “Come forward and be charged!” she demanded, using her Voice on the whole crowd. A lone girl walked forward.
“Why did you hurl the rock, child?” Rolf demanded, dismounting, and grabbing the girl by the shoulders.
“Because I didn’t have a bow and arrow, human scum.” the child replied, balling up a fist and punched Rolf in the gut. He doubled over in pain, and released his grip. The elf-girl shimmered, and was replaced with a goblin shaman. The crowd gasped, and drew back. I moved to help Salos to his feet. Morgan didn’t flinch.
“Leave now, and leave with your head. Leave later, and it costs you your head.” Morgan snapped, raising one hand threateningly. The goblin laughed, it’s green scaly hide rippling.
“Try me, elfling. I’ve killed elves that were powerful Druids before, and twice your age.” it cackled. Morgan stepped forward.
“Looks are deceiving.” she stated, her hand glowing. I hauled Salos to his feet. His cheek was bruised and bleeding. I wrapped him in my cloak and sank to the ground, cradling his larger form as best as I could.
“Ha! You’re not more than fourteen seasons.” he cackled. Morgan’s hand glowed brighter.
“It will cost your left arm to leave now.” Morgan stated matter-of-factly. The goblin’s face became serious.
“DIE!” It snarled, pointing at Morgan. A defensive shield was already around her. I made the gestures, and spoke the words to invoke a wall between us and the goblin, adding to Morgan’s. My aunt laughed, and a strong wind whipped around the goblin.
“I’m warning you. Leave before it costs your head.” she snapped.
“Run from a zephyr?” it snarled, “Never!” she shrugged, and I pulled Salos tighter. He rested his head against my shoulder, and kissed my cheek. Morgan advanced a step, and rose from the ground. A beautiful song came from her lips. She targeted the goblin.
“Have a heart.” I yelled at the goblin, recognizing Morgan’s wish-song. It doubled up in pain. Goblins do not have hearts. Oh they have flesh ones, that pump blood, but not one that feels. It was feeling so many emotions at once, it toppled over, in pain. Morgan motioned for a guard, removing our shields. She lifted Salos up gently, and set him on the back of the horse. She set me up on her horse, and told the guards to lead us to the palace. After making sure Salos was alright, I slipped into the bed with him.
* * *
Four years had passed since then, and the two boys had blossomed into manhood together. Tomorrow they were to be wed. The people saw no problems with this, which is good, because I would have damaged anyone who interfered with the two’s love. I sat idly brushing my maid’s hair. It was silky, brown, and very long. She was my closest friend. Amberle. In a year Rolf and I would be married, and Amberle would come with us to start a new home with her love, one of the heralds. Angel walked quietly into the room. He kissed Amberle’s hand, and me on the cheek. I looked at him. Almost as tall as Rolf, his curly golden-white hair framing his face, he truly looked an angel. His dark blue eyes, a gift from his mother, searched for my green ones. Green and blue eyes are a major rarity among my people. Eyes are normally lavender, or brown, sometimes black, but almost never green or blue. Salos trailed in behind Angel, wearing a purple robe. I kissed him on the cheek, and he sat on the bed. Amberle got up to leave.
“I do have a job, I’ll be back soon.” she said, smiling. Angel sat on the bed too. I took the chair Amberle had occupied, and adjusted my dress.
“Auntie, we’re nervous.” Salos said, looking at me.
“Why?” I asked, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear.
“The wedding is tomorrow. Salos’s parents won’t be attending unless we go there, and since the north rode collapsed, it’s too dangerous for us to cross.” Angel frowned, “And you and they have to be present for it to be official.”
“Damn. Forgot about that.” Salos had turned into a beautiful young man, with silky black hair and deep purple eyes, “Well, we’ll go there.” I stood and walked over to my closets. I rummaged through them, and found what I was looking for. I pulled out the white bag, and set it on the bed. For not the first time I wished I could just forget being proper, and get rid of my dresses. I walked back to the closet and started packing clothes in the bag. I gently ushered Salos and Angel to their rooms, for them to pack. I flopped down on my bed and rested. I couldn’t believe it. True love, brighter than anything in the world, radiated from them. Mine and Rolf’s love was a candle to the sun. I put my sun tiara on, and the matching orange gown on, and walked down to the throne room. I collapsed in the cushions, and was brought out of my revelry by Amberle. She placed a concerned hand on my shoulder, and I patted it.
“What is wrong, Morgan?” Amberle asked, leaning in closer.
“Just feeling old is all. I mean, Angel and Salos aged, but I haven’t. It’s depressing. They’ll die, you will, but I won’t except violently.”
“Please, do not speak so. It is of ill forbidding.” I nodded, and took her hands in mine.
“Could you please finish packing for me? I just need to rest a moment.” Amberle nodded and took off up the stairs.
* * *
I walked into Salos’s private rooms, trailing after him. I flopped down on the bed, and put my head on the pillow.
“Tomorrow we’ll be married.” I murmured to him as I felt him slide down next to me.
“Odd isn’t it?” Salos asked. I nodded, and rolled over to face him.
“But I’m glad it will be happening.” I said, kissing him on the cheek. He took one of my hands in both of his and caressed it.
“Me too.” he started undoing the buttons on my robe, and I kissed him. The room grew warmer and warmer... He returned the kiss...
“Wait...” I gasped, “Tomorrow evening.” I whispered. He nodded, and wrapped his arms around my waist. We fell asleep like that....
* * *
I sighed as I swung up on Lady. I hated having to ride there. And as for crossing the river, I haddn’t figured that part out yet.
“Morgan, how are we going to GET there?” Salos asked.
“We’ll cross that bridge when we arrive there. No pun intended.”
“I’m sure.” Angel teased, swinging up on his new white horse. Salos sat in front of Angel, with his head resting on his shoulder. I took the reins from Angel, and tied them to my saddle horn. They could enjoy some sleep. I frowned to myself as we reached the bridge. It was totally demolished.
“Wow. How are we going to cross?” Salos asked sleepily.
“We’ll have to find a narrow area and try walking the horses across. That’s the only way I can think of.” I replied. We rode down stream, following the course of the river. It was heavily flooded, and the waters were gushing on it, “If I remember correctly, there is a very narrow area up ahead, but it’s a cliff. We’d have to jump the horses across.”
“We can do it Aunt Morgan!” I smiled. I HATED horse jumping. I got thrown from one when I was about five. I nearly broke my spine. If I had just landed a bit off, I would have. Sure enough, five minutes later, we found the narrow area I was talking about.
“Are you SURE you can do this Angel?”
“Yeah. But, Not with two riders.” I nodded. Salos swung out of the saddle and limped up to Lady. He got into the saddle behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. I backed Lady up, and sent her into a run. I jammed the heel of my shoes into her flanks, causing her to jump. She cleared the gap by a good five feet. Angel did the same with his horse, backing him up, and spurring him into the jump. Only, apparently, the horse was stupid, because it jumped too soon. Angel’s mount landed on the very edge of the cliff. My eyes widened in surprise.
“Angel, very slowly dismount, and crawl over here.” I gasped. Angel slowly swung his leg from the horse. The ground started to give way. Salos swung off Lady, and started toward Angel. The clifface collapsed, and Angel and the horse started with it. Angel’s foot was caught in his stirrup. I lept off Lady with great difficulty. Salos wrapped his hand around Angel’s forearm. Angel was screaming in pain. Salos was sliding down. The rest of the clifface started to give way. Lady winnied, and grabbed my tunic in her teeth, bodily carrying me from the cliff. I screamed as I watched my two surviving family members going into the water.
“MORGAN!” I heard Angel cry, and saw the waves swallow him.
“NO!” I cried, yanking loose from Lady and running to the edge of the cliff, “ANGEL!” I collapsed to the ground sobbing. My magic had failed me, and cost me the two things most dear to me.
* * *
Salos grabbed me as I slipped under the water, and held my head up. He was saying something, but I couldn’t tell what because of the roaring. We let the current carry us along, bobbing on the water. It started raining. My foot was free from the stirrup, and the horse had managed to get to safety, leaving us to fight for survival. I shivered. The water was so cold. I couldn’t think. How much longer could I survive like this? Slowly, the current was sweeping us towards an outcroping of land. I pointed at it, and Salos nodded. We began a joint effort to swim for it, but the current was starting to sweep us in another direction. I grabbed hold of the root of a tree growing there, and pulled us towards the land. Salos did likewise. We pulled ourselves onto the small island of land, and sat there, shivering. I stood up slowly, and motioned Salos to walk to the far wall with me, so we would not be hit by the water. he shook his head, and motioned to hs left leg. It was heavily bloodied, and looked broken. I gingerly lifted him off the sandy ground, and carried him to the far cliff wall. We were sheltered from the wind here, and I managed to find some dried dead wood to start a fire with. Salos used a touch of his magic, sparking the log instantly. I bandaged his leg. It wasn’t broken, but it was badly sprained and cut from knee to ankle. We had managed to save one of the packs from the horse, which had a blanket and some food in it. I got us water from the river, and set the blanket to dry next to the fire. We’d need something to keep us warm while we dried our clothes.
“Are you okay?” I whispered quietly.
“I’m scaired Angel. That cliff just started giving way, and all I could think was that I wouldn’t be able to live without you.”
“If it wasn’t for that horse we’d be fine.” I sighed, brushing back some of my soaking wet hair that was plastered to my forhead and on my ears. I picked bits of debris from it, bits of plant matter.
“Morgan probably jumped in after us.” Salos whispered.
“Even SHE’S not THAT bull headed.” he nodded
“I hope you’re right. She’d be sweapt away like a piece of driftwood in that river!”

←- Thieves of Golden Heart (Part One) | Asari -→

22 Mar 2002:-) Gaabriel Tomko
Very nice use of descriptions of feelings and people, these characters are very nice. I would love to read the rest when you are done. *huges* Keep going your talent is very obvious.
8 Apr 200245 She who likes to read
NO!*screams* It can't end there!. . .can't it?
It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!
15 May 200245 I'm not a speller, so just ignore it.
Finish this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finish this, finish this, finish this!!!!!!!! I hate it when stories just STOP. It dives me crazy!
30 Jun 2002:-) Heather Steele
wow.. I got chills.. ..this is amazing. ^_^
-D bomb
5 Dec 200245 Megan Hunt
I love this!!!! Its one of those stories that just keeps you glued to it! Please finish this soon, I am anxious to see what happens,*gets on knees and begs*
23 Feb 200345 Onix
i'm really likin this e-mail me when you finish! ... i wanna know what happened after the wedding .. yeah gay elves 1!
6 Sep 200345 Cecilia
Send me an e-mail when this is finished please.
I just loved the story and I have to know how it ends!
15 Nov 2003:-) Kelsey M. Elles
Wow! I love it! I want to be able to write that well! Like e-mail me when it is done. I love all the characters and i love the story line. I want to know more about the story and i want to read it over and over again. I love it. Ok i guess i have to stop! I loved it.
30 Apr 2004:-) Erin M. Slaughter
This was soo well written!! I am jealous because i cant write any thing. Um yeah though add me to the list of people to e mail when its done would you please??
30 Dec 200445 Lisa Karen Catherine Jacobus
This is very sweet. I'd like some more character development, but I liked what I read, too. I'd love to draw some of these characters, and will probably be looking you up on DA. Thanks for keeping this library open.
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'Elven Lovers':
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