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Chris ferry

"Wrath: chapter 1" by Chris ferry

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 7 by Chris ferry.      ←Previous - Next→
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Millennia ago, gods decreed that every entity must take on a physical form. Among those entities were the sins: Pride, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth and Wrath. This tale focuses on the life style and goings on of by far the most dangerous sin Wrath. In his human form he appears to be a young man in his late teens; but locked away behind those piercing blue eyes is centuries of knowledge which he is more than willing to use to his advantage. However, all is not what it seems, for the calm exterior exuded by the sin hides a turbulent past that has a habit of repeating itself all too often; and it’s about to boil over again.


Hope you enjoy the first of 29 chapters lol x feel free to draw wat you wish from this collection, if it inspires you go for it, just let me know coz im curious as to how others see my characters :)

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←- wrath: chapter 7 | wrath: chapter 2 -→
--- Chapter 1 ---

Ira was lying on a couch watching tv when he heard footsteps on the stairs. About a
minute or so later a little girl walked into the living room in her pink pyjamas. “What’s
the matter Ellie?” Ira asked in his subtle Mediterranean accent. He was in his late teens,
about six feet tall, slender but toned, naturally tanned and debatably handsome. He had
piercing, ice blue eyes and a tangle of light brown hair. He was wearing a grey waistcoat
over a pale turquoise shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pair of baby blue jeans. Ellie was
his next-door neighbours’ little girl, who he was babysitting. She was about 5 years old,
four foot tall, skinny and had the long blonde haired, blue eyed, pale skinned
combination that was often used to describe angelic little girls.
“Ira…There’s a monster under my bed” she replied in her quiet voice.
“Well tell it that if it’s not gone in 5 minutes, I’ll come up there and beat it up” Ira
replied. Ellie reluctantly turned and trudged back up the stairs.

About 5 minutes later Ellie was back down stairs saying, “The monster says bring it on”
“Oh really,” Ira replied with a bemused expression, “well then; I had better go and teach
it not to mess with us, shan’t I” to which Ellie just nodded her agreement. Ira got off the
couch, picked Ellie up and walked up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs Ira said “show me where this monster is” so Ellie led him into
her room, which was a typical little girls room being baby pink in colour, decorated with
various posters from her latest favourite film, crammed full of stuffed animals and dolls,
all piled onto a large, pink bed. Ellie pointed to the shadow under her bed and, lying on
his stomach, Ira looked under the bed and was stunned to see two red eyes glaring back
at him. Standing back up he turned to Ellie and said, “Go put high school musical on
and I’ll be down in a minute or two to watch it.” At the mention of her favourite film
and the prospect of watching it for the umpteenth time, Ellie went running down stairs.
Closing the door Ira turned back to the bed and, crouching down, he thrust his left arm
under the bed and dragged the demon from its hiding place by its throat. Displaying
unnatural strength, Ira slammed the beast up against the wall. “What the hell do you
think you’re doing here?” Ira barked with such ferocity the beast flinched.
“I heard a rumour… that Wrath was going soft… and decided to see… if it was true or
not” replied the demon in a weak, gasping voice that didn’t match its powerful
physique. The demon was a common grunt, often hired by the demon lords as henchmen
and servants. The grunts were generally short, hardly standing 5 foot at the shoulder,
with stumpy little legs, thick, long, muscular arms that left their knuckles hanging
somewhere around their knees, a stooped posture that resembled that of a gorillas and a
square shaped head that was more often than not surrounded by a mane of course, wiry
hair, usually supporting sunken, beady red eyes. This particular grunt also had short
tusks jutting out of his lower jaw and was the typical brown in colour.
“Oh really” was Ira’s reply. “Well I can’t be having that, now can I?” Knowing better
than to answer a rhetorical question, the demon kept his silence and prayed to any
higher being that he lived through this ordeal, or at least that his death would be quick.
“What can I do to prevent these rumours? Killing you would prove a point…” the
demon tensed visibly and let out a small whine and Ira flashed him a sadistic smile
“…but then no one would know how fearsome I am…” the demon relaxed a little at this
“…but letting you live would be proof that I’m going soft…” the demon tensed again
“…I suppose I could mar you beyond recognition” Ira continued, turning his right fist
and forearm into iron and producing two inch spikes from each knuckle to emphasise
his point. The demon inhaled to howl his protest but Ira’s grip tightened around its
throat meaning all that came out was a pathetic gurgle. “You make any noise and I
swear I’ll kill you on the spot!” Ira hissed venomously. The demon was seriously
considering making another sound so that his death would be over quickly when Ira
suddenly let go of him. “I can’t be bothered with making a mess of you all over Ellie’s
room; I quite like this shade of pink.”
“You are going soft,” the demon muttered unwittingly. He realised his mistake soon
enough when Ira embedded the knuckle spikes deep in his gut.
“Now look what you’ve made me do,” Ira said in a tone that would usually be used by a
parent when a child makes them spill something. “How the hell am I supposed to
remove this without you bleeding all over her carpet?” he said in the same tone, showing
more concern for the carpet than the demon. Then, flashing another sadistic smile, he
answered “I know” The demon suddenly became aware of a burning sensation coming
from Ira’s fist and soon realised that the burnt flesh smell and glow were coming from
the same place. The burning got worse and worse but no matter how hard the demon
wanted to scream he couldn’t, because Ira was choking him again. After what seemed
like an eternity Ira removed his fist saying, “Aren’t I kind, cauterizing that wound for
you” in a very derogative manner. To avoid making the situation worse, the demon just
nodded his agreement. “Now, about this rumour problem. I don’t care what the
underworld says about me; if any of them think they’re hard enough to take me down, I
want you to tell them to bring it on. Also, if any demon comes near this house I will kill
them and you. In fact I will do worse; I’ll set the hell hounds on both of you.” The
demon was that engrossed in his pain that he wasn’t really paying any attention to what
Ira was saying and therefore didn’t respond in the manner Ira wanted. “Not bad
enough? Fine; I’ll set the butterflies after you.” At this the demon blanched. The
hellhounds were bad, but they enjoyed the chase and loved letting their prey know they
were coming. However, they got bored really easily and would give up the chase if you
could stay ahead of them. The butterflies, on the other, were completely different. They
would kill you before you even knew they were there and it didn’t matter if you were a
demon or a god, they knew how to hurt you. There wasn’t a magical being in the world
that didn’t fear the butterflies. “Judging by the look on your face, you finally understand
how much trouble you’re in. Now, I want you to disappear and spread my message.”
With that the demon burst into a flame and was gone. Ira made a quick check of the
room, making sure everything was how it should be, then left the room and went to
watch high school musical with Ellie.

As he walked into the living room whistling, Ellie asked, “Is it gone?”
“Yes” was Ira’s reply. “You don’t have to worry anymore. You won’t be seeing any
monsters ever again.” Ellie smiled and cuddled up to Ira as he sat on the couch to watch
the movie for what must have been the third time tonight.


Ellie’s parents returned home at about 3 in the morning. “Any hassles?” Ellie’s mum
asked. She was quite a tall young woman, being lucky if she was in her late twenties.
She looked exactly what Ira imagined Ellie would at that age; the only difference being
her mother had shorter hair.
“Had a bit of monster trouble, but I sorted it,” Ira replied with a slight smile.
“Sorry, I forgot to mention that before I left. She said she’s been seeing monsters on and
off for the last couple of days.” She said apologetically.
“It’s not a problem. And if she has any other monster troubles give me a call,” He
replied. This statement confused Ellie’s mother, but she didn’t bother enquiring as to
what he meant.
“So what do I owe you?” she asked after a little, rather uncomfortable, pause.
“The usual please,” he replied. As Ellie’s mum handed over the money, she said, “One
of my friends pointed out something this evening.”
“Oh. And what was that?”
“Your name, she said that she was pretty sure Ira is Latin for Wrath”
“That is peculiar. I never knew that,” he lied, “Thanks for telling me”
“No problem.”
“Well, I’d better be off before Chou gets worried. Thanks a lot and see you later.”
“See you later. And thanks again for watching Ellie.”
“No problem,” he smiled, “Bye.”
←- wrath: chapter 7 | wrath: chapter 2 -→

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'Wrath: chapter 1':
 • Created by: :-) Chris ferry
 • Copyright: ©Chris ferry. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Love, Revenge, Sin, Wrath
 • Categories: Angels, Religious, Spiritual, Holy, Erotic Fantasies, Sexy..., Lycanthrope, Were-folk, etc, Vampires, Zombies, Undeads, Dark, Gothic
 • Submitted: 2010-06-28 22:39:05
 • Views: 213

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