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C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand

C.S.L. is an avid fantasy roleplay gamer who finds her inspiration therein.

A Peaceful Eyrie
Acetrus Noc
Andreas (Coloured)
Andreas of Helm
At Her Bidding
Auralis Fae
Bards of a Feather
Charmer - Coloured
Cosette's Dream
Dancing Fae I
Dancing Fae II
Dark Angel
Dark Angel II
Dark Angel II - Marker Version
Dragon's Valour and the Warrior Maiden
Eleiara Portrait
Eye Candy
Eye of the Storm
Failed Ultimatum
Failed Ultimatum - Clean Pencil Outline
Fast Food
Gaze Into The Crystal Ball
Geisha (work in progress)
Harlequin Fairy I
Harlequin Fairy II
Innocent Smile?
Isaldur Redleaf
Isaldur Redleaf (coloured)
Japanese Dragon
Kai for Brianne
Kale (inked)
Kiyoshi Misao for Lynnwood
Lord von Geir
Master of Wind and Wave
Merriman - The Grey Man
Midsummer's Eve
Nikkos of the Moon
Order of the Eastern Star Angel Adah
Order of the Eastern Star Angel Martha
Outer Space 2.0
Portrait - Belose of Gond
Portrait - Lath'lain
Portrait - Lorelie StarSpray - Oracle of the Moon
Portrait - Raine
Portrait of Silmira
Portriat - Nikkos of the Moon
Random Sketchiness - Final
Reach for the Stars
Return to the Deep
Saphir - Elemental Angel of Water
Serenade Contest Entry
Sexy Bearded Dwarven Lady
Shadow Dancer (WARNING - YAOI)
Shirt and Shoes Required
Signature Images
Skydancer's Fairy
Sword of the Lady (final version)
Sylvan Lovers
The King Sword
The Queen and Her Consort
The Sorceress
Why does he have that lecherous look on his face? (WARNING - Yaoi)
Why does he have that lecherous look on his face? (WARNING - Yaoi) Picture Detail
Winged Isis
Winter's Majesty
WIP - Merriman

3 Jun 2004:-) Steve (Greybird) Reed
My dear lady ... I gather, from reading journal notes at your other gallery, that your husband is now on his way to a military posting in the Mideast. I hope you are bearing up under the burden, and that you can very soon endure creating art again. I'll second what is certainly in your thoughts by hoping that he will come home to you sound in body and mind, and as soon as possible.

My creating a pending guided-tour stop -- for a winged work of yours I commented on at length before becoming a Wyvern's writer -- is a smallish tribute at such a time, but it's meant with the greatest respect and appreciation.

:-) C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "Thank you for your concern and well wishes. I'm flattered that you would include my art in a tour. I suppose right now, all I have is my art and hope."
17 Jun 2004:-) Mccally
Wow! All your work is so wonderful. I like each and every one! Thank you so much for going to my gallery and commenting! It gives me motivation! Thank you I'll keep an eye out for more of your work ^_^

:-) C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "Thank you 2 My most current work gets posted to my deviantART account."
31 Aug 200445 Bill Ross
Wow! You have a great gallery! I love the way it is all put together! I went through every last picture and they only seemed to get better to me! If I had the time, I would have left a comment on every one. You have a great passion for your artwork and I can’t wait to see more! I have you book marked so I can check back often.

:-) C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "Thank you 2 I can't claim responsibility for how the gallery it put together. Elfwood has its own system of organising pictures. I just paint and draw whatever catches my fancy 2"
10 May 2005:-) Lloyd Dennis Zacarias
Hello! I was extremely suprised that you were here also. Thank you for letting me know you were here and I love the work you have posted here. I'll be back for a more thorough tour of your gallery rest assured but for now I leave you with, "keep the art flowing".

:-) C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "Thank you 2 What other gallery did you find me listed at?"
6 Jan 200645 Karen D. Morey
Hey I havent poked in here for a bit your stuff is looking really good. *waves*

:-) C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "I haven’t updated here in forever. I need to clean this gallery or maybe delete it and start a new one with the name I use for all my other galleries. You can find my most current work on deviantArt."
2 Sep 2006:-) Linden Feng
Wow! This is an excellent piece of work, keep it up!

:-) C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "Thank you!"
28 Oct 2006:-) Cate Baert Miller
Your work is so beautiful and colorful, It actually says something other than just "hey, someone drew me."
I couldn’t leave individual comments on my favorite ones because that would just take too long XD.
I love all of you pictures.

:-) C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "Thank you! I love colour and sometimes I get a bit carried away with it, but that’s half the fun I guess."
28 Jan 2008:-) Vicki Rose King
HeY I found you... Man you’re a hard lady to track down... I hope that all is going well with you and the Hubby.. We have moved and are now in Scott AFB in the middle of a corn field in Illinois ... A truly odd place for a sailor to be. *grins* Drop me a line with new addy and info so I may get intouch with you K!

43 C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "I just moved back to the states. I’m now living in Mobile, AL and hubby will be coming back next week. We’re staying with friends until we find our own place. I’ll drop you an e-mail!"
3 May 200845 Carrie
The Eastern Star stuff is great. I am a Star and it is nice to see a new view of our order. Thanks

43 C.S.L. teutelquessir McKeand replies: "Thank you. You can view the full series at my deviantArt gallery."
11 Sep 2008:-) Robin Butler
Is this the same Teutelquessir as is at Y!? Either way, I love and always have loved your pieces, especially those with coloured pencils.
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