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Courtney Cantrell

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Courtney Cantrell

Courtney is an author and an artist sucking the marrow out of life.

According To The Dove On Far-Off Terebinths
Arniuun, Goddess of the Third Hour
Beady Eyes One
Dryad: Self-Portrait, Or Something Like That
Faery Pets I: The Trusty Steed
Taming Fire
The Dragonswarm

20 Aug 2006:-) Nike Oehme (aka LadyMin)
I am a Christian, also, and I cannot for the world of it imagine why these works you put up should be offending someone's Christianity or beliefs. That would be narrow minded. You're got great talent, keep it up!

:-) Courtney Cantrell replies: "Thanks for the support and the compliments, Nike! I don't understand it, either...but I guess I don't have to understand everything! ;o)"
10 Sep 200645 Tasha
Hey there. Miss you. Did you pull down the pic of the painting from your living room wall? Was looking for it.

Sending luvs.

:-) Courtney Cantrell replies: "Hey Tasha! Sorry I'm so slow in replying. No, the pic from my livingroom wall is still up there. It's called "Where She Hopes," and there should be a link to it right above this comments section.Love and hugs!Courtney"
21 Sep 200645 Okklery

13 Dec 2006:-) Steph Steph Salt
Hi Courtney, I saw your comment in Marts Gallery, it was lovely to see that you are still painting. I really miss you and the old crew very much, even though we opened a new forum it can never be the same place again.

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New year. *Hugs!*

:-) Courtney Cantrell replies: "Hi Steph! It was great to hear from you! I, too, miss hanging out with the old crew...but like I've told a few others, for me it was a time-constrained choice between relationships online and relationships with those I see every day in my life. The online time and the online emotional energy had to be the sacrifice... Anyway, I hope you're doing well! Thanks so much for dropping by and letting me know that you still think of me!Hugs,Courtney"
1 Mar 2007:-) Evin C. Grost
Thanks so much for welcoming me to elfwood. I really do appreciate your kindness and effort to make me feel welcome. I really am dissapointed, because the only works that I was REALLY confidents about all got rejected! I guess they were fan art or not fantasy enough. Yeah, the mermaid I found from a real long time ago, so I wasn't as detail oriented then as I am now. All of the ones on my site are very old, and I wish I had some newer ones for you! Thanks so much again!

:-) Courtney Cantrell replies: "You're welcome, Evin! And if you're getting rejections, don't worry: I think it just means you're really truly a part of Elfwood now! ;o) I've been an Elfwoodian for eight years, and I get about one rejection per ticket, even though I know the rules backward and forward. Ah well, just look at it as an adventure and have fun with it! ;o)"
8 Mar 200745 Martin Vire
Just thought I would stop by as I haven't in a while. I actually like the pared down gallery to be honest...while it's sometimes nice and can be interesting to see a progression over the years for the most part I like to see what the artist considers his or her best stuff since that usually comes closest to capturing the spirit of what he/she is shooting for. Over the years you have gotten a lot more accomplished and I think it's cool to show that off.

I feel your pain with the rejection thing. Not really earth-shattering but nonetheless ever so slightly annoying. I actually think it comes down to the descriptions(?) sometimes. I had one that was a fairly racy description(bad day) and it was rejected for being "not fantasy" or some ridiculous thing and then the mod, who was probably all of 15 even sent me a scolding letter which I found amusing. I vanilla'd the tone of the text down and it went through(though the 2 1/2 months it took for all this to take place almost made me think it wasn't worth it...but I ~DO~ like keeping a gallery since there are cool people I occasionally converse with and I get work every so often soooo....). Probably not easy to remain objective and very easy to get jaded when you see hundreds of pics at a time and I am sure there is a newer "fairness art handicap" in there somewhere too as far as the mods go. More power to 'em, I wouldn't have the patience to do it.

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

Not appropos of anything, just like the way it sounds and have been looking for an excuse to quote that passage somewhere. Could just as easily have been a sarcastic Mark Twain quote so count yourself lucky...hope things are going well!

:-) Courtney Cantrell replies: "How lovely it is to have a visit from you, Mr. Vire! It's been awhile since we've poked around each other's galleries, so I'm really glad we've remedied that situation! ;o)Thanks for giving me feedback about paring down my gallery. Lately, I've been thinking about doing something a bit more radical: showcasing only 1 or 2 pictures from each year. That, of course, requires a certain kind of ruthlessness toward my own art...and I'm not sure I'm up for it! But I'd like to try, so as to make my gallery something like "the best of my best" or somesuch. What do you think of that idea?No, the rejection thing isn't really a big deal in the grand scheme of life (actually, it's pretty minimal!)...but it can still be annoying, as you said. I think what bugs me the most is this kind of scenario11 submitted a ticket that included a painting of a castle with no overtly "fantasy-style" description. It was rejected. Okay, I can maybe relate to that. Life goes on.
But I keep running across recently added pieces in others' galleries...pieces which contain no obvious fantasy elements in either the piece or the description.So what's the deal???*sigh*I used to be a mod, and yes, I did run out of the energy for it. I don't think I'd want to do it again....but then there's also the old adage, "If you want something done right, then do it yourself!" ;oDAnd quotes are always welcome in my gallery--especially sarcastic Mark Twain ones! So bring 'em on. I love Twain; I get a kick out of his irreverence toward everything. ;o)Thanks for the visit, Martin!!!"
18 May 2009:-) Michael andrew koutek
very nice pictures. I’m a newbie and I’ve been nothing but amazed since i joined this site!1
1 Jun 2009:-) Mart D. Chandler
Courtney ! ! ! Long time no see or typed to...where are you at nowdays? Come on let me know your still kickin...
10 Feb 201045 James
Hey C., it’s been a while since I last visited your sight. But, I always love looking at your artwork. Did you take a lot of them off the site for some reason? It seems I remember more work being posted here before...or am i just not looking hard enough? I hope to see more eventually...miss ya tons!! Hugs.1
12 Jan 2014:-) Eddie bob Bowers
I like your work.
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